Sunday, April 30, 2017

Last words of St. Catherine of Siena

Are you disheartened by the scandal? Despondent over the confusion, lack of faith and disrespect of clergy and laity alike? Take some home in the last words of the great St. Catherine of Siena.
“After all these tribulations and miseries, in a way beyond all human understanding, God will purify Holy Church by awakening the spirit of the elect. This will lead to such and improvement in the Church of God and such a renewal in the lives of her holy pastors that at the mere though of it my spirit exalts in the Lord. The bird who now is ugly and ill-clothes will then, as I have told you often before, be most beautiful, adorned with precious gems and covered with the diadem of all virtues. All the faithful will rejoice to be honored by such pastors, and even unbelievers, attracted by the sweepstakes’s odor of Jesus Christ, will return to the Catholic fold and be converted to the true Pastor and Bishop of their souls. Give thanks to the Lord, therefore, who after the tempest will give His Church a period of splendid calm.”
– St. Catherine of Siena (her very last words)

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