Friday, June 16, 2017

When Jesus was proclaiming the Gospel he was making Catholics - Michael Voris

"What do you think that Jesus was doing when He was proclaiming the Gospel? Making Catholics?" That's exactly what He was doing. What do you think He was doing, making them feel good? If that's what He was doing, then the Son of God failed miserably, because they killed Him for what He was saying. Of course He was making Catholics. He established a Church and then commanded the first leaders of that Church to go out and teach. He also told those first leaders that they would be martyred for teaching the truth.
People die for the Truth — hundreds of thousands of Catholics have committed themselves to torture or death over the centuries for love of The Truth — and that Truth is completely and utterly present in the Catholic Church. People have been martyred; tens of millions of others have completely dedicated their lives to the service of the Church to spread these "boring" teachings.
Do you realize the great insult that such a posture presents to the Apostles, the Apostolic Fathers, the Doctors, the Great Saints and the ordinary Catholics who are mostly anonymous? My own mother loved the Truth so much that she asked Jesus to send her a heavy Cross to save me from a life of horrible sin. She didn't ask to give up her life out of an emotional experience but out of knowledge of the Truth and dedication to it to her last breath.
Frankly, you are insulting every faithful Catholic down through the ages by calling the teachings revealed by Almighty God Himself, Divine Revelation, boring. You are a victim of the Church of Nice hierarchy and leadership and their Protestantized, feminized staffs and as a brother in Christ, you need to realize that.-Michael Voris,Missing the Point Entirely

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