Saturday, July 22, 2017

Bishop Athansius Schneider is bankrupt theologically and so his doctrines are a rupture with Tradition.Vatican Council II (Feeneyite) is controversial for him

L'immagine può contenere: 1 persona, spazio al chiuso
Bishop Athansius Schneider is bankrupt theologically and so his doctrines are a rupture with Tradition.He interprets all magisterial documents with the New Theology. It is the same with the liberal bishops.
He is aware of interpreting Vatican Council II with a false premise.Since LG 16 is an exception to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus(EENS) his inference, whether he knows it or not,is that LG 16 refers to concrete people, known people in the present times,saved outside the Church.This is irrational. How can LG 16 be a reference to someone visible in 2017? Who among us can see someone saved without the baptism of water and in invincible ignorance(I.I) ? No one.Yet upon this irrationality is built the New Theology of Pope Benedict and Bishop Athansius Schneider.
So he keeps repeating the same old interpretation of Vatican Council II and does not respond to the points I have made on my blog.Nor does he respond to the e-mails I have sent him.
Soon he will be invited to England by Cushingite traditionalists there and he will repeat the same nonsense theology and interpret Vatican Council II as a rupture with Tradition.
He will present with charity, mildness and kindness a false theology with new doctrines.
He will not affirm Vatican Council II without the irrational premise.Vatican Council II(Feeneyite) is 'too hot'. It will bring a backlash and this would not charity for him. Charity means repeating the false theology since it is magisterial and is being accepted also by the SSPX bishops.
So general, vague statements are being on Vatian Council II by him, without affirming the issues of Vatican Council II (Feeneyite).He will not support Vatican Council II( Feeneyite) on ecumenism, religious liberty, collegiality, inter religious dialogue, non separation of Church and State, proclamation of the Social Reign of Christ the King over all political legislation,the rejection of the new ecumenism, the support of the old ecclesiology etc.
Probably he will go to the other life, like Fr. Nicholas Gruner and John Vennari, avoiding this issue and remaining politically correct , with Cushingite theology.-Lionel Andrades

July 21, 2017

Bishop Athanasius Schneider still incoherent and confused : has repeated last report without addressing previous critical points

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