Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter for those within the Church

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He died and is Risen to save us from eternal Death in Hell,  for those who believe in Him and live His teachings in the Catholic Church outside of which there is no salvation.

Loving Him means choosing to avoid sin which will deprive us of his victory for us, our inheritance in eternal glory.

Avoiding sin means choosing to avoid liquor abuse by going for a detoxification program.

Avoiding sin means choosing  to avoid pleasing the demands of the family for the things of society and going to live elsewhere.

It means avoiding the ocassion of sin by not meeting or being with certain people on certain ocassions.

It means choosing poverty and sacrifice instead of using contraceptives and having abortions.

It means displeasing the family and going for Sunday Mass regularly.

It means bringing up your children to live in opposition to a society which will call them 'haters'.

It means doing every thing at every moment to please Him to love Him and not acting out of self interest, likes and dislikes.

Thanking Him for the first Easter means going out of the normal and doing the extraordinary.

Happy Easter

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