Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Pope Benedict praised Vatican Council II's hermeneutic of rupture with extra ecclesiam nulla salus : seeks the same for Muslims

Settimo Cielo

"The Muslim world today finds itself facing an extremely urgent task that is very similar to the one that was imposed upon Christians beginning in the age of the Enlightenment, and that Vatican Council II, through long and painstaking effort, resolved concretely for the Catholic Church.-Pope Benedict
In this address of Pope Benedict which Sandro Magister has re-produced on his blog Il Settimo Cielo, Benedict  as usual speaks about a society that needs God but not necessarily membership in the Catholic Church.He laments as usual about a lack of belief in God but not the lack of belief in the necessity of formal membership in the Catholic Church for salvation.
The pope does not mention this since he does not believe in it.
We have apostasy and heresy at the highest levels just as Our Lady told us at apparition sites and locutions to different people.
He does not believe in the teachings of the Catholic Churh and it is the same with Pope Francis.
There is atheism and apostasy in society but it is also there among the two popes.We have the phenomenon of magisterial heresy in the Catholic Church.It was there during the pontificate of Pope  John Paul II in a covert way, it was open during the pontificate of Pope Benedict and it is full blown and unabashed during the present pontificate.
The present apostasy, the victory of ecclesiastical Masonry within the Catholic Church is praised by Pope Benedict in the quotation above from Sandro Magister's comment on the visit of Pope Francis  to  Al Azhar, Egypt.
Pope Benedict who  at one time would talk about the necessity of interpreting Vatican Council II with the hermeneutic of continuity( whatever that meant for him) is now saying that 'Vatican Council II through long and painstaking effort, resolved concretely for the Catholic Church something the Muslims must go through.
Pope Benedict along with Rahner gave us a false new theology in Vatican Council II. There are philosophical errors in the Council text which cannot be the work of the Holy Spirit.The cardinals and popes accepted the irrationality of the Letter of  the Holy Office 1949 and Rahner placed it in the Denzinger as if it was a magisterial document.They pleased the Masons and Satan with the new doctrines created with their 'invisible cases are visible'- theology.Then the same nonsense was implemented by Cardinal Ratzinger in two papers of the International Theological Commission and is part of Redemptoris Missio and Dominus Iesus, which is written with the Cushingite theology.After all this deception supported by the magisterium of Pope Benedict, the pope says Vatican Council II has brought a concrete change in the Church.He means the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus has been eliminated(concretely for him) and the Muslims too should eliminate their belief in exclusive salvation in their religion.For them it is the basis of the non separation of Islamic doctrine and politics, there is no separation of  religion and state. Their hadiths (tradition) maintains today  what the Catholics have had and have now lost. After the 'important work' of Rahner, Ratzinger, Conger, Kung, Cushing and others, there is a theological separation of Church and State since the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus has been eliminated.It is a gift for the Masons.
-Lionel Andrades

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