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Tantra Yoga one of the most dangerous of mental techniques is coming to town

In the 1960's and 70's those who learnt Eastern techniques of meditation would not be noticing the neurological and other problems.
(6:44) Watch the jerking movements (kriyas) in this video.They have to live with strange behaviour, neural spasms as in this video when they practise Eastern meditations and yoga.

Tantra Yoga one of the most dangerous of mental techniques is coming to town on October 10 there are billboards and posters  all over Rome announcing it. They seem to have got the big sponsorshop as the Da Vinci Code movie.
At a stadium in Rome, young people will open their unconscious mind to different entities , preter natural spirits. Over the years there will be neurological problems( see the lady in the video) which are visible physiologically.This is also part of the New Age Movement.
The scientific research on oriental meditation (Transcendental Meditation TM etc) only shows the researcher conducted by members of the movements on supporters of the movements. Both groups want positive findings to be shown on the meditation. Before the research begins they know what they are loooking for.The objectivity is not there.
The negative effects are ignored like headaches, depression, unexplainable anger, general tiredness etc.
 The initial studies on Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation(TM) were conducred by Keith Wallace and Herbert Benson.Benson left the TM movement and continued research on meditation techniques but used as a mantra m the word , Coca Cola. He found that there was the same relaxation and results as with TM.
-Lionel Andrades

'All Types of Yoga Are Demonic,' Explains Ex-Yogi Purvi (Stop What You're Doing and Watch!)

Catholics to be exposed to a dangerous meditation technique this month at a stadium in Rome

eucharistandmission: Catholic schools in Italy not being allowed to teach the Catholic Faith


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Catholic schools in Italy not being allowed to teach the Catholic Faith

Four months and the sedevacantists will not answer if LG 16 is an exception to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus

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A sedevacantist priest and his group of young Catholics will not answer if Lumen Gentium 16 is an exception to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus.
I have to ask this question, since like the Left, the sedevacantists infer that there are explicit cases in 2015 saved without the baptism of water in the Catholic Church. These persons they infer are exceptions  to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus. 
They infer this, when like the Holy Office (CDF) 1949, they assume that the baptism of desire and being saved in invincible ignorance are exceptions to the traditional interpretation of the dogma on exclusive salvation in the Church.If they are exceptions they would have to be explicit and visible in the flesh.So they conclude that there are known exceptions to the dogma and they refer to persons saved in invincible ignorance and with the baptism of water(LG 16) and are unaware of the irrational reasoning they are using.They will keep silent and refuse to answer the question.
Since they already assume that LG 16 is explicit and since they are not aware of this, I have to begin the discussion by asking them if LG 16 is explicit.
They will not answer.
This is a rational question and the priests will not answer.
Can you see people, non Catholics in 2015, who are saved outside the Church with the baptism of water and Catholic Faith? Yes or No? It's no for me. Since I cannot see or know any such case here where I live.
Can you see or know non Catholics now in Heaven in 2015 saved in inculpable ignorance(LG 16) ? The answer is no for me.
In my discussions with the sedevacantist  blog owner at Ad Altare Dei  some four months back,  initially he agreed that LG 16 is not explicit ( this is common sense!) but then he was not sure and changed his mind!! At first he said that we cannot see the dead-saved in Heaven and then he changed his mind!!
He got confused when I asked him if he was holding the Feeneyite position.He said that there were no exceptions to the dogma EENS and LG 16 was not explicit , but he was not supporting Feeneyism!
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Yes, this is what Fr. Leonard Feeney was saying. He was saying there could not be any known exception to the dogma EENS.There could not be any known case of someone being saved outside the Church.The baptism of desire(BOD) and being saved in invincible ignorance(I.I) had nothing to do with the dogma. 
Since 1949 the Magisterium says there are known exceptions to the dogma EENs and so do the sedevacantists  Bishop Sanborn and Fr. Anthony Cekada.They criticize Feeneyism . So the blogger at Ad Altare Dei  could not offend  them,  even though it made sense to him, his position would be rational if he supported Feeneyism.He understood there were no exceptions to the dogma, this was rational but he was not going to support Fr. Leonard Feeney.
If his reason tells him that there could not be any exceptions to the dogma, then to say LG 16 is an exception, would be  to change the meaning of the dogma. This was heresy and liberalism. This 'liberalism is a sin'( have you read the book with this title?).I recommend it.
Fr. Cekada Teaching Class
It would be the Magisterium which had made a mistake. The Magisterium was in heresy if LG 16 is not an exception to the dogma.
Worse still it would mean this mistake was being supported by the sedevacantists bishops, priests and seminarians.
The sedevacantists would have been supporting the heresy all these years and not knowing about it.
So the sedevacantists are telling each other on Twitter not to answer my question. Some of the priests too have blocked any discussion.Years have passed and there is no comment in public from Fr. Cekada or Bishop Sanborn.
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Where is the basis in Vatican Council II for their sedevacantism if there are no exceptions, to the old ecclesiology.They will not comment. They have gone into hiding.'Please don't ask me any questions and send me any e-mails' is the response of the bishop and the priests.They know the conclusion of this discussion would be embarassing.
It is only because they assume that LG 16 is explicit does LG 16 contradict the old ecclesiology. The fault is with them and not Vatican Council II.So I ask them is LG 16 as exception to the dogma hoping to begin a discussion.
They are similar to the priests and bishops in the main line churches here in Rome who do not want to answer if LG 16 is an exception to EENS.They know the answer!  It would put them at odds with the pope and the magisterium. They would have to say that the Magisterium is in heresy.So they do not say anything.
-Lionel Andrades

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Wikipedia and Most Holy Trinity,Florida sedevacantist seminary make the same error

Does BOD and I.I refer to visible or invisible cases in 2015 where you live? is a difficult question for a sedevacantist priest

Catechists are teaching heresy with an irrationality in parish catechism class this week

There are the three columns of the Church which we follow as Catholics- Sacred Tradition, Sacred  Scripture and the Magisterium.The present Magisterium in its teachings of catechism has rejected all three columns.
So I find myself following Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition without the Magisterium of the past.In Catechism class this week I could teach that Catholics are the chosen people of God, they are the elect ( Nostra Aetate 4) and that outside the Church there is no salvation. All need to be formal members of the Church, with 'faith and baptism' ( AG 7, LG 14).This is not taught in catechism classes today.
The doctrine has been changed.
I find myself quoting Scripture and Tradition but being contradicted by the third pillar, the Magisterium.
20150405 viacrucisWorse still I am confronted by Magisterial heresy. This is accepted by Catholics in general, since they do not know theology and the present Magisterium does not dare, for various reasons, issue a correction.
So I am following Scripture and Tradition without the contemporary Magisterium but with the Magisterium of the past.
So when I say that Catholics are the new people of God , the elect I am citing Scripture and Tradition right up to Vatican Council II.
When I say all need to be card carrying members of the Church, all need to have their names on the parish baptism register to avoid Hell, I am citing Scripture and Tradition including Vatican Council II.
My position on Lumen Gentium 16 ( inculpable ignorance) is rational.
1. I cannot know or see those who are saved without the baptism of water and in invincible ignorance.So LG 16 does not contradict AG 7, LG 14 and NA 4.
2.I do not know of any case of someone who is an exception to all needing to convert into the Church with faith and baptism, in the present times nor will I know of any such case in the future. This is the experience of all other humans.
3. For me all who die in invincible ignorance and who are going to be saved will receive the baptism of water and Catholic Faith, in a manner known only to God. This was the teaching of the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus and other magisterial teachings in pre-1808 times,before the Baltitmore Catechism was issued.
4.The contradiction came into the Church in a big way in 1949 when the contemporary Magisterium believed there were known and seen exceptions to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus.The baptism of desire was considered an exception to the Feeneyite version of the dogma.
So practically no one can contradict me. We cannot meet an LG 16 case on the streets saved outside the Church, I cannot know the name of such a person or where he lives. This would always be a hypothetical case and hypothetical cases cannot be defacto, explicit exceptions to the dogmtic teaching on salvation.They cannot be exceptions to the old ecclesiology.
To be saved one has to be a Roman Catholic, since Catholics are the chosen people, the people of the one true religion(UR 3) founded by Jesus Christ.Catholics who are living without mortal sin and are following the Gospel according to the 'perennial Magisterium' are in the Mystical Body of Christ.
You are either baptised with water in the Catholic Church or you are damned.This is Vatican Council II.Vatican Council II is Feeneyite.This is Scripture and Tradition with rational reasoning.
Instead in the Catechism being taught today, which is approved by the present Magisterium in heresy, they suggest that Lumen Gentium 16 refers to known cases in 2015 saved or going to be saved, without  the baptism of water in the Catholic Church.This is fantasy.Upon this irrationality the present Magisterium has built a new theology of salvation.
The present Magisterium also indicates that there were human beings in the past ( 1949, 1808) in the Catholic Church, who would know or see people saved in Heaven without 'faith and baptism'.This is irrational. We cannot see or know people in Heaven who are there without 'faith and baptism'. 
So when I teach Catechism I am citing the text of Vatican Council II and there are no irrational statements being made.I am in accord with the past Magisterium which is being condemned by the present irrational Magisterium.
I am not disobedient to the past Magisterium- the present Magisterium is.
I am not teaching any irrationality and calling it a 'new mystery'- the present Magisterium is.
According to Vatican Council II (AG 7, LG 14), the Jewish Left rabbis need to convert  into the Catholic Church to avoid Hell. I say this. The present Magisterium does not.
Neither do they teach this to children in catechism classes in the parishes.
So what I believe  is in accord with Scripture and Tradition ( interpreted over the centuries)   and it is magisterial, in the sense, that the magisterial teachings cannot change,they are always the same on doctrine.
It is the present Magisterium, which is not magisterial on doctrine and is a break with the past.It is heretical with an irrationality.They interpret Vatican Council II and other magisterial documents with an irrational premise and inference.
At Catechism classes heresy and irrationality is being taught today and this was approved by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger as the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine o the Faith.
The Jewish Left rabbis are not protesting against what is being taught in catechism this week in Catholic parishes.They are satisfied with the doctrine.No more are they protesting in front of the United Nations office.
While orthodox Catholics  are also not protesting  since they are not aware of the irrationality used to create the heresy; the magisterial heresy.
-Lionel Andrades

Catechism classes begin

Catholic schools in Italy not being allowed to teach the Catholic Faith

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