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Lay Catholics must reject the 1949 Letter of the Holy Office conclusion : expedient religious are teaching it in Catechism classes

Lay Catholics should say no.They must not accept the Letter of the Holy Office 1949 to the Archbishop of Boston.It violates the Principle of Non Contradiction.It assumes invisible for us baptism of desire (BOD), baptism of blood(BOB) and being saved in invincible ignorance(I.I) are visible for us.This is not bad enough. It further assumes that these 'known' cases exclude the baptism of water and are exceptions to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus (EENS) even though we do not know or cannot know any such case in real life.The Letter heretically concludes that not every one needs to enter the Church Church for salvation.Today the two popes accept this. So do the priests. The lay people follow them.
This irrationality is approved by the Jewish Left (Rabbi Rosen etc) and so from the Parish Priest to the two lving popes it is being taught in Catechism classes throughout the world.
Even professors of philosophy know about this non Catholic irrationality.But they teach it to protect their 'career'.Priest-professors too.
Veronica O'Brien- Laywoman, Delegate of Legion of Mary for 20 years- Founded 800 Legions of Mary in France, Belgium, Turkey, Greece and Yugoslavia; Risked her life to start Legions in France during Nazi occupation; Associate of Cardinal Suenens- she became a leader in the Charismatic Renewal-Founded the apostolic movement that would become FIAT
In the parishes, lay Catholics who have important secular jobs, allow the irrationality to be taught to their children, since like themselves, they do not want their children to affirm the Feeneyite interpretation of the dogma EENS.
So the political Left in Italy, for example, allows the Benedictine communities to work and pray like St. Benedict taught but not to proclaim exclusive salvation in the Catholic Church as St. Benedict did.
Yes, I'm celibate. No, I'm not a nun.
But those lay Catholics who want to proclaim the Truth clearly like St.Benedict, St. Francis of Assisi and the Apostles at the time of Jesus, must note that there is an objective mistake in the 1949-Letter, during the pontificate of Pope Pius XII.There is a factual mistake.The same error in reasoning was transferred  to Vatican Council II.It is being intentionally overlooked by the magisterium today. Even religious communities turn the other way.Good people are pretending that the doctrinal problem does not exist.
'I am married to Jesus': Consecrated virgin, 38, marries God in wedding ceremony that attracts hundreds. High school teacher Jessica Hayes, 38, held her unusual wedding at Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The bride said she changed her mind about her bridal dress many times. 'I really wanted to make sure that I was well-covered in a way that still shows the beauty of a bride,' she explained
They know that there can be two interpretations of Vatican Council II and the expedient one is to accept the Council as a rupture with Tradition.For this to happen they have to accept the ecclesiology; the new theology of the 1949 Letter.Fr.Leonard Feeney was wrong and the Archbishop was correct.

The interpretation of Vatican Council II without the false reasoning of the 1949 Letter has the Council as a continuity with Tradition and in harmony with the dogma EENS.There is no rupture with the missionaries and magisterium of the 16th century. Fr.Leonard Feeney was correct and the Archbishop was wrong.This is the interpretation of Vatican Council II lay Catholics must choose.
Lay Catholics who want to live with integrity must affirm that outside the Church there is no known salvation and every one needs to be a visible member of the Church with 'faith and baptism' (Ad Gentes 7, Vatican Council II) to avoid the fires of Hell ( Cantate Dominio, Council of Florence 1441).
It means all non Catholis in 2017 are on the way to Hell according to Vatican Council II and pre-Vatican Council II de fide teachings.So holding this position is magisterial and Catholic.It is there in the text interpreted without the false premise.

Raissa Maritain: Russian Jewish émigré to France and convert to Catholicism- lay woman- wife, philosopher, poet, contemplative, author - married to philosopher Jacques Maritain- leaders in the Catholic Intellectual Movement in France- Thomas Merton called her 'perhaps the greatest contemplative of our times"

If the priest or nun says that you must also affirm BOD, BOB and I.I tell him or her that you do so.You affirm implicit and invisible for us BOD, BOB and I.I.This is common sense.Since BOD, BOB and I.I can only be hypothetical for us human beings.If any one was saved as such it would only be known to God.So when the popes and saints of the past were referring to BOD, BOB and I.I ,when they were asked about it, it was to a theoretical possibility, it was speculation with good will.It was understood that no one could know of any such case in real life. This was a given.
So affirm hypothetical BOD, BOB and I.I.
Ade Bethune "When the Catholic Worker began. . .in 1933, one of our first visitors was Ade Bethune, then a young girl who was going to Cathedral High School here in New York City. She brought us a number of black and white drawings of the saints, all of them working. We were delighted with them. They were exactly what we wanted, as Peter Maurin’s concept of man as a co-creator with God, 'little less than the angels,' born with duties to perform the corporal and spiritual works"
If the priest or nun says that the Church teaches visible for us BOD, BOB and I.I and even though it is a mistake we must be in step with the Church, tell him no magisterial document, including Vatican Council II, says we have to interpret BOD, BOB and I.I as being visible.Rome has to come back to the Faith.The inference is left to us since the magisterial text does not state we must affirm visible for us BOD, BOB and I.I. We choose rationality and honesty and not deception.
Visible for us BOD, BOB and I.I is an irrational inference.It is a false choice.It contradicts the Principle of Non Contradiction.How can invisible people in Heaven be known exceptions to EENS on earth? How can we know of someone on earth, a friend or relative, who will be saved without the baptism of water in the Catholic Church but instead with the baptism of desire or in invincible ignorance?
So reason and tradition is on the side of the Catholic lay man who discerns.
Affirm Feeneyite EENS. Be in harmony with the magisterium of the 16th century.And also affirm BOD, BOB and I.I. It does not have to be either-or.Things couldn't be better.-Lionel Andrades

Rachel Denton, Roman Catholic hermit
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