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This will bring back the fire at the M.I Meetings

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The Militia Immaculata(M.I) is now just a social club in Rome.The Enemy has neutralized it.
Think of the difference the M.I would make if they told Cardinal Ladaria that he made an objective mistake on March 1,2018 and they are not going to follow him.
Try and picture lay men and women of the M.I giving homilies at halls and conference centres saying they believe that the Catholic Church still has the superiority and exclusiveness in salvation, and this is Kolbian theology in harmony with Vatican Council II.
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They reject the denial of the Faith by Cardinal Luiz Ladaria at the Press Conference for Placuit Deo it could be announced.
When the M.I states officially that all non Catholics need to enter the Church for salvation(Ad Gentes 7, Vatican Council II), the Catholic Church is the only Ark of Salvation (CCC 845),all non Catholics are oriented into the Catholic Church and need to be a part of the Church for salvation( CDF, Notification on Fr.Jacques Dupuis s.j), imagine the crisis they will create in their own life and their parishes.But they would have showed the true Faith, Kolbian faith, to every body.
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The Jewish Left would come with their Anti-Semitism card depriving people of their jobs and livelihood.Lay people who hold responsible jobs in the Catholic Church would be asked to quit.You will not be allowed to edit the Parish magazine, organize programs for the youth, teach RCIA or Catechism or attend theology classes at a pontifical university.
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Crisis, one after another will follow but your faith will become stronger.It has to become stronger if you are still sure of the traditional theology and doctrines of the Catholic Church and interpret Vatican Council II rationally.
Then if you have an M.I group it will be a vibrant group ready for Mission.The theology and doctrines will be the same as at the time of St.Maximillian Kolbe.
Now picture this group of M.I. They could be on fire just waiting to tell everyone about Jesus and the Catholic Church and how necessary is Jesus in the Catholic Church for the salvation of all people.This was what St.Maximillian Kolbe did at his Cities of Mary( Niepokalanov).
What a difference they could be compared to the M.I groups today controlled by the New Theology, the false theology, Cushingite theology.
By not interpreting Lumen Gentium 8 as an exception to EENS  the M.I would take the Church back to the times of the saint of Auschwitz.It would be back to Tradition without rejecting Vatican Council II.
Then picture today's priests listening to these Catholic lay men and women with no academic degrees in theology.They will find this difficult and not understand what to do.Presently no one is showing them they are wrong since they all accept what Pope Benedict said in March 2016.He said that EENS was no more like it was for the missionaries in the 16th century since there was a development with Vatican Council II.
There is no development the M.I would be saying and that they still follow the old theology and ecclesiology of the Catholic Church.For them EENS would be the same as in the 16th century.So there would be no loop hole for the new ecumenism.There could be no development with Vatican Council II since hypothetical cases could not be visible people.They are not concrete and known people saved outside the Catholic Church.
Lumen Gentium 8 refers to an unknown person in 2018 and so LG 8 could not be an exception to EENS.
This will bring back the fire at the M.I Meetings.-Lionel Andrades

 APRIL 29, 2018

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