Friday, July 27, 2018

Magisterium violates the Principle of Non Contradiction and does not issue a correction : Catholics go along with it

The Magisterium through the International Theological Commission, encyclicals,interpretation of the Catechisms, teachings at pontifical seminaries and universities and silence over incorrect media reports violates the Principle of Non Contradiction. This is not corrected by liberal, traditionalists or conservative Catholics.
How can invisible cases of the baptism of desire, baptism of blood and being saved in invincible ignorance be exceptions to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus as it was known to the missionaries in the 16th century? Can the popes and cardinals see people on earth saved without faith and baptism or can they see people in Heaven who there without the baptism of water ?
So since there are exceptions for them, they indicate that they can physically see non Catholics saved outside the Catholic Church in 2018.
How can people be visible on earth and in Heaven at the same time?
How can non Catholic be visible on earth and in Heaven at the same time?
How can someone be seen on earth who is an exception to the dogma EENS and who is also saved in Heaven at the same time?
-Lionel Andrades

JULY 26, 2018

Image result for Photo of Chris  Ferrara traditionalist old massImage result for Photo of Roberto dei Mattei

No one is there to correct Fr.Saldhana, Fr.Stancati, Fr.Francesco Giordano and Mobeen Shahid : Christopher Ferrara, Roberto dei Mattei, Steve Skojec, Chad Ripperger are exponents of modernism too

JULY 25, 2018

Whispers of Restoration needs an article on Vatican Council II (Feeneyite)

JULY 27, 2018

When Ann Barnhardt , Eric Gajiewski and Hilary White affirm the New Theology and the New Ecclesiology on EENS which is a rupture with the missionaries in the 16th century and attend Holy Mass the fault does not lie with the Traditional Latin Mass

 JULY 26, 2018

Repost : Louie Verrecchio, Ann Barnhardt, David Domet, the two popes and the CDF Prefect are in heresy : correction and recantation of error needed

Fr.Marco Hausmann , Fr.P. Stefano Visintin OSB say there are no exceptions to the dogma, Cardinal Valliani's Vicariate says there are

If you consider the Holy Office or Fr.Leonard Feeney in heresy determines how you interpret Vatican Council II

JUNE 21, 2014

The Grand Secret : Vatican Council II says all Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Muslims, Protestants etc are lost

Even if a non Catholic was saved in his religion or by his religion the case is implicit for us: Bishop Fellay uses the right hand column

Most Catholic priests are using the irrational, right-hand side column in the interpretation of Vatican Council II

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