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Pope Benedict XVI during his liturgy contradicts the Oath Against Modernism.

Benedict identifies the problem we face as a Church.  The Church’s identity has been “freaked out”, as it were, by the upheaval caused by the damage done to our sacred liturgical worship.-Fr.Z


NB: In his brief preface, above, Benedict says that if God is obscured, then our criteria for what is important shifts.  Relativism dominates us.  Where is our most regular and obvious, strengthening and informing meeting and attention with God?  Liturgy.  With out this constant formation and transformation, we have no idea who we are or what is important.-Fr.John Zuhlsdorf 

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Feeney, along with many Catholic priests at the time,staunchly resisted modernist thinking and what he perceived to be the liberalization of Catholic doctrine. When ordained in 1938, he was required to take an  Oath Against  Modernism as proscribed by Pope Pius X, which stated: “
I wholly and entirely reject the falseinvention of the evolution of dogmas, whereby they pass from one meaning to a meaningother than that formerly held by the Church.”
Lionel: Last March 2016, Pope Benedict XVI, in the daily Avvenire stated, that extra ecclesiam nulla salus (EENS) was no more like it was for the 16th century missionaries. He said that the dogma had evolved with Vatican Council II.1 He meant  Vatican Council II ( Cushingism) assumed there are visible and known exceptions to the dogma EENS and he accepts this. So for him there is salvation outside the Church. LG 16, LG 8, UR 3, NA 2, GS 22, unlike for me, would refer to physically visible and known cases for Pope Benedict. This is modernism.He has changed the Catholic identity.Pope Benedict XVI during his liturgy contradicts the Oath Against Modernism.The same modernism is supported by the Society of St. Pius X and sedevacantist bishops and priests who have had their formation under Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre.It is modernism during their liturgy.
The Oath Against Modernism is now meaningless. Even Bishop Athanasius Schneider who has called for a Syllabus of Errors on Vatican Council II, interprets Vatican Council II with Cushingism instead of Feeneyism.He is a modernist at the Traditional Latin Mass.
-Lionel Andrades


 APRIL 17, 2017

The Boston Heresy Case refers to historic magisterial heresy in the Catholic Church : practical consequences in the archdiocese of Palermo, Italy



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