Monday, April 17, 2017

Sit in with placards on doctrine needed outside the cathedral at Palermo

There should be mass sit ins at Palermo asking the pastor to recite the Nicene Creed.' I believe in one baptism for the forgiveness of sins' means one known baptism, the baptism of water.There are no three known baptisms, as Lorefice believes.The people should tell the Archbishop that they do not know any one in Palermo saved with the baptism of desire and without the baptism of water in the Catholic Church.They should ask the Archbishop to say ,' All Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Protestants, Pentecostals, atheists and Communists', need to formally enter the Church with 'faith and baptism'( Ad Gentes 7, Lumen Gentium 14 Vatican Council II) to avoid the fires of Hell.'
Tell the bishop that this is the teaching of Vatican Council II interpreted with Feeneyism,in which all baptism of desire cases are always invisible.This is also common sense.Tell the bishop to affirm it.Tell him to affirm Vatican Council II with rationality or go somewhere else.1.

-Lionel Andrades


April 16, 2017

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The people of Palermo must ask for a replacement

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