Friday, April 14, 2017

Florida: Christian student reinstated after college finds Muslim prof lied that he threatened her


What? A Muslim lying about an act of hate being committed against her? Why, it’s unprecedented!
“Polston Reinstated After Muslim Professor’s Claims Debunked By Rollins,” by Jacob Engels, Central Florida Post, March 31, 2017:
A thorough investigation by Rollins College determined that Marshall Polston did nothing wrong, despite outlandish claims from his Professor Areej Zufari.
Last week, Central Florida Post broke the national story about Marshall Polston being suspended by Rollins College for vehemently disagreeing with his professor.
We showed how her story of Polston threatening her was incorrect. We showed that Polston was doing what any college student should do, disagreeing with his professor and questioning what seemed like a retaliatory grade.
We said Polston did not deserve to be suspended.
In response, we were lambasted by liberal websites. We were called obscenities on Facebook. Even the Orlando Sentinel got in on the act, with their star columnist, Scott Maxwell, calling us a “blogger” and “fake news.”
Just like when we were ostracized for scooping the mainstream media with Jeff Ashton’s Ashley Madison troubles and Ray Valdes’ profiting from his office, it has now been proven that we were correct again and the mainstream media is stuck looking foolish.
Rollins College, after a long and careful investigation, in a letter obtained by Central Florida Post, concluded that Polston did not violate the schools code of conduct and that he was not verbally, physically or mentally threatening….

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