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Pro Satan public libraries in Rome observe feast of St. Peter and St. Paul

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It is a public holiday today at the public libraries which support the things of Satan and hate the Catholic Church.Today is the feast of St.Peter and St.Paul.They taught outside Jesus and his Mystical Body the Catholic Church there was no salvation - and which the present two popes, who represent Him, are not teaching out of fear of the Enemy.
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It is a public holiday here and it surprises me how the Enemy has conceded it.
In Rome, city of Catholic saints and martyrs , the Enemy of the Church is in power.The Synagogue of Satan rules.During the time of the papal governments they were kept under control. Now they are uncontrolled and like a wild animal  devour whomever is in their path and lead them to Hell.
The laws of a country are either for God or for Satan and in Italy we can see see the obvious.The media is controlled by Satan. The pluralism in society is atheistic and works against the Catholic Church, Jesus' Mystical Body.In the public libraries, financed by the European Union, I see Christian employees pushed out and replaced by Muslims. This is being done in a systematic way by the Left.The general aim seems to be to replace the Catholic majority population.They also want to create a new church with a false image of Jesus.
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At one of the public municipal libraries (Comune) near Piramide, Rome, there were lit candles at the front desk.When I asked the young librarian what was the significance of the candles behind him, he did not know.
Possibly there was an occult service in the morning before the library opened and some one forget them and left them behind.This happened a long time back when I would go to that library also under the Mayor of Rome.
At that same library another young man, in front of his Italian boss,a senior librarian,  looked at me and pointed to his superior, the Miraculous Medal on my coat lapel.He said he did not believe in it.He was saying that he rejected the Church. I kept quiet while old librarian looked at him with satisfaction. The young man passed the test. He got the job.
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At another Biblioteche di Roma library near the Vatican, named after a Dominican priest who is burning in Hell(G.Bruno),the Chief Librarian gave a handshake in a peculiar way to another person.This man had been reading the newspapers and was now leaving.Probably that man was inspired to put out his hand with his fingers in that position when something about me reminded him about Jesus and the Catholic Church.They both shook hands in that peculiar position.
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On the website of the Comune di Roma libraries sometimes there is a picture, with a young girl or a bird, and one eye is covered.This is an occult sign.It is explained well on the blog of TradCatKnight.This was how I noticed it.
This year the Comune di Roma libraries are closed for the holidays of St. Peter and St.Paul ?! Huh?
Sometime back at another one of these municipal libraries, this one along side the Goethe Institute,  near Piazza Fiume, Rome, there was one of their leftist cultural programs. A  young girl asked in Italian, "What about our Italian identity?  It is as if we are losing our identity, the Church etc.?"  The speaker assured her that it was okay. He said that something better and new will be created in society.
There is so much hatred directed against the Catholic Church in the books available at these libraries. While there are no books which can initiate a rational discussion on Islamism or the Jewish Left(Rockefeller, Soros etc).
'Diversity' excludes the traditional teachings of the Catholic Church which are mocked, while 'inclusive' means including things which are pro-Satan.
Throughout the world Satan is enforcing pro-homosexuality and pro-abortion laws.It will be obligatory for all people to accept them and then go to Hell forever.These libraries support this end.
In one of the public libraries in Rome ,near the San Lorenzo cemetery,near Termini, there was a campaign to have Catholics remove their names from the Church's baptism register. At least Satan knows that in only one religion the names on the Parish Baptism Register indicate those who will go to Heaven.The director of the library was supporting this in an active way. Why would she as a librarian be interested in this? I haven't been there for a long time.
The employees at these libraries are either pro Satan or pro-God.They may talk in terms of political ideology, leftist etc but finally it seems, it comes down to worship. Whom do you worship?
A former Irish President a few days back said infants should not be baptized with water. This was important for her. Why was it important for her that infants not be baptized if their parents wanted it ? What has this to do with the office of being President in Ireland?  It definitely important for Satan, who hates Jesus.
So it is a real surprise when I see Italy celebrate the feast of St. Peter and St. Paul.I ask myself what is the catch.Is it like the holiday on the feast of All Saints Day which was instituted , it seemed, here so that the pagans could go for occult rites on Halloween the previous day.Then they can rest on All Saints Day.
Satan knows that St.Peter and St. Paul, martyrs, sustained the Church, Jesus' mystical body outside of which there is no known salvation and no hope of salvation.So the Church has to be neutralized.Satan wants to do it from within and from without, gradually or at a faster pace, wherever  possible.
He knows that no one goes to Heaven who is not a member of the Catholic Church.The Catholic Church is the norm for salvation, it is the ordinary way to avoid Hell, there is no extra ordinary way known to us human beings.There are no exceptions.There are no known cases of people saved outside the Church.
You are either in or out, black or white, and most people are out of 'the narrow gate' and on the wide road which leads to Hell. Jesus tells us many people take this road.
St.Peter and St. Paul inspired by the Holy Spirit were appealing to Romans, and others, not to take the road which leads to Hell. They were both martyred in Rome.
Paul was persecuting the Early Catholics, the Early Catholic Church when Jesus identified with this Church. When Paul was off his horse and on the ground, hit by lightening, Jesus said,  "SaulSaul, why do you persecute me?" "I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting," .Jesus identified himself with his Mystical Body the Catholic Church, the Church of St. Peter and St.Paul."Why do you persecute me?"
I was telling a librarian at one of these libraries that most of the people who use these libraries are Catholics and she did not have books on the Catholic Church.
-Lionel Andrades

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