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Andrzej Duda President of Poland does not note the split between Church doctrine and State in Poland because of Cushingism

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Andrzej Duda,the President of Poland must note that Chris Ferrara says there are no practical exceptions to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus.
Zero cases of something are not exceptions to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus says the apologist John Martignoni.
We do not know any one saved with the baptism of desire and blood or invincible ignorance, without the baptism of water in the Catholic Church said the late Mons. Ignacio Barreiro.There are many Catholic priests in Rome who agree with them. What they are saying is common sense and something very obvious.
Yet based upon there being practical exceptions to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus(EENS) Pope Benedict has rejected the traditional Feeneyite interpretation of outside the Church there is no salvation.He continues to use his false theology to support a split between Church and State .
Based on there being practical exceptions to the dogma EENS he has rejected the old ecclesiocentrism of the Church upon which depended the non separation of Church and State.
So all laws in society no more have to have the Social Reign of Christ the King as its centre.Since for Pope Benedict every one does not need to be a member of the Church for salvation.There are known exceptions, practical exceptions to EENS for him.He contradicts Chris Ferrara, John Martignoni and Mons. Ignacio Barreiro.
 The Rahner-Ratzinger new theology  created a rupture with the past ecclesiocentrism of the Church.So there is also a new ecumenism and  non Christians do not need to convert into the Church.
Poland Officially Proclaims Christ as King
Upon the old ecclesiocentrism was based the non separation of Church and State.It provided the theological basis for proclaiming the Social Reign of Christ the King.
The past ecclesiology was the foundation for all non Catholics to convert into the Church as members.There could only be an ecumenism of return.The political priority to save souls was the non-separation of Church and State and the implementing politicaly, the Social Reign of Christ the King over all political legislation.
Polish Bishops with President and Prime Minister Proclaim Jesus Christ King of Poland
So how can there be concepts of the State from the perspective of Cardinal Ratzinger/Pope Benedict as was sought by Andrzej Duda,the President of Poland  ? 
According to a message of Pope Benedict:
I was greatly moved, grateful and happy to learn that an academic conference on the topic of “The Concept of the State From the Perspective of the Teachings of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger/Pope Benedict XVI” (Pojęcie Państwa w perspektywie nauczania Kardynała Józefa Ratzingera/Benedykta XVI), attended by the representatives of Poland’s government and Church and organized under the patronage of the president of the Republic of Poland, was held to coincide with my 90th birthday.

At Regensburg, Pope Benedict did not affirm Vatican Council II and the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus with Feeneyism. He would then have been saying all Muslims need to formally convert into the Church with 'faith and baptism'(Ad Gentes 7).He did not say this.
The Church in Poland too,today, guided by the Vatican, which is Cushingite, is not affirming Vatican Council II and the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus with Feeneyism.So there is a split between Church doctrine and the practise of the State in Poland.No cardinal or bishop in Poland is saying that all Muslims in 2017 need to convert into the Catholic Church as members to avoid the fires of Hell according to Vatican Council II (AG 7), extra ecclesiam nulla salus (Feeneyite) and the Catechisms of the Catholic Church interpreted with Feeneyism.So the State in Poland does not have as its  priority the Gospel of Jesus as interpreted with a Feeneyite magisterium.
Instead there is a Cushingite magisterium.It is politically correct with the Left .It has  changed Church teachings.The magisterial heresy from 'the top to down' was implemented by Cardinal Ratzinger, as Prefect for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. It is now being continued by Pope Francis.
The Catholic Church in Poland also uses the new theology of Pope Benedict, Cushingism theology.So the Polish cardinals and bishops  affirm extra ecclesiam nulla salus ( Cushingite), Vatican Council II ( Cushingite) and the many Catechisms ( Cushingite).If they interpreted these magisterial documents with Feeneyism then there would be no salvation outside the Church and so there would be no change with the ecclesiology of the past.
So now the Cushingiye Catholic State in Poland does not reflect Jesus and his Catholic Church interpreted with a rational and traditional theology. Instead it reflects an innovation which is heretical but officialy supported.
The Polish State in keeping with its Catholic roots must interpret all magisterial documents with traditional and rational Feeneyism and they must not use the new theology, the Cushingite theology of Rahner and Ratzinger as an interpretative tool.
Now Jesus is proclaimed the King of Poland but not according to rational and traditional doctrines and theology of the Catholic Church. This was not the theology and doctrines of St. Maximillian Kolbe, St.Stanislaus Kotska or St.Faustina Kowalski. They were all Feeneyites.

-Lionel Andrades

MAY 2, 2017

Catholic Church in Poland also uses the new theology of Pope Benedict, Cushingite theology: results in separation of Church and State

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