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Those who belong to My Lord announce without fear that only in the Church of My Jesus man will find salvation- Our Lady at Anguera

Our Lady of Peace at Anguera in her message of June 13,2017 has affirmed the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus as it was known to the missionaries of the 16th century.Extra ecclesiam nulla salus .She has said that only in the Catholic Church can man find salvation.
Those who belong to My Lord announce without fear that only in the Church of My Jesus man will find salvation- Our Lady at Anguera,Brazil to Pedro Regis
​4.483 – Messaggio di Nostra Signora Regina della Pace, trasmesso il 13/06/2017
June 16, 2017

Quelli che appartengono al Mio Signore annunciano senza paura che solamente nella Chiesa del Mio Gesù l’uomo troverà la Salvezza- Madonna di Anguera


Messages Given To Pedro Regis, Brazil

The Division Of The Church – Schism

March 22, 2007. Message 2814Dear Sons and Daughters, The Church will be shaken and there will be a great division.
November 14, 2007. Message 2916 – from Our Lady of Peace, 2916.
Dear Sons and Daughters, The day will come when perverse men will occupy privileged positions in the house of The Lord. These will be the ones who will attract those who oppose Christ to within the Church. This will be the time in which the Sacred is thrown out and the faithful will be persecuted. Few will remain firm in the faith, but by these few, God will make a great hope arise for His people. After all the tribulation the church will experience great joy. The victory of The Lord will be visible to those who remain faithful to the end.
January 17, 2008. Message 2944 – from Our Lady of Peace.
Dear Sons and Daughters, My Jesus was betrayed by one of His chosen, and delivered to the enemies. The day will come when His Church will be betrayed by one of those chosen to defend it. The enemy will have great strength because of the support of many consecrated persons. Behold the time of the great spiritual battle for the Church. Know that despite the damage the opposition will cause, the Church will never be overcome. The Church will remain alive and strong in the hearts of the faithful. Pray. Fear not. This must happen, but in the end The Lord will be victorious.
March 23, 2008. (EASTER SUNDAY) Message 2975 – from Our Lady of Peace, 2975, Maceio, AL. Dear Sons and Daughters, men, followers of a false prophet, will march with great fury to the sacred temple. There will be great destruction. The Church will weep and lament. There will be an eclipse of the moon visible on this day.
March 29, 2008. Message 2977 – from Our Lady of Peace.
Dear Sons and Daughters, … You live in the moments of great tribulations. Don´t go away from The Lord. A great ship will split in two, and the hour of great sorrow will come to My poor children….
May 31, 2008. Message 3004 – from Our Lady of Peace, Anguera, Bahia, Brazil.
Dear Sons and Daughters, a rock will hit a great ship, which will break in two and there will be great suffering for My poor children… The day will come when a war between religious will leave many men and women withdrawn from the truth. That which I have predicted in the past will come to pass.
June 24, 2008. Message 3014 – from Our Lady of Peace, Anguera, Bahia, Brazil.
Dear Sons and Daughters, the revolt of many consecrated persons will cause great suffering for the Church. The heart of the Church will be wounded by a great schism. The work of the devil will cause many consecrated souls to go away from the truth….


"Rescue workers dug through heaps of mud, boulders, and debris on Sunday on the Portuguese island of Madeira, searching for victims buried by flash floods and mudslides that had already killed at least 42 people in the popular tourist area," said the newswires last week (2/22/10). "The floods were so powerful they carved paths down mountains and through the city, churning under bridges and even tearing some down. Residents had to cling to railings to avoid being swept away. Cars were consumed by the force of the water, and the streets were littered with the battered shells of overturned vehicles that had been swept downstream."

It came with the sound of "rolling thunder," said Associated Press -- throwing cars across town on rooftops -- and was particularly interesting because just a month before -- on January 21 -- a reputed seer in Angüera, Bahia, Brazil, named Pedro Regis, who claims to receive missives from "Our Lady, Queen of Peace," said he was given this message (posted before the events of last week):

"Dear Sons and Daughters, the island of Madeira will be devastated, and the dwellers of a big city on the banks of the Tejo river will experience a heavy cross. Bend your knees in prayer. God sent Me to call you to holiness. Live turned towards paradise, the only place for which you were created. Humanity will carry a heavy cross because people have gotten away from their Creator. Return. Your God awaits you with open arms. I am your Sorrowful Mother and I suffer because of what is coming to you. Seek strength in the Eucharist and testify to My appeals with courage. This is the message I give you today in the name of the Most Holy Trinity. Thank you for permitting Me to reunite you here once more. I bless you in the name of The Father, and of The Son, and of The Holy Spirit. Amen. Be at peace."

That's known as a "direct hit." He also may have foreseen the Haiti quake [see at end of this article].

Does it prove that it came from the Mother of Jesus?

An accurate prediction is certainly a favorable aspect, at the same time one must always note that psychics are known to exercise precognition from sources that are not necessarily heavenly. The devil -- and other spirits -- often have advance knowledge.

And so we offer it for careful discernment -- cautious discernment.

What else has Pedro alleged? On February 17: that Brazil will "live difficult moments." On February 16: that "the eagle (U.S.) will not fly calmly. Its nest will tremble and there will be great fear." On February 13: that there will be a "transformation in the world" and "the Calvary of humanity will begin on a Friday." On February 11: that humanity is "going to an abyss of destruction" (and a "transformation" that "will not have an explication"). On February 6: that a man who appears "good and just" will deceive many with prodigies. On February 5: that something "will happen in Japan and be repeated in Paraíba (a state in Brazil). Shouts of despair will be heard on all sides." On February 2: that "death will go through Asia and my poor children will weep and lament. Waters will rise and humanity will live moments of pain. California will face a heavy Cross. The ground will rise and the mountains will descend." On January 31: that "something sorrowful will happen in the house of the Lord and people will have to weep and lament. Enemies will open the doors and bearded men will act with great fury." On January 28: that there will be a "great atomic holocaust in the Middle East." And so forth.

"Know that the great miracle of God will happen in favor of those who are devoted to me. In the great tribulation, my chosen ones will not experience suffering. They will be chosen by God and will inherit a new world" (February 9).

"Tell everyone that God is in a hurry and there is no more time to lose" (February 17).

You get the picture: every imaginable disaster, it seems. How much is worthy of consideration, and how much is simply the construing of human expectation?

We'll wait for the Church for anything final. Until then, we have the words of a former bishop, Don Silvério Albuquerque, who once headed the Archdiocese of Feira de Santana and has stated: "About the apparition that has been occurring in Angüera for a few years, I have to say that my attitude, to date, has been of prudence. I keep waiting for things to happen and observing them from faraway. I have not been present at any of such occurrences, but I know the family very well, and I have already talked to all of its members, including to Pedro, who declares to be visionary."

[Note from Carol Weis, a viewer from Texas: "Upon reading your article about the seer from Brazil- I went to the website to read and discern his messages for myself. I did find one dated 1/7/2010 that stated 'the land of mountains be shaken and in many places the mountains descend.' Aqueles que foram fiéis até o fim não experimentarão a derrota. I went to the internet and typed in 'the land of mountains' and what came up startled me- 'Haiti –the land of mountains.' It was on January 12th that the devastating earthquake hit there and so many lives were lost.]"

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