Monday, May 8, 2017

Modesty: a forgotten virtue

Modesty: a forgotten virtue
Quo Primum
Needed now in church and out.
The Church requires that all who present themselves before Altar (the Eucharistic throne of Almighty God), present themselves in respectful and decent attire.
Shorts, T-shirts, tight and sleeveless clothing are not acceptable for men; nor are trousers, mini-skirts, sleeveless, low cut or tight dresses for women.
Women should be dressed in skirts or dresses reaching well below the knees. Also girls and women should enter the church with some form of head covering, as enjoined by St. Paul (I Cor. xi).
Men should appear in the House of God in long trousers, collared shirts and with their heads uncovered.
Please be mindful of our wishes in this regard. Also once inside the church, respectful silence is to be maintained. Many thanks for your kind co-operation!

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