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Cardinal Angelo de Donatis is dishonest, uses deception. A false premise makes Vatican Council II a rupture with extra ecclesiam nulla salus : there is no break with Tradition for me

Jesus Died and is Risen to save all who believe in Him, and live his teachings in the Catholic Church, from going to Hell. To go to Heaven we must, in general, enter the Catholic Church with faith and baptism, since outside the Church there is no salvation and for most people in 2018, Jesus' Death and Resurrection will be in vain.Since they will die outside the Church, the only Church he founded.
Jesus may give the grace to someone to believe in Him and to  be saved, who is not a visible member of the Church. However over time this person would have, to have entered the Catholic Church, to receive this salvation. In Heaven there are only Catholics. They are there with the baptism of water and Catholic faith(John 3:5, Mark 16:16, Ad Gentes 7, Lumen Gentium  14).
Catholics are the new people of God, the Chosen People(NA 4). They have the Sacrifice (in the Mass), the Messiah (promised by the Jewish prophets), the ark of the Covenant ( tabernacle with the Eucharistic Presence),the Tradition ( a continuation of the Jewish religion), the Sacred Scriptures ( a fulfillment of the Old Testament), the Eternal Covenant with the Death and Resurrection of Jesus( a fulfillment of the covenants Yahweh made with the Jews) and the Temple where His One and Only Sacrifice, is repeated in an un-bloody way.( Holy  Mass in all Rites of the Catholic Church).
So proclaim the Good News that only those who believe in Jesus, the Son of God, the Promised Jewish Messiah, can have eternal life.They need to live His teachings in the Catholic Church, to know about, and avoid, mortal sin, and to have Sanctifying Grace at the time of death, in a world in which most people,as non-believers , are oriented to the fires of Hell.Since they do not know about Jesus or refuse to follow him.On the Day of Judgment, Jesus will not recognise them, since their soul would be under the control of Satan, as it was throughout life.This is the state of the soul of people who live with Original Sin,commit mortal sins in that state, and are not baptised with water.
Without the faith which is pleasing to God, which is there in only the Catholic Church; the only Church with the fullness of the means of salvation, there is no way to Eternal Bliss in Heaven.
This was the faith that made many to choose martyrdom for Jesus and His Church and so access the direct and quick  way to Heaven.
May we choose to affirm the truths of our Faith, founded by Jesus, who is the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow.





As an honest Catholic, I affirm A

But Cardinal Angelo De Donatis, Vicar General of Pope Francis for the diocese of Rome, affirms B.
Cardinal Donatis is also the Archpriest of the Basilica of San Giovanni in Laterano, the Apostolic Administrator of Ostia and Grand Chancellor of the Pontifical Lateran University.
B is irrational.
B is heretical.
B is not non-traditional.
B is schism with the popes of the past on extra ecclesiam nulla salus.

Image result for Photo Cardinale Angelo de Donatis
Cardinal Angelo Donatis is dishonest and uses deception. He uses a false premise to create a break between Vatican Council II and extra ecclesiam nulla salus (EENS). With the false inference Vatican Council II is a rupture with extra ecclesiam nulla salus, as it was interpreted by the  Magisterium and missionaries in the 16th century.
So with a wrong premise there is a false inference and a false conclusion and this is Magisterial for him. In reality he is only following the Left supported by Satan.
He needs to affirm the Second Vatican Council (Feeneyite) which is in harmony with EENS (Feeneyite) and the ecclesiology of the past. This would be honesty and it would be Catholic.
This is the way in which I interpret the Second Vatican Council and extra ecclesiam nulla salus. There is no break with Tradition nor do I reject the Second Vatican Council (F).-Lionel Andrades

JUNE 24, 2018

Primer on Feeneyism and Cushingism

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