Thursday, August 2, 2018

Card.Luiz Ladaria's Oath of Office and Profession of Faith was false and an oath to Modernism : he should not have canonical recognition unless he abjures his errors

Cardinal Luiz Ladaria's Oath of Office was false since he misinterpreted the Nicene Creed, which he had to read out, with irrational Cushingite theology. When he became the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith(CDF) he interpreted the Nicene Creed differently from me.So his Profession of Faith would also be different. He chose the modernist version.
So the result is with Vatican Council II interpreted with Cushingism there is a rupture with Tradition for him. I avoid Cushingism and so I am back to the old theology.Vatican Council II is not a rupture with Tradition for me.-Lionel Andrades


AUGUST 2, 2018

Religious communities are not questioning the canonical recognition of Cardinal Luiz Ladaria (Grafics)

AUGUST 2, 2018

Religious communities are not telling Cardinal Luiz Ladaria sj, Prefect of the CDF, that all this confusion cannot be the work of the Holy Spirit and so it is not magisterial


AUGUST 1, 2018

Repost : I love Vatican Council II it has the hermeneutic of continuity with the past ecclesiology of an ecumenism of return


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