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Hand picked Jesuits are somewhere out there writing their thesis on how elements of sacramental marriage can be recognised in civil and adulterous unions since there is salvation outside the Church

When Cardinal Kasper said there could be a change in the Synod since ecclesiology has changed in the Catholic Church no one opposed him on this particular point. Since it is a fait accompli for conservative Catholics. They accept that ecclesiology has changed.This will be the cue for the Jesuit theologians appointed by Pope Francis for the Synod on the Family 2015.
Ecclesiology has changed because Cardinal Ratzinger(CDF,Prefect) like Cardinal Marchetti (1949) assumed there is salvation outside the Church even when they did not know ( and could not know) of any such case in real life.
So magisterial documents assume there is salvation outside the Church and every one no longer needs to be a formal member of the Catholic Church to go to Heaven. This is theology based on a factual error. This is the standard stuff put out by Cardinal Ratzinger.
That we can see the dead saved without the baptism of water who are now in Heaven is an irrational premise to use in any reasoning.
That there is known salvation outside the Church of persons saved without faith and baptism, was the irrational premise used to change Church  ecclesiology.
Without this premise and the non traditional  inference the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus still has an exclusivist ecclesiology.I repeat the dogma, Vatican Council II and all magisterial documents still have an exclusivist ecclesiology. Check it out. Reason it out! Vatican Council II can be interpreted as having the traditional ecclesiology which Cardinal Kasper has rejected in public all these years.
For now this is a big secret in the Church and he is getting away with it . He can easily point to the change in ecclesiology in magisterial documents issued by his friend Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, our Emeritus pope.
Redemptoris Missio, Dominus Iesus, Catechism of the Catholic Church 1257 ..... all  assume the following :
1) There are non Catholics in Heaven saved without 'faith and baptism'.
2) These persons  are known to us on earth.They are  personally known to  become explicit exceptions to the traditional, exclusivist ecclesiology.
3) Since they are personally known to cardinals Ratzinger and  Kasper on October 2015  there will be living exceptions to all needing to convert into the Church for salvation . So this is the 'new ecclesiology', the 'new theology'.
Here is the pattern again:
1.False, irrational premise/proposition.
2.Irrational, non traditional conclusion.
3.Ecclesiology has changed. A new theology is presented based on the false premise/proposition.
The new ecclesiology is based on an irrational premise which is : in the present times ( 2015)  non Catholics are known who are in Heaven without the baptism of water and Catholic Faith.
So with this irrational premise and inference, Cardinal Kaspar wants a change in doctrine at the Synod on the Family.
In the interview that he granted to the Vaticanist Andrea Tornielli on September 18th, (2014) the Cardinal (Kaspar) says: “Church doctrine is not a closed system: the Second Vatican Council teaches us that there is a development, meaning that it is possible to look into this further. I wonder if a deeper understanding similar to what we saw in ecclesiology, is possible in this case (i.e. that of divorced Catholics who have remarried civilly). Although the Catholic Church is Christ’s true Church, there are elements of ecclesiality beyond the institutional boundaries of the Church too.(Lionel: And which are known to him personally for them to become exceptions to EENS) Couldn’t some elements of sacramental marriage also be recognized in civil marriages in certain cases? For example, the lifelong commitment, mutual love and care, Christian life and a public declaration of commitment that does not exist in common-law marriages. 1
 'Elements of ecclesiality beyond the institutional boundaries of the Church' for Cardinal Kaspar and the also magisterium  include persons saved in invincible ignorance and the baptism of desire (without the baptism of water).They are personally known to  the cardinals for them to be exceptions to Tradition..
Now this irrationality which has largely been accepted by Catholic conservatives  is to be  adapted theologically  to the Synod on the Family 2015.
Couldn’t some elements of sacramental marriage also be recognized in civil marriages in certain cases?-Cardinal Kaspar.
When a Catholic cardinal says this do you laugh or cry ? I will choose to laugh at this moment ( there  is some beautiful Marian music I am listening to with  headphones as I write this).
So the Jesuit theologians who used this irrationality to set up a Department for the Theology of Religions at the Gregorian University (contradicting Pope John Paul II )   will extend the error to the coming Synod. It has worked before and no one complained ( except for  me).It will work again ( no one is still complaining ).
Lay Catholics in general do not know theology and those who know theology , priests, bishops and cardinals, are keeping silent for whatever reason.
 A lay man at the Synod could ask a priest."Father why do you marry Protestants and Catholics in Church sacramentally( recently even Fr.Z recommended it)  when they are on the way to Hell according to Vatican Council II and EENS. How can the marriage be a Sacrament? Is this not adultery ?"
He answers : " We now know of people who are saved without Catholic Faith. They are personally known to us. We know their names and surnames. They are exceptions to EENS. So since there are known exceptions to EENS a Protestant can be saved.Vatican Council II says this!This is the new theology. This is the new Revelation.'
If there is the good  Mons.Ignazio Barreiro there at that moment he would know that we do not know of any exception to the dogma but he is not going to say anything, in public, since it would not be 'prudent' to do so.
His friend at the FSSP church Santissima Santissima dei Pelligrini  in Rome,         where the Traditional Latin Mass is offered is not also going to affirm the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus and expose the irrationality in the new ecclesiology. To be a priest in Rome you have to accept the irrational ecclesiology.
So in general Fathers Barreiro and Kramer may  complain about the expected sacrilege after the October Synod but they will dare not say that the ecclesiology of  extra ecclesiam nulla salus and Vatican Council II has not changed, since we do not and cannot know, of any exception to the dogma.
Now the hand picked Jesuits are somewhere out there writing their thesis on how elements of sacramental marriage can be  recognised in civil and adulterous unions  since there is salvation outside the Church.
-Lionel Andrades

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