Monday, April 30, 2018

No English martyrs in Britain today

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Wikipedia interprets Vatican Council II(LG 16 etc) as a rupture and the English Bishops Conference instead of correcting the error , on their website, they interpret ' seeds of the Word'(Ad Gentes 11) as also an exception to the old exclusivist ecclesiology of the Catholic Church.
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The bishops who sided with the hospital in the Alfie Evans case and asked the Italian chaplain, who wanted Alfie Evans to be given food and water, to leave also invite vocations.But candidates to the religious life have to irrationally interpret Vatican Council II, like the bishops and Wikipedia. It is compulsory for the Council  to be seen as a rupture with Tradition.
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Young Catholic girls who want to be religious sisters, are only welcomed if they consider invisible and unknown cases of the baptism of desire as being visible and personally known people in Britain saved outside the Church.So this creates an opening theologically for the new ecumenism, new evangelisation, new ecclesiology and new theology.
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If a religious sister meanwhile says that there are no known cases of people saved outside the Church the bishops will send the religious, home. Since when there are no known cases of non Catholics saved outside the Church, there are no exceptions to Feeneyite extra ecclesiam nulla salus, the ecumenism of return, the old exclusivist ecclesiology and traditional mission based on knowing all non Catholics are oriented to Hell with no known exception, unless they enter the Catholic Church with 'faith and baptism'(AG 7, LG 14).
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So this is why all these years the British bishops and cardinals have let the error on Wikipedia remain. Catholics who access ' extra ecclesiam nulla salus', 'Fr. Leonard Feeney', or  'outside the Church there is no salvation' get  misinformation. 
The bishops and priests know about what I write here and they are not going to change.Since honesty, integrity and faith is not a priority but their self interests are. It is the same with those associated with the Traditional Latin Mass in  Britain.
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Their evangelisation is a farce in England since theologically they assume there is known salvation outside the Church when there is no such case.This of course allows them to conclude that mission is no more needed.
They are not really interested in Mission or proclaiming the Catholic Faith.I know since I was a seminarian for a month at the British Catholic seminary in Rome, the Beda Pontifical College.The seminarians would be busy with the choir, the liturgy, their studies and other activities but no one was willing to proclaim the Faith like the old English martrys.-Lionel Andrades

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