Saturday, June 13, 2015

Liberal theologian appointed to judge Medugorje

A servite priest in Rome, who like the other Servites here interprets Vatican Council II with Marchettiism, and rejects  the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus, is the new Commissioner on Medugorje appointed by Pope Francis. Shades of the Franciscan Friars  of the Immaculate seem visible on the horizon.
According to the Eponymous Flower 1, there is a new member appointed on the  Commission of Inquiry, Father Salvatore Perrella Maria. The Servite is Rector of the Pontifical Theological Faculty of the Marianum in Rome and teaches Dogmatic Theology and Mariology.

I am  personally aware of their liberal theology.They use apparition theology to interpret the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus. They are using the theology which Pope Francis would welcome.

"We have worked thoroughly and seriously," said Father Perrella, quoted for the daily newspaper Avvenire. The judgment of Rome will reflect the fact and point out that "appearances are always possible", and if they are recognized as genuine, "represent a gift from God," said the Mariologist.
"However, the Church has the duty to preserve the primacy of revelation, by understanding these special events only as supports of the gospel of Christ," said Father Perrella.
Note this carefully. Primacy of revelation. This priest like his confres uses an irrational premise and inference which comes from the Letter of the Holy Office 1949. So with this new theology, this new ecclesiology, he supports ' a new revelation' in the Catholic Church. It is a break with Tradition and specifically the traditional interpretation of the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus.It is a break with the ecclesiology of Maria Valtorta's The Poem of the Man Good, from which the Franciscans at Medugorje have disassociated themself.In other words they are avoiding any trace of ' Feeneyism'.
Feeneyism was the traditional teaching of the Church. Even Don Bosco some 200 years back was a Feeneyite. Now we have a new  ideological understanding of salvation. It is enforced by the Vatican. Even the Marianum remains politically correct with the Left.It  interprets all Church doctrines with Marchettism and avoids  Feeneyism. 
The Catholic Faith, at Mostar and Medugorje is not that of the Bible, Tradition and pre-1949 Magisterium 2 and Our Lady at Medugorje has adapted to this. She is in step with the Church.Her work has been pastoral and very successful.If she had affimed the doctrines of the Church Medugorje would have been closed a long time back.It has survived for over a generation.
But the Mariologist, who teaches that there are known exceptions in the present times to all needing to formally enter the Church, in other words there are 'apparitions', says there is "negative criteria" associated with Medugorje.The liberal theologian says "There are clearly errors associated with the event, such as lies or storytelling. In addition, any doctrinal ambiguities are analyzed in the messages or profit, i.e., whether,  the 'seer' or 'other' beneficiaries speculate with the events. Science also provides its contribution. For example, by determination of psychological diseases."
Are there 'any doctrinal ambiguities ' in what is taught at the Marianum and other pontifical universities and seminaries in Rome ?  Or among the Servites in Rome?
 The Servites were once a rigorist community which depended on alms.They would beg on the streets. They lived real poverty. This is not true today. They are part of the culture.So are the seers at Medugorje. 
The new member of the Commission says "You can say that  moral certainty exists with a supernatural character. Or that it is the result of fraud and therefore does not come from God. There is a third possibility, which is not included in the provisions of the Holy See, but it has been considered by the theologians: The Commission chooses neither a yes nor a no, but notes that at present there is not an obviously blatantly supernatural phenomenon."
After so much of phenomena recorded on video and confirmed by scientists the supernatural aspect of Medugorje is still in doubt ? For this liberal theologian, who rejects a defined dogma of the Church, accepted by the Servites of the past, 'at present there is not an obviously blatantly supernatural phenomenon." What are all these videos and photographs of Medugorje, for him? Ordinary human activity ?
How can Catholics priests, bishops, cardinals and popes,  who do not affirm Church teachings; who have changed Church doctrine on faith and morals doctrinally judge Medugorje? 
How can doctrine be a criteria any more? 
Catholic religious who use an irrational interpretation of magisterial documents, even after being informed and who in public enforce ideology, are to judge on Medugorje? 
Then there is the ideological fact - as in the case of the Franciscans of the Immaculate. Amid such conditions, the pope is to tell the visionaries not to go out into the peripheries and proclaim Jesus ?
A dogmatic theologian who has rejected the traditonal interpretation of salvation by using Cardinal Francesco Marchetti Selvaggiani's new theory, is judging Medugorje. -Lionel Andrades

The faith at Mostar is not based on the Bible, Tradition and the pre-1949 Magisterium
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