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European Parliament approves Traditional Latin Mass with new ideology


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The European Parliament has approved the Traditional Latin Mass with the new ecclesiology which rejects the Feeneyite interpretation of the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus and considers invisible for us baptism of desire, one of the many objective exceptions to the teaching on the need for all to be members of the Catholic Church to avoid the fires of Hell. This the TLM approved with the 'new ideology' with 'new church', 'false church'.

This is the Traditional Latin Mass approved by Pope Francis which interprets Vatican Council II as 'a development of the dogma' EENS as it was known in the 16th century,since LG 16 ( invincible ignorance) is an explicit and objectively seen exception to all needing  'faith and baptism' in the Catholic Church for salvation. Based upon theoretical cases being objective the Holy Office in 1949 censured Father Leonard Feeney and the St. Benedict Center.
This is also the philosophical reasoning every priest has to use in Poland when he offers the TLM or Novus Ordo. So according to the priests who offer the TLM at the European Parliament all Jews, Muslims,Protestants and Orthodox Christians do not need to enter the Church for salvation. Since outside the Church there is salvation with the baptism of desire and blood and being saved in invincible ignorance for them. They can see real baptism of desire cases on the streets of Poland...
Even if the priest knows this is not true and there is an alternative interpretation, he has to maintain the politically approved anti-Feeneyte theology. If the priest announces in public that he affirms the dogma EENS without the baptism of desire etc being an exception to EENS he may not be allowed to offer Mass at the European Parliament building.
Pope Francis on his return from Fatima last week said that  all 'triumphalism' is to be avoided in the Church. So the SSPX and the Franciscans of the Immaculate have to sign a doctrinal preamble affirming Vatican Council , with visible for us LG 16, LG 8, UR 3, NA 2, GS 22,AG 11 etc and so Vatican Council II becomes a rupture with Tradition.There is no triumphalism.
Even Cardinal Raymond Burke offered the Pontifical TLM assuming invisible people were visible exceptions to all needing to enter the Church as members for salvation.He is free now to offer the Holy Mass .There is no triumphalism. The pope will even allow him to offer the TLM at the European Parliament, when the theology and doctrines of the Catholic Church have been compromised.For Cardinal Burke there can be philosophical subjectivism in  salvation theology but not in moral theology.
Without the irrational premise, with Vatican Council II in harmony with the dogma EENS, there would be no theological reason for a separation of Church and state in Poland.However the separation exists there , even though they have consecrated the country to Christ the King, since they reject Feeneyite EENS which is in harmony with the magisterium of the 16th century, when there was no separation of Church and State, since the priority was all needed to be members of the Catholic Church to save their soul from going to Hell.
Now traditionalists bloggers like Fr. John Zuhlsdorf and those at Rorate Caeli will not affirm Vatican Council II without the premise since then they would be considered anti-Semitic  by the Jewish Left which censors the Internet.So they only project Vatican Council II  with the irrational premise and with the non traditional conclusion.
The bloggers say that there is a shortage of vocations and a crisis in the Church after Vatican Council II but they will not put their career or life style on the line and interpret Vatican Council II in harmony with the dogma EENS. For them there can only be one  interpretation of Vatican Council II which is politically correct with the Left has the hermeneutic of rupture with Tradition.It is the only one allowed by the magisterium and the enemies of the Church. The political Left in general is of Satan.The magisterium and the bloggers accept Satan's false interpretation of Vatican Council II to maintain their personal interests in life.
Now the European Parliament will offer the TLM with the new ecclesiology, based on a false premise and conclusion, and Fr. John Zuhlsdorf does not criticize this.He dare not mention it!!
Even Church Militant will criticize Medugorje for alleged 'doctrinal' reasons and they will criticize the SSPX also on ' 'doctrinel' but they will stay doctrinally in step with Satan and his supporters.They will assume there are known exceptions to the traditional doctrinal interpretation of the dogma EENS.In this way it is not 'lights out' for CMTV.So like the National Catholic Reporter they interpret even Nicene Creed with an irrational theology since Pope Francis permits it.
For all of them it is not - the TLM is being offered with a false ideology, "gasp".
-Lionel Andrades

European Parliament now has … *gasp*… a TLM!

I picked this up at Agenda Europe.
NEW: Traditional Latin Mass at the European Parliament
Thanks to the initiative of a Polish MEP, former Sejm Marshal Marek Jurek, there is now a Catholic Mass in the so-called “extraordinary rite” (i.e. the rite that was in common use prior to 1969, and which was defined as the universally valid rite of the Catholic Church by Pope Pius V following the Council of Trent) on the premises of the European Parliament in Brussels. A first such celebration took place on 4 May, and a second is scheduled this week on Thursday 18th May at 8 a.m. in the “meditation room” ASP 00H152 (located behind the desk of the Office of Tourism, on the ground floor).
This is truly important. The Christian faith is at the center of European culture and identity, [NB] and the traditional mass is the quintessential expression of Christian faith[Hence, of Europe!] With these celebrations, if they assume a regular character, the European Parliament will at long last be re-establishing a linkage to Europe’s true fundaments.
We will not repeat these announcements here on a regular basis, but trust that interested readers will manage to inform themselves, including by directly making contact with the organizers.

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