Saturday, May 20, 2017

Canada: Archbishop Gives Communion to Pro-Death Prime Minister

Canada: Archbishop Gives Communion to Pro-Death Prime Minister

Archbishop Christian Lépine of Montreal has defended giving Holy Communion to Canada’s notoriously pro-gay and pro-abortion Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday. The Mass in Notre Dame Cathedral was broadcasted. The archbishop called the sacri…


An Archbishop, a Prime Minister and Sacrilege

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A Mass was held earlier this week at the majestic Notre-Dame Basilica
 in Montreal to celebrate the historic founding of that once great 
Catholic city.

The picture below is of the Archbishop of Montreal. A man whom
 all my contacts there say displays love of the Blessed Sacrament,
 prays continually, invited in the FSSP, strengthened Opus Dei, 
lead Eucharistic processions and borne the rebuke of up to 
70% of whatever is left of the effeminate Montreal clergy.

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Why then do we have him giving Holy Communion, the veritable body, blood, 
soul and divinity of the God-man to the Prime Minister of Canada? A poor 
measure of a man who has ushered in euthanasia, legalised marijuana, 
dresses like a Mohammedan in a mosque, prohibits anyone from 
running for election in his party who has a pro-life position, 
advocates for the murder of babies in the womb, has just
 forced through $600,000,000.00 CDN to fund abortions
 overseas and forces genderist ideology on Canadians.

What should we expect, really?

It was the Catholic "Church" of Canada Inc., that did

 everything they could to get this degenerate elected.

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