Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Give the Eucharist to everybody

Last Sunday at evening Mass the priest gave the Eucharist to a middle aged man wearing swimming-trunk shorts.While a lady brought her dog into the church.She probably went up to receive the Eucharist with it( I had my eyes closed).
After Mass I spoke with the young priest.He said that they had instructions to not refuse the Eucharist to any one.The instructions are of course from the Vatican and the Rome Vicariate who are following the Masonic policy of showing less importance to the Eucharist.
So even if it is a sacrilege the Eucharist is to be given to all who come forward.
He said that when he was a new priest he would speak about sin and Hell but then his bishop stopped him from doing this.His bishop said that he should only speak about the love of God and the Good News.
-Lionel Andrades

Vatican Council II is fundamentalist if you stay clear of the Kasper-Lefebvre theology.

Vatican Council II is fundamentalist if you stay clear of the Kasper-Lefebvre  theology.
La Stampa/Vatican Insider is calling all those who do not accept Vatican Council II with Cushingite theology, as being fundamentalists.1
While La Stampa is not aware that Vatican Council II can be interpreted with the Feeneyite theology and the Council itself would be 'fundamentalist'.
Only those Catholics who avoid the Kasper-Lefebvre theology  can see through the error.
It is only with the Ratzinger-Kasper-Lefebvrist theology that they can make the distinction between liberals and conservatives,sedevacantists and progressivists.
Eliminate this theology and Vatican Council II changes. It reverts to being a traditional Council and this would be 'fundamentalist' for the Left.
-Lionel Andrades