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Amazon Synod Instrumentum Laboris contradicts Vatican Council II and Creeds : it is first class heresy and a schism with the popes before Pius XII


Here below is the full statement by the Coetus Internationalis Patrum Working Group (International Group of Fathers).
To the Pope and the Synod Fathers:
We, numerous bishops, priests, and Catholic faithful from all over the world, hereby affirm that the Instrumentum Laboris prepared for the coming Synodal assembly raises serious questions and very grave reservations, because of its contradiction of individual points of Catholic doctrine which have always been taught by the Church, as well as its contradiction of faith in Jesus Christ, the One Savior of all mankind. We have drawn up, following the classical method, four propositions in the form of “theses” summarizing the main points of the Instrumentum Laboris. In conscience and with great frankness, we affirm that the teaching of these theses is unacceptable.
Lionel: With the new theology which is accepted by the traditionalists and conservative Catholics, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith will state that all salvation comes from Jesus and the Church. So non Catholics can be saved in their religions without knowing Jesus or having to enter the Church.Both of the present popes support this reasoning based upon hypothetical cases (LG 8, LG 16 etc) being known non Catholics saved outside the Church.
This is false reasoning since even with the new theology exclusive salvation in the Catholic Church can be affirmed.Since there are no known cases of the BOD, BOB and I.I 1 and so there are no personally known exceptions to exclusive salvation for us human beings.
1. Amazonian diversity, which is above all religious diversity, evokes a new Pentecost (IL 30): respect for this diversity means to recognize that there are other paths to salvation, without reserving salvation exclusively to the Catholic faith. Non-Catholic Christian groups teach other modalities of being Church, without censures, without dogmatism, without ritual disciplines and ecclesial forms (IL 138); the Catholic Church ought to integrate these modalities. Reserving salvation exclusively to the Creed is destructive of the Creed (IL 39).
Against this, among other texts: Dominus Iesus 14 and 16.
Lionel: Dominus Iesus is based upon the New Theology. It supports Cushingite theology and rejects Feeneyite theology. Cardinal Ratzinger was a Cushingite and so interpreted Vatican Council II with the false premise instead of without it.
Vatican Council II, Feeneyite, without the invisible-people-are visiblepremise, affirms the past ecclesiology of the Catholic Church and only an ecumenism of return.There is no theological basis for the New Theology, New Ecclesiology and New Ecumenism.
However the Lefebvrists also interpret Vatican Council II, with the false premise as did Pope Paul VI.They do not want to affirm exclusive salvation since it would be opposed by the Left with various laws.
So even conservative Catholics who have signed various petitions on doctrine with respect to Pope Francis, are aware of what I am saying here but remain silent, due to personal and professional interests.
2. The teaching of Pan-Amazonian theology, which takes special account of myths, rituals, and celebrations of indigenous cultures, is required in all educational institutions (IL 98 c 3). Non-Christian rites and celebrations are proposed as “essential for integral salvation” (IL 87) and we are asked to “adapt the Eucharistic rite to their cultures” (IL 126 d). On rituals: IL 87, 126.
Against this: Dominus Iesus 21.
Lionel: Against this Vatican Council II, Ad Gentes 7. It says all need faith and baptism for salvation. The Amazonian people are outside the Church and are all oriented to Hell unless they enter the Church with faith and baptism.
Against this the Catechism of the Catholic Church (845,846,1257) which affirms exclusive salvation in the Catholic Church with no exceptions mentioned in Vatican Council II. Since LG 8, LG 14,LG 16, UR 3 NA 2, GS 22 etc refer to theoretical cases who are obviously not visible and real in 2019.
Against this the Athanasius Creed which says outside the Church there is no salvation and the Nicene Creed which we understand as saying there is one baptism for the forgiveness of sins. This is baptism known and visible and there are not three known baptisms which exclude the baptism of water. The baptism of desire, blood and invincible ignorance refer only to hypothetical cases and were never were exceptions to the traditional exclusivist ecclesiology of the Catholic Church.
Against this the Catechism of Pope Pius X etc.-Lionel Andrades
3. Among the various Loci Theologici (that is, among the various sources of theology, such as Sacred Scripture, the Councils, the Fathers of the Church) there is included the territory [of the Amazon] and the cry of its peoples. (IL 18, 19, 94, 98 c 3, 98 d 2, 144).
Against this: Dei Verbum 4, 7, 10.
4. It is suggested that ordination be conferred on older persons who have families and to confer “official ministries” on women. There is thus proposed a new vision of Holy Orders which does not come from Revelation, but from the cultural usages of the Amazonian people (which provide for a rotating system of authority, among other things). Therefore, there ought to be separation made between the priesthood and the munus regendi (IL 129 a 2, 129 a 3, 129 c 2).
Against this: Lumen Gentium 21, Presbyterorum Ordinis 13, Pastores Dabo Vobis 26; and also: the entire document Sacerdotalis Coelibatus, especially 21 and 26, Ordinatio Sacerdotalis1, 3 and 4; Pastores Dabo Vobis 29.
Coetus Internationalis Patrum Working Group
October 1, 2019

BOD(Case of the unknown person saved with the Baptism of desire and without the baptism of water), BOB(Case of the theoretical and hypothetical person saved with the baptism of blood and without the baptism water ) and I.I( Speculative case of a a person saved in invincible ignorance and without faith and the baptism of water)

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