Friday, May 12, 2017

Ecclesia Dei ask the Bishops Conferences to affirm Vatican Council II ( Feeneyite)

Image result for Photo of Guido PozzoEcclesia Dei must ask the bishops conferences to affirm Vatican Council II ( Feeneyite) after clarifying that Vatican Council II can be interpreted with Cushingism or Feeneyism.I refer to the interpretations as Feeneyism and Cushingism.The SSPX and Ecclesia Dei can use other names.Instead of Vatican Council II ( Feeneyite) call it Vatican Council II (Pozzo) or Vatican Council II (Lefebvre).Call Vatican Council II ( Cushingite), Vatican Council II (Ratzinger), Vatican Council II (Marx) or Vatican Council II (Kasper).
Choose what you want to call it once you understand the principles.I call it Vatican Council II(F) in honour of the sacrifice of Leonard Feeney of Boston, faced with the magisterial heresy of the Archbishop, Richard Cushing and the pope and cardinals in Rome, during the pontificate of  Blessed Pius XII.
The old theology of Feeneyism for me, is based on invisible people not being visible and known in the present times.
The new theology of Cushingism is based on invisible people, people in Heaven, being visible and known in the present times e.g 2017.
The theology depends upon the premise.
Cushingism is a false theology since the premise is irrational.
The premise of the Letter of the Holy Office 1949 to the Archbishop of Boston relative to Fr.Leonard Feeney, was that invisible cases of being saved in invincible ignorance excluded the baptism of water and were visible- on- earth exceptions, to the dogma outside the Church there is no salvation.
It's premise was that hypothetical cases of an unknown catechumen, who dies before receiving the baptism of water which he desired, was an objectively known exception to extra ecclesiam nulla salus (EENS).
So in March 2016 Pope Benedict XVI confirmed this objective heresy in the daily Avvenire.He said that EENS was no more like it was for the missionaries in the 16th century.There was a development of the dogma, he said, with Vatican Council II. He was heretically and irrationally referring to a Vatican Council II ( Cushingite).No one objected.No one said that a pope in manifest heresy could not be an emeritus pope.
This is the issue that the pontifical Ecclesia Dei and the Bishops Conferences must clarify.Can Vatican Council II be interpreted with Feeneyism and Cushingism and can the Bishops Conference and Ecclesia Dei choose Feeneyism?
The SSPX must also be clear in rejecting all this doctrinal ambiguity.They should sign a Doctrinal Preamble only affirming Vatican Council II(Pozzo/Lefebvre) and that too, only if the same is done first by Ecclesia Dei and the relevant Bishops Conference.-Lionel Andrades

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