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CMTV's Men's Conference supports an irrational theology at Catechism and RCIA in Detroit - out of fear of the Archbishop

The Bible says all need the baptism of water (John 3:5)  and those who do not have faith, in Jesus in the only Church he founded, will be condemned ( Mark 16:16).So the Church Fathers taught that outside the Church there is no salvation. Even the Medieval Fathers knew that there were no exceptions and that the baptism of desire (BOD), baptism of blood(BOB) and being saved in invincible ignorance of the Gospel(I.I)  referred to hypothetical cases.They were not known people. Since people who are saved with the baptism of desire etc are known only to God.They are visible only in Heaven. So they never were objective exceptions to salvation outside the Church.This was how the Bible, given to us by the Catholic Church, was interpreted before the time of Pope Pius XII.
Then in the 1950's an innovation was brought into the Church.Liberal theologians interpreted baptism of desire (BOD), baptism of blood(BOB) and being saved in invincible ignorance(I.I) as referring to visible and known cases, people personally known who were allegedly saved outside the Church; without 'faith and baptism'.
This irrational innovation is now magisterial and has been accepted by Simon Rafe who spoke on the subject of the Bible at the Men's Strength and Honour Conference of Church Militant TV yesterday.
The panel discusses Church Militant's men's conference
Protestants and Catholics, like Simon Rafe, interpret BOD, BOB and I.I  as being objective exceptions to the Feeneyite interpretation of the dogma EENS. So they support Cardinal Cushing and the Jesuits instead of Fr. Leonard Feeney and the St. Benedict Center of that time.
So with invisible BOD being a visible exception to the dogma EENS they are in a rupture with the Church Fathers, Apostles and Our Lord Jesus Christ on outside his Catholic Church there is no salvation.
Simon Rafe and Michael Voris have  to accept this new irrational theology,Cushingism theology, since it is being forced down their throats  by the dissenter Archbishop of Denver, Allen Vigneron and his Cushingite Curia.To receive the Sacraments  and avoid a leftist excommunication they have to continue to say invisible people are visible exceptions to the dogma EENS, in Detroit.
The participants  at the Mens Conference have to repeat the same innovation, in a deception,  at least, those who are aware of it.
Why don't they tell Archbishop Vigneron that from now onwards they will interpret Vatican Council II and EENS with rational and traditional Feeneyism as a theology instead of their invisible people are visible nonsense?
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Tell the Archbishop that they will teach this to their children and proclaim it in street mission and outreach programs, this is the old evangelisation without the new premise  and heretical conclusion- and they are not rejecting Vatican Council II ( Feeneyite).So accepting Vatican Council II is no more an issue.
Tell the Archbishop that they they can still be called Catholics since they are affirming all the magisterial documents of the Church and are interpreting them with the rational premise.
Also they will protest when the irrational premise is taught at Catechism, RCIA and other classes, to their friends and family.The Church Fathers only accepted BOD,BOB and I.I and did not infer that they referred to visible exceptions to the dogma EENS. Yet this is the common false inference among Catholics in Detroit and no one is issuing a public correction.
Members of the Conference, Resistance groups also appeal to Simon Rafe and Michael Voris  to not dissent when interpreting the Bible, simply because important people in the Archdiocese are doing it.
Ask Ralph Martin, Robert Fastiggi and the faculty at the Sacred Heart Major Seminary, Detroit, to stop teaching irrational Cushingite theology  and replace it with traditional Feeneyism.Tell them to teach their students that the Letter of the Holy Office 1949 to the Archbishop of Boston made an objective mistake.-Lionel Andrades

AUGUST 5, 2017

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Faculty and students at Sacred Heart Major Seminary, Detroit forced to use irrational Cushingism as a theology instead of Feeneyism: Michael Voris and CMTV also have to accept it

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