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Yesterday was the third time I noticed it. Plainclothes policemen at Holy Mass in Rome. Traditional Catholic organisations seem under their surveillance. Once a security police official identified himself to another person in my presence.

A few years back politicians Silvio Berlusconi, former Prime Minister of Italy, Gianfranco Fini, his Interior Minister and the Foreign Minister Franco Frattini welcomed Abraham Foxman of the Jewish Anti Defamation League. According to the ADL website Gianfranco Fini presented him with an award. They also agreed to implement the ADL anti Semitism laws in Italy. Those laws are now being enforced and are being used to control religious expression and to change Catholic teaching in Italy. There is a constant threat to Catholics.

A priest who offers the Traditional Latin Mass in Rome told me even though there is no case of the baptism of desire known to us, he would not affirm the traditional teaching of Fr. Leonard Feeney. He will not say in public that the Catholic Church officially teaches, in magisterial texts that Judaism, or other religions, is not a path to salvation and that Jews need  to convert into the Church to avoid Hell.This priest is no  dissenter. He is aware of the Jewish Left lobby in Italy. There could be anti Semitism or other leftist laws used against him. He could be transferred or suspended by the Vatican hierarchy. The Vatican and the Rome Vicariate also protects itself.

The ADL works with law enforcing agencies in Europe and the USA to enforce anti Semitism laws. Holocaust denial is only a part of these laws which are being misused similar to the Blasphemy Law in Muslim countries. The daily newspaper of the Conference of the Catholic Bishops of Italy, Avvenire has criticized the misuse of the blasphemy laws.Never have I read a criticism of the anti  Semitism law. Avvenire is protecting itself.Now the Traditional Latin Mass is being monitored.

The Good Friday Prayer for the  Conversion of the Jews prayed at the Traditional Latin Mass is no more there in its original form. It was considered anti Semitic by the Jewish Left lobby. The pope assured the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and their supporters that Jews do not have to convert in the present times . This is contrary to the Bible. He made the statement to avoid the threat of violence. Catholic politicians were silent, that is, if they knew what was happening.

Also in the Bishop Richard Williamson case the pope averted threats to the Vatican under anti Semitism laws. Bishop Richard Williamson could not be accepted as a Catholic bishop even though he has violated no church law  except those created by the Jewish Left.In future  they can create new laws saying the Bible and Jesus are anti Semitic.
Catholic apologists all over the world, like the pope and his Curia are changing Church teaching on the Jews to protect themselves from anti Semitism charges. Other apologists are targeted by their bishops, when they say that the church teaches that Judaism is not a path to salvation and that Jews need to convert into the Church to avoid Hell. American apologists Robert Sungenis and Michael Voris were told by their bishops not to use the word Catholic.

The Archdiocese of Detroit USA mentioned that there was a long feud with Michael Voris before he was asked to remove the name Catholic from Real Catholic The issue was the Jewish Left which the archdiocese does not mention. Similarly Bishop Kevin Rhoades, the former bishop of Harrisburg, Pennsylavia, USA asked apologist Robert Sungenis to remove the name Catholic from his website Catholic Apologetics International. The issue was the Jews and the threat came form the Jewish Left. Bishop Kevin Rhoades until today cannot say in public that Judaism is not a path to salvation and that Jews need to convert to avoid Hell.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Doctrinal Committee stated that dialogue could include mission. The Jewish Left protested. The USCCB deleted the reference to mission.

The Bible says Jews need to convert for salvation and these bishops are not affirming this teaching out of fear of the influential Jewish Left. Bishop Allen Vigneon,bishop of the Archdiocese of Detroit and Bishop Kevin Rhoades,Bishop of Forth Wayne South Bend, Indiana are not able to proclaim a Biblical teaching and are correcting Voris and Sungenis who have been affirming same teaching.

Bishop Richard Williamson has said in public that Jesus need to convert for salvation. The National Catholic Reporter criticized Bishop Williamson just as they have criticized Real Catholic TV. They will not mention that the issue between Real Catholic with the Archdiocese of Detroit is, the Jews.
If the Jewish Left in the USA filed an anti Semitic charge against Voris and Sungenis for their Biblical view, the bishops could disown them and protect themself.

The Catholic organisation which is monitored in Rome is publicly critical of Freemasonry in the Jewish Left. They hold the Biblical teaching on Jews. Probably at some time in the future there could be restrictions placed on them by the Italian police.
Lionel Andrades

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