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Repost : Pamphlet problems : no priest available

Pamphlet problems : no priest available

June 29, 2017

Pamphlet problems : no priest available

If I would make a pamphlet citing Dominus Iesus and the CDF Notification on Jacques Dupuis saying non Catholics need to convert into the Catholic Church for salvation and if I would want to distribute it among Catholics for their education in Rome,would any Catholic priest allow me to use his name and telephone number as a resource person?
I do not know of any priest who offers the Traditional Latin Mass who would allow me to use his telephone and contact number.I know of a few who refused.
I made the pamphlets. I went ahead. It was some years back. I did not have a place to stay.I knew what I had written in the pamphlet was the teachings of the Catholic Church.It went something like this:The Catholic Church teaches that all Jews,Muslims....need to convert into the Church for salvation ( Dominius Iesus 20, CDF, Notification 2001).But I neeed a telephone number and contact person who would answer questions on this religious subject.I did not have a cell phone and neither do I have one now.
I did not know of any priest who would help.
At that time I would attend the Traditional Latin Mass on Sunday mornnings held by Mons. Ignacio Barreiro at San Giuseppe a Capo le Casa, Rome and the one daily every morning held by Fr. Joseph Kramer FSSP at San Gregerio Murialdo, Rome( I don't know if I have got that name correct).There was an American priest there at that time as Fr.Kramer's assistant.
I asked this young priest if I could use his name and telephone number. He refused.
I told him he was a priest and should not be afraid. My name was already there on the pamphlet.He refused. Also Fr. Kramer refused.
I went ahead and placed their telephone number on the pamphlet and distributed it. The last place I distributed it was at the Church of San Silvestro in Rome, they have Mass in English and are noted liberals.
Fr.Kramer got the expected phone call/s. He was not going to defend Catholic doctrine in public. In private may be.He was not going to defend me.
He asked me to room my computer which I stored at that church and remove anything else I had there.It had to be done by the evening.He was there in the evening, with a scowl, to make sure I followed his instructions.
Summorum Pontificum had been released and this was the first FSSP church.It was small church in a blind alley.Virginia Loda who organises the annual March for Life was among the few people who would attend.
Then I made another pamphlet and I again needed a priest to defend my quotations from Dominus Iesus and the CDF Notification on Dupuis I quoted Mons.Ignacio Barreiro. He had written an article for an SSPX publication.
He got the phone calls.
He told me again to remove my computer, which my sister had sent me, and which I had stored at the HLI office in Rome since I had no place of my own.He was not going to defend what I had written even though it was the teaching of the Church and he was in agreement with it.He did not want me to quote him.
This was all some 10 years back.
Nothing has changed.
I find myself still - as the only person writing on what I have been writing.
At about that time time I was told not to enter the premises of the Regina Apostolorum University Rome because of the same pamphlet which affirms an unpopular subject.No Legion of Christ priest whom I knew would want to be quoted.
So now when I say that Vatican Council II ( Feeneyite) is in line with EENS( Feeneyite), the Emperor has not clothes!!-who cares.No one is going to come out in the open and affirm it.
No priest is going to say at the pulpit or in writing that outside the Church there is no salvation and this is the official teaching of Vatican Council II without the strange and made premise.
No priest.
Today morning at Mass the priest prayed for the pope and he prayed for all priests and he prayed for evangelisation.
And I pray for him and all priests here that they may have the courage to proclaim the hard teachings of the Catholic Faith - inspite, of everything.-Lionel Andrades

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