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Fr.Stefano Visintin osb new Rector University of St. Anselm at loggerheads with Cardinal Ladaria: attack on the New Theology with hard facts

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Fr.Stefano Visintin osb the new Rector of the University of St. Anselm Rome is theologically and doctrinally at loggerheads with the new and old Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Vatican. His statement, that there are no known cases of the baptism of desire and being saved invincible ignorance, for them to be exceptions to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus is a frontal attack on the New Theology of Rahner and Ratzinger. He is supported by Archbishop Thomas E.Gullickson and numerous priests in Rome .They also state the obvious.The baptism of desire refers to invisible cases in the present times. We cannot physically see a baptism of desire case in 2017 with or without the baptism of water.We cannot meet any one saved in invincible ignorance of the Gospel through no fault of his own, and who was saved or will be saved outside the Church; without 'faith and baptism'(AG 7).
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For Fr.Luiz Ladaria S.J, as Secretary and President of the International Theological Commission these invisible cases were visible. So he stated in Christianity and the World Religions(1997 ITC) that   Fr. Leonard Feeney was wrong with his exclusivist ecclesiology. For the then Fr.Ladaria and Cardinal Ratzinger, the baptism of desire etc were exceptions to extra ecclesiam nulla salus (EENS) as it was known over the centuries.In other words they were explicit for them to be exceptions.Upon this wrong observation the New Theology was created which was enforced within the Church,by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger as Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.
He did not tell Archbishop Lefebvre that without the New Theology Vatican Council ( Feeneyite) would not be a rupture with Tradition.The Prefect of the CDF did not announce that there could be two interpretations of the Council , one with the irrational premise( according to  Kung and Kasper) and one without the premise, which was his obligation as the Prefect of the CDF to announce.
Now Pope Benedict and Cardinal Ladaria are also contradicted by the Director of the Office of Evangelisation of the Archdiocese of Birmingham, Alabama,John Martignoni.The Bible scholar and Catholic apologist says zero cases of something cannot be exceptions to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus.This is something obvious. It is common sense.No rocket science here, folks.
Now there will be a flood of interpretations of Vatican Council II.Since the old premise has been put away by Visintin.
The former Dean of Theology at St.Anselm is telling us that all hypothetical cases referred to in Vatican Council II (LG 8, LG16, LG 14, AG 7, NA 2, GS 22,UR 3 etc) are not objectively known in personal cases. So they are not relevant to the old ecclesiology of the Church based on EENS as it was known to the missionaries in the 16th century .Vatican Council II does not contradict the theology and doctrines of St. Benedict, whose feast day it is today.
So it makes the last message of Cardinal Muller to the SSPX on doctrine-  redundant.Cardinal Muller wanted the SSPX to accept Vatican Council II with hypothetical cases being known exceptions to the dogma EENS in the present times. Along with Pope Benedict and Cardinal Ladaria, Muller rejected the SSPX General Chapter Statement in 2012.It affirmed Feeneyite EENS as doctrine.
It was rejected by Mons. Guido Pozzo and Archbishop Di Noia too since for them hypothetical cases in Vatican Council II were objective exceptions to Feeneyite EENS.So the 2012 doctrinal statement was quietly put away.
Now the entire game-plan has been changed.The SSPX-Vatican Reconciliation dialogue must take into account the statement of the new Rector of the Benedictine University in Rome.
It is the SSPX and the sedevacantists (Bishops Pirvanus and Sanborn) who are in the happy seat.Vatican Council II ( Feeneyite)  is right up their street! They only have to wait until this information sinks in among Catholics in general.
Then young engaged couples will ask their bishops and priests to interpret the Nicene Creed without the irrational premise, before they are married.Parish Councils and Marriage Tribunals will demand that a Protestant converts into the Catholic Church before he marries a Catholic.Since the non Catholic is outside the Church according to Vatican Council II (AG 7, LG 14).The inter faith marriage will not be a Sacrament and a dispensation would not be given.Cardinal Ladaria would be asked to affirm Vatican Council II, Feeneyite instead of Cushingite, as Prefect of the CDF.All religious at their Profession of Faith or Renewal of Vows would be saying ' I believe in one baptism for the forgivness of sins' and meaning only one known baptism and not three.Mission would be based on knowing that all non Catholics are oriented to Hell with no known exceptions, in the present times.There could only be an ecumenism of return, since there are no exceptions to the old ecclesiology of the Church based on outside the Church there is no salvation.Since there are only Catholics in Heaven and every one needs to enter the Church as a member to avoid Hell the proclamation of the Social Reign of Christ the King over all political legislation would be a priority,for salvation,as would be the need for the non separation of Church and State.-Lionel Andrades

JULY 11, 2017

Scientist-Benedictine priest who says the baptism of desire was never an exception to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus is the new Rector at St. Anselm, Rome


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