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Present Magisterium is misusing the word 'Magisterium': Fr.Alessandro Minutella was suspended for not accepting heresy and false theology and doctrines

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There is a relation between Scripture, Tradition and Magisterium.This is true.However the Church has been infiltrated.There is a false church within the Catholic Church as the parish priest Fr.Alessandro Minutella in Palermo said in public.He was suspended by the Archbishop of Palermo, Corrado Lorefice,who once drove a bicycle within the church.
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What if the magisterium today is false and is teaching false theology and doctrine in a false church ? Is this possible ? Yes.
There is a specific rupture in Palermo, for example, between the present magisterium and Scipture and Tradition.
Archbishop Lorefice in his Letter suspending Fr. Alessandro Minutella says :
'(Fr.Alessandro) have  taken a strong position of dissent in stark opposition to the Catholic hierarchy headed by the current Roman pontiff and even against your bishop to whom you are obliged to show reverence and obedience (Canon 273),the  promise you made during priestly ordination  and which you confirmed when assuming the office of pastor.'1
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Fr.Alessandro was in dissent against the heresy of the magisterium,from the pontiff to the bishops.Archbishop Lorefice tells his parish priest that he has to accept the heresy and dissent of the magisterium.He has to show reverence and obedience towards it.Since he did not do so by discussing the issue in public,he was suspended.
Meanwhile there has been  no denial from the Archbishop of Palermo or any priest there, nor from the Vatican, when I listed the heresies and irrationalities being taught today by the Catholic hierarchy, the magisterium, which cannot be the work of the Holy Spirit.2 
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I have mentioned them on my blog EucharistandMission and on GloriaTV.Ecclesia Dei and the CDF are familiar with what I have been writing about, repeatedly, for some six years.
The teachings and beliefs of Archbishop Lorefice are not guided by the Holy Spirit and are not Catholic.
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The Holy Spirit cannot teach error.Jesus did not give the keys to St.Peter to teach error.
 They are an innovation in the Church, which has been made 'magisterial' by the false-church magisterium.

The doctrines and conclusions of Lorefice and the Vatican's present day teachings are based on the theology of Cushingism, which is irrational, non traditional and heretical.Vatican Council II interpreted with Cushingism produces a conclusion which is a rupture with Tradition.
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Yet the word 'magisterium' is bandied about freely by the false church within the Catholic Church, which Minutella referred to in public and got himself suspended in Palermo.
The  false call to obey a false magisterium is not there only in Lorefice's Letter to Minutella,but in many 'magisterial documents'.
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We find it there also in 'magisterial documents' like Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger's Redemptoris Missio.It is based on the theology of Cushingism!
Redemptoris Missio and Dominus Iesus are Cushingite!
Cardinal Ratzinger did not interpret Vatican Council II with the theology of Feeneyism i.e invisible cases are not visible in the present times, invisible baptism of desire is not visible in personal cases,so there are no known exceptions to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus in 2017.
Here are some of Redemptoris Missio's references to the Magisterium.
51.As Pope Paul VI recalled, every community must live in union with the particular and the universal Church, in heartfelt communion with the Church's pastors and the Magisterium, with a commitment to missionary outreach and without yielding to isolationism or ideological exploitation...-Redemptoris Missio

We have to be aware that in this first document of Cardinal Ratzinger, as Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, he was using a false theology.He affimed the false Church.He did not choose to interpret Vatican Council II and the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus with Feeneyism.He chose heresy as Prefect of the CDF.May be it was something he overlooked innocently.

55.All of this has been given ample emphasis by the Council and the subsequent Magisterium, without detracting in any way from the fact that salvation comes from Christ and that dialogue does not dispense from evangelization.-Redemptoris Missio
Here he is saying that salvation comes from Christ and he means that it excludes being a member of the Catholic Church. So there is no exclusivist ecclesiology of the past.It is vague Christology which can be used by other Christian communities too, for salvation.It is Jesus without the Catholic Church.This is the bad theology, the false theology of two theological papers of the International Theological Commission,'Christianity and the World Religions'  and 'The Hope of Salvation for Infants who die without Baptism''.
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Sadly this  was the false church-reasoning used by Cardinal Ratzinger in the excommunication of Archbishop  Lefebvre. The CDF interpreted Vatican Council II as a break with extra ecclesiam nulla salus ( Feeneyite) since LG 16, LG 8, UR 3 etc referred to explicit and visible cases.When Lefebvre protested against Vatican Council II ( Cushingism) being a rupture with Tradition and went ahead with the unapproved ordination of traditionalist bishops, he was excommunicated.Lefebvre was up against the false Church which was not going to interpret Vatican Council II with Feeneyism.
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Lefebvre was also unaware of how ecclesiastical Masonry changed the teachings of the Church on exclusivist salvation at Boston and Rome in the 1949 injustice against Fr.Leonard Feeney and the St. Benedict Center.
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2.This explains the Magisterium's particular attention to giving 
reasons for and supporting the evangelizing mission of the 
Church, above all in connection with the religious traditions
 of the world-Dominus Iesus
Cardinal Ratzinger also produced Dominus Iesus
 based on Cushingism.It
does not directly say that every one needs to 
be incorporated into the Church to avoid
 Hell.Instead it assumes  invisible for us baptism
 of desire and blood and being saved in
 invincible ignorance, excludes the baptism
 of water in the Catholic Church, and they refer 
to explicit cases.These were objectively 
known cases for Cardinal Ratzinger
 and  Rahner, Kung,Congar,Dupuis,Schillebeeckx
,Hicks etc.
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 3.For this reason, the Declaration takes up what has been taught 
in previous Magisterial documents, in order to reiterate certain 
truths that are part of the Church's faith.-Dominus Iesus
Cushingism has  only been a part of the 
Church's faith since the time of the time 
 of the Letter of the   Holy Office
 1949 .Since that time the  new theolgy has
 been  enforced.It
 says  hypothetical cases are 
known, defacto and concrete 
exceptions to the dogma extra
  ecclesiam nulla salus.This is
 irrational There were no known
 to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla
  salus and the past ecclesiocentrism  
of the Church.This was an error of
 'the magisterium' in 1949.It  was  
overlooked by the popes.
For Cardinal Ratzinger this magisterial 
 heresy, ' taught in previous Magisterial
 documents' has to be accepted as
 being magisterial today.It  is 'part of
 the Church's faith' for him.This is 
the false theology and false church
 accepted by the Archbishop of
 Palermo.There is no denial from 
Lorefice or Cardinal Ratzinger.Even
 Minutella had to affirm this false
 theology to remain a priest in 
good standing in the Church.

11.The Church's Magisterium, faithful to divine revelation,
 reasserts that Jesus Christ is the mediator and the universal
 redeemer: “The Word of God, through whom all things
 were made, was made flesh, so that as perfect man he could
 save all men and sum up all things in himself. The Lord...
is he whom the Father raised from the dead, exalted and 
placed at his right hand, constituting him judge of the
 living and the dead”-Dominus Iesus
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The present magisterium rejects 
the exclusivist ecclesiology of the past 
and creates a new ecclesiology based 
on an irrationality( invisible cases are 
Magisteriun then suspends Alessandro 
 Minutella when he rejects the new
 ecumenism and inter-religious dialogue
based on the false theology of Cushingism.

14.Bearing in mind this article of faith, theology today, in its reflection
 on the existence of other religious experiences and on their meaning
 in God's salvific plan, is invited to explore if and in what way the 
historical figures and positive elements of these religions may
 fall within the divine plan of salvation. In this undertaking, theological
 research has a vast field of work under the guidance of the 
Church's Magisterium.-Dominus Iesus
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Even Dominus Iesus does not say every one needs to
 formally enter the Church;every one
 needs to be a card carrying member
 of the Church for salvation.Instead it
 mentions salvation in other religions.
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 This is the false church of the Masons
 and Satan.It is 'magisterial'.It is a rupture 
with the past magisterium, Scripture and
 Tradition.It is being taught at pontifical 
universities and those who 
oppose it are suspended.Priests
 who interpret magisterial documents 
with the theology of Feeneyism are 
not granted an incardination, by 'the
 magisterium'.This ideological issue is
 not discussed or denied.It is simply
 enforced on the people.
When Fr.Minutella brought this issue 
out in public he was told, like numerous
 others, that he was hurting the
 unity of the Church( based on the
 false magisterium) and was opposing
 the magisterium( false) and the
 pontiff(who affirms the false church)
-Lionel Andrades


assumere una posizione di forte dissenso e di netto contrasto nei 
confronti della gerarchia cattolica con a capo l’attuale romano pontefic
e e ad anche nei confronti del tuo vescovo al quale sei tenuto per un
 obbligo speciale a prestare rispetto e obbedienza (canone 273) 
 promessa da te fatta nel momento dell’ordinazione presbiteriale
 e che hai confermato nell’assumere l’ufficio di parroco.


APRIL 8, 2017

According to the past magisterium Abp.Corrado

 Lorefice would have no right to his office because

 of heresy and irrationally 

interpreting magisterial documents

La lettera del Vescovo Corrado Lorefice a Don

 Alessandro Minutella : la falsa chiesa Italiano

 affermando eresia pubblico con sopporto di due papi

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