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Fr.Alessandro M. Minutella and laity in Palermo could contact a Catholic judge for guidance

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Fr.Alessandro M.Minutella former Parish Priest in the archdiocese of Palermo has been suspended a divinis and probably excommunicated  too by the Archbishop of Palermo Corrado Lorefice.
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1.The Archbishop (on the cycle in church) interprets Vatican Council II without assuming hypothetical cases (LG 16, UR 3, LG 8 etc) are just hypothetical and so they cannot be objective exceptions  to the strict interpretation of the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus(EENS) in 2017.
Instead he has  changed the interpretation of Vatican Council II with the use of an irrationality. He assumes LG 16 etc refer to concrete and known people, past or present, who have been saved outside the Church.They are known exceptions to EENS and are not speculative cases.How can LG 16 etc refer to known people saved outside the Church ? They would be in Heaven and known only to God if they existed.
2.Fr.Minutella is excommunicated or being excommunicated  by Archbishop Lorefice  who will not state that he 'believes in one baptism for the forgiveness of sins'(Nicene Creed) with no known exceptions.Instead for him there are known cases of the baptism of desire(BOD), baptism of blood(BOB) and being saved in invincible ignorance(I.I)  with or without the baptism of water.This is first class heresy.He has changed the meaning of the Nicene Creed.
3.Fr.Alessandro Minutella is being excommunicated by an archbishop who will not interpret the Catechism of the Catholic Church(1994) in harmony with the dogma EENS as it was interpreted by the missionaries in the 16th century.For me the Catechism(1994) is not a rupture with the strict interpretation of the dogma EENS and the old exclusivist ecclesiology of the Church.
4.He is excommunicated by an archbishop who will not affirm the Athanasius Creed on outside the Church there is no salvation.There is known salvation for outsie the Church for him.Hypothetical cases of BOD, BOB and I.I are objective exceptions for him.

There is no tribunal or office of discrimination that Fr.Minutella  can appeal to. Since Cardinal Ratzinger has changed Canon Law to adapt to this invisible people are visible theory.So what is Fr. Alessandro Minutella to do now?
 He could go to the civil courts in Palermo and accuse the archbishop of  deception,telling lies and cheating the people of his archdiocese with misinformation.May be it is innocent misinformation and the archbishop himself is not aware of it.Fr.Minutella himself was not aware of it last year in my correspondence with him on Gloria TV. 
Fr. Alessandro could tell the judge that there are no known cases of the BOD, BOB and I.I in Palermo in  2017 and so please ask the archbishop to confirm this.
The philosophy and theology being taught at Catholic seminaries and universities in Palermo and the rest of Italy is based on there being known people saved outside the Church, with BOD, BOB and I.I when there are no such cases.Possibilities cannot be personally known people.Speculative and theoretical cases are not real and visible people.Invisible people cannot be visible exceptions to all needing to be incorporated into the Church in 2017 for salvation.So where are the specific exceptions to the strict interpretation of extra ecclesiam nulla salus in 2017-Palermo?
His archdiocese had been contacted in April 2017 but would not announce that people in Heaven( saved) cannot  be visible exceptions on earth to all needing to be members of the Church for salvation.They could not announce this simple observation! Or may be they did not fully understand what I was saying.

Now Archbishop Lorefice has suspended/excommunicated Fr. Minutella without any formal charge being made when according to Canon Law it is the Archbishop who should be excommunicated by the Vatican for heresy.
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Fr.Minutella indicated that there is a false church within the Catholic Church, supported by a false magisterium and Pope Francis.For me the theology of this false church, is based upon invisible cases of the BOD, BOB and I.I being visible people saved outside the Church. So there are new doctrines created in ecumenism, mission etc.So theologically Fr. Alessandro Minutella is correct.
But what is he to do now?
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Since Minutella cannot get justice through the ecclesiastical courts and canon law, he can ask the laity to clarify this point with a Catholic judge in Palermo.
A.Ask the Catholic judge( or even editors of Catholics newspapers in Palermo) if for them people allegedly saved with the baptism of desire or in invincible ignorance of the Gospel through no fault of their own,are known personally in Palermo or elsewhere in 2017.
They will probably say "No". This is common sense.
B.Then ask them to ask Archbishop Corrado Lorefice  the same question.
Archbishop Corrado Lorefice may say that it is true that there are no known cases of the BOD, BOB and I.I in Palermo in 2017. However this is the direction the magisterium of the Church has gone and he is only following instructions.

For example, the liberal Archbishop Kevin McDonald agrees that there is  no particular case of someone being saved outside the Church(See video at 4:58).The Archbishop Emeritus of Southwark,England cannot say that the Holy Spirit will save someone in particular outside the Church.

So even if there are no known cases of someone saved outside the Church with BOD, BOB and I.I for the archbishops Kevin McDonald and Corrado Lorefice, this is the direction the Church and liberal theologians have gone and every one must follow.So Catholics have to accept heresy on Vatican Council II,Nicene Creed, Catechism of the Catholic Church,Athanasius Creed etc.They have to interpret these magisterial documents with the false premise and then they will not be excommunicated. While lay Catholics who affirm all these magisterial documents interpreted with unknown cases of BOD,BOB and I.I being just unknown,would not be accepted.
The Archbishop of Palermo is not being excommunicated by the Vatican for affirming these heretical interpretations of the Nicene Creed, Athanasius Creed, Vatican Council II, Catechism of the Catholic Church etc.While the false doctrines and conclusions from this interpretation with the irrational premise, are obligatory for the laity to follow.
Archbishop McDonald calls it 'a development of doctrine'. In the video he can be seen, from the beginning to end , wrongly interpreting speculative and hypothetical cases(GS 22 etc) as being objective.He then infers that these objective cases( known to no one) are  exceptions to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus as it was interpreted by the missionaries in the 16th century, to which Pope Benedict referred to in March 2016(Avvenire).-Lionel Andrades

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