Tuesday, October 6, 2015

High Level Occult Yoga - Woman Experiences a Glimpse of Hell!

Yoga is a Satanic Spiritual Practice BEWARE !!! X Yoga Instructor Speaks Out !!!

Tantra Yoga one of the most dangerous of mental techniques is coming to town


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This Synod is already getting names like Sinful Synod, Sodomy Synod and Sacrilegious Synod

Immagine correlataIt's like a political Synod. Protestant. A coming together  of the leftist Partito Democratico(PD) in  Italy. The PD meetings of course do not rest on Catholic values.
In the Catholic Church for a theology or conference to be Catholic it has to be grounded on the teachings of the Catholic Church.
Synod 2015 is Protestant.It's agenda will create  something Protestant and worse still, evil.
 The present Synod of cardinals and bishops, hand picked liberals, who openly deny the Faith seems like a political party. They are throwing away Catholic beliefs and practises and their priority is political, to accommodate the political Left.
Instead of witnessing for Christ they want to collectively witness for Satan and preserve their peaceful and comfortable status.Not all the cardinals of course. Eventually though evil will get the stamp of approval.
Peace is the altar at which we can sell out the Church and its beliefs. Irenicism,is  giving up principles for the sake of peace.
 The goals of the Synod are evil as those of the political Left. So there are secret procedures, no mid term and final reports, vocal pro- homosexuality clerics , pre planned and unknown theology by the Jesuit Rector of the Gregorian University, Rome and a plan to give the Eucharist to divorcees in mortal sin  which has the approval of Pope Francis. He has already approved in discipline,defacto,the Eucharist being given to pro abortion Catholic politicians. It is also approved for Catholics who support pro homosexual unions.
The pope also approves quick annulments  for the divorced similar to a recent law in the PD Government of Italy( divorce in six months only).Like cardinals and bishops the pope approves inter- faith marriages, as if these couples are not in adultery, with one spouse not being in the Church, outside of which there is no salvation.
During the synod week an Indian yogi will be coming to Rome, to teach a spiritually and physically dangerous meditation technique at a stadium here.The event has been advertised all over the city.Neither the Vatican nor the cardinals gathering in Rome have anything to say pastorally.
If  they did issue a caution for Catholics, the political Left within and outside the Church, would object.Instead they could want an 'openess' to evil.
If some priests issued a caution to the people, Catholics and non Catholics, he could be scolded by the 'synod fathers'.
Why does Fr. Rosica not comment on the visiting Indian lady, since Eastern techniques of Meditation, are approved by the political Left ( unlike Catholic beliefs) and the ideology of the Left, forms an important component of the Synod?
Fr.Rosica and the Synod cardinals and bishop have already given up Catholic doctrine.The Synod cardinals have approved the rejection of Catholic doctrine on salvation, when in 1949 when being saved in invincible ignorance and the baptism of desire were considered to be explicit. They still assume that these 'explicit' cases are visible in Heaven without the baptism of water in the Catholic Church. So they changed Catholic doctrine, they changed a dogma by assuming there were explicit exceptions to the centuries old teaching on extra ecclesiam nulla salus.Outside the Church there is salvation for them.
Immagine correlata So we have a Synod in which the cardinals have a changed-view on the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus, the Nicene Creed ( I believe in one known baptism and not three) and the Athanasius Creed ( outside the Church there is no salvation). Cardinal Gerhard Muller in an interview with Edward Pentin for the National Catholic Register when asked about extra ecclesiam nulla salus, said something like " The Church's teaching on the dogma is still the same. The dogma has not been changed.But Vatican Council II states a person could be saved in invincible ignorance etc...".(the full interview is there on this blog). So there are exceptions to the dogma, he tells, us in practical life, in the interview. While maintaining at the same time that 'somewhere out there' in  unknown 'doctrine-land', the doctrine has not been changed.
Immagine correlataImmagine correlataImmagine correlata

Similarly other clerics during the pontificate of Pope Benedict at a meeting with Jewish left rabbis,at the Rome Vicariate,  announced formally before them, that Jews do not have to convert. This was reported in the media and was supported by the pope. An Italian bishop,Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, President of the Pontifical Council for the Family, who was present at this meeting with Cardinal Bagnasco and the two rabbis, simultaneously announced that the Church's teachings had not been changed with this public statement.No one protested.Since the pope and Cardinal Bertone also said Jews do not have to convert in the present times.No more family catechesis at Catholics homes, teaching the strict interpretation of the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus.Non Catholics did not need to convert according to the Magisterium of Pope Benedict XVI.

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Probably there will be some message like this which will come across from the Synod on homosexuality and adultery not being evil and and that divorcees can receive the Eucharist - and of course the doctrine will not have changed  for them!
This Synod is already getting names like Sinful Synod, Sodomy Synod and Sacrilegious Synod.-Lionel Andrades