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Cavalcoli tells Minutella to be obedient to heresy : CDF seems politically corrupt

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The CDF seems so politically corrupt that they are allowing every one to remain in ignorance on this issue.
The Archbishop of Palermo Corrado Lorefice, Enzo Bianchi and Fr.Giovanni Cavalcoli o.p interpret Vatican Council II with Cushingism and this is considered magisterial by every body, it is acceptable Church- teaching for all, the sensus fidei, the deposit of the faith.
It is a new way of interpreting magisterial documents.It is also an acceptable way for traditionalists and sedevacantists.
They first assume invisible for us baptism of desire is visible.
Then they exclude that this visible baptism of desire excludes the baptism of water.
Then they infer that this visible and known baptism of desire which excludes the baptism of water in the Catholic Church,is a visible and personally exception to the centuries old interpretation of the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus.
So for them,the baptism of desire and blood and being saved in invincible ignorance are known exceptions to extra ecclesiam nulla salus, as it was known for example, in the 16th century.
This reasoning is acceptable for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Vatican  and the Pontifical Ecclesia Dei.Since it was approved by Cardinal Ratzinger and the popes since Pius XII.It is an obligatory interpretation for the Catholic Church for the Jewish Left rabbis.
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Now Fr.Giovanni Cavalcoli tells Fr.Alesandro M. Minutella, whom the Archbishop of Palermo, suspended as a Parish Priest, to be obedient to Archbishop Corrado Lorefice and accept this heretical and irrational reasoning, which is magisterial.Since he has done the same.
Fr.Cavalcoli last October 15 spoke on Radio Maria of a coming divine punishment because of the homosexual unions approved by the Italian Parliament.His Domenican Superior suspended him partially a divinis on November 5.He mentions this in an article addressed to Fr.Minutella.It is  posted on the website Il Isola di Patmos.1 His priestly faculties however have now been fully restored.
His superiors and the Vatican are so afraid of the homosexual lobby and the Left in general that they  suspend priests for criticizing homosexual unions.
In the same way Fr. Alessandro M. Minutella is afraid of the Vatican and the Leftist lobby.He asked his supporters who were to meet him at Verona to cancel the meeting.Since he says that they could be excommunicated!
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It reminds me of Maria Divine Mercy saying that a time will come when those who are faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church will be excommunicated.
This is the state of doctrine in the Catholic Church during the pontificate of Pope Francis.
Every one has to interpret Vatican Council II with Cushingism or be suspended or excommunicated.Now Fr.Cavalcoli in his article, asks Fr.Alessandro  to accept his suspension  in silence and with obedience just as he did and then go back.
In my personal correspondence with Fr.Cavalcoli a few months back he would not affirm Vatican Council II with Feeneyism, since the magisterium does not do so.
Instead he writes to Minutella:-
Today we are in an ecclesial situation in which there are modernists bishops or  Lefebvrists, who are not in full communion with the Vicar of Christ or pretend to be; Indeed, while the first, careerists and prepotents, who  flatter and pressure him him with a style that looks like the mafia, the second, on the basis of an incorrect understanding of tradition, reject the doctrines of Vatican Council II and the Novus Ordo Mass and openly disobey the Pope.2
Like the Lefebvrists, Fr.Cavalcoli interprets Vatican Council II with Cushingite theology and so the Council is a break with Tradition.He will not interpret Vatican Council II with Feneeyism otherwise he could be suspended ad divinis again.
The Lefebvrists frankly say that they reject Vatican Council II and really mean Vatican Council II ( Cushingite).He does not say the same since it would disobedience.
He says :
The unity of the local Church must always take  precednce- priests and Bishop together - making the head unit of the universal Roman Church, drawing inspiration from it and submitting to it. This loyalty and obedience to the Pope and the Magisterium of the Church is the only treasure that we Catholics possess among all non-Catholic Christian brothers.3
The local Church'priests and bishops together' use the same false New Theology as him, based on Cushingism.Fr.Cavalcoli uses a  false premise in the interpretation of Vatican Council II.His conclusion is not traditional.It is heretical and he wants the Lefebvrists to accept it!

He will not make the correction. Nor  admit that he was wrong even when it is something obvious. He cannot affirm the truth  since this is the heretical teaching which is magisterial for  his  Dominican Superior.
Related image This is part of the false church that Father Alessandro M. Minutella refers to.
It is obligatory for Fr.Cavalcoli and Fr.Ariel Levi at their website Isola di Patmos to accept it.Or they could be suspended.
This is the New Theology of Archbishop Corrado Lorefice which Fr.Cavalcoli is asking Fr.Minutella to accept. It is based on a false premise.It is deception.The foundation of this theology is assuming what is invisible is visible and then making inferences upon this irrational premise.They assume the invisible baptism of desire is visible. Then they infer that there are explicit exceptions to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus.This is being done even after they are informed and the CDF seems so politically corrupt that they are allowing every one to remain in ignorance on this issue.-Lionel Andrades
Oggi siamo in una situazione ecclesiale nella quale esistono Vescovi modernisti o lefebvriani, che non sono in piena comunione col Vicario di Cristo o fingono di esserlo; anzi, mentre i primi, carrieristi e prepotenti, lo adulano e premono su di lui con uno stile che assomiglia a quello mafioso, i secondi, in base ad un errato richiamo alla Tradizione, respingono le dottrine del Concilio Vaticano II e la Messa novus ordo, e disobbediscono al Papa apertamente.
L’unità della Chiesa locale va sempre curata ― sacerdoti e Vescovo insieme ― facendo capo all’unità della Chiesa Romana universale, da essa traendo ispirazione e ad essa sottomettendosi. Questa fedeltà ed obbedienza al Papa e al Magistero della Chiesa è il tesoro che solo noi cattolici possediamo tra tutti i fratelli cristiani non-cattolici.  
April 5, 2017
Fr.Giovanni Cavalcoli O.P affirms the same false theology : he uses a false premise to interpret Vatican Council II


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