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The Traditional Latin Mass is being made subservient to Leftist political ideology

Liturgy is being made subservient to political necessity.The two popes like the SSPX and  the Franciscans of the Immaculate have to accept the new theology of the Letter of the Holy Office 1949.It indicates there are known cases of the baptism of desire etc which are objective exceptions to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus (EENS), the  traditional Feeneyite interpretation.
If the SSPX and the Franciscans of the Immmaculate interpret Vatican Council II without this irrational premise, the Council will be in harmony with the 16 century interpretation of EENS. This would be objectionable to the two popes and the political Left which controls Catholic theology.

Since it would result in Catholic school children affirming the strict interpretation of the dogma EENS in harmony with Vatican Council II ( Feeneyite version).It would also mean at the pontifical universities in Rome there would be no known exceptions to the old ecclesiology.The centuries old ecclesiology based on strict EENS.This would mean Vatican Council II (AG 7, LG 14) would be saying all Jews and Muslims need to formally enter the Church with no exception, to avoid Hell.Also there would be no exceptions in Vatican Council II to EENS.  So

the Vatican and Vicariate in Rome are not allowing priests in Rome to interpret Vatican Council II with Feeneyism and then offer Holy Mass.
Instead it is obligatory to use irrational Cushingism, the Marchetti-Cushing  theology, to interpret the Council.They have to offer Mass with heresy.
Using Cardinal Marchetti's inference, which is non traditional and unreal, is compulsory for all priests in Rome. This is a requirement set for incardination. It has the approval of the liberal rabbis in Italy, Segno and Lara, the Jewish ADL and the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.
Lay Catholics are unaware that if a priest is to be incardinated in Rome, the Vicariate will expect him to say that every one does not need to enter the Church in 2015 since there are known exceptions to the rigorist interpretation of the dogma .It is obligatory for him to say that the baptism of desire and being saved in invincible ignorance are exceptions to all needing to convert into the Church; all needing to be formal members of the Church, to avoid Hell.These are the liturgical requirements for a priest for every rite.
The Vatican and all pontifical institutions are being threatened with leftists laws. So to avoid litigation and tension all priests, including those who offer the Traditional Latin Mass have to use the Marchetti inference to interpret Vatican Council II according to the Vatican's instructions.
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Professors of theology like Dr.Joseph Shaw, John Lamont and Thomas Pink use the Marchetti model to interpret Vatican Council II. They have received the mandatum to teach theology only because they use Marchetti's model.There is no objection from Bishop Athansius Schneider.
Similarly Prof. Robert de Mattei, Corrado Gnerre, Fr.Francesco Giordano and others in Italy, also use the Marchetti model to interpret Vatican Council II.They would not  intepret Vatican Council II with Feeneyism.They would not be allowed to teach.

Any one who studies theology, salvation theology ( soteriology), at a Vatican approved university or seminary, has to use the Marchetti irrationality to interpret the dogma and Vatican Council II.
They can attend/offer the Traditional Latin Mass, but only  with the new ecclesiology, since it is official and obligatory.
So when bishops like even the good Athanasius Schneider want the TLM with political correctness it is a bad example for the young people. He remains in full communion with the Church only because he does not use Feeneyism as a theology, when offering the Traditional Latin Mass.
Traditionalists need to identify the cause of the old ecclesiology.Ecclesiology should not be identified with the Mass. It is independent of the Mass.
There can be the old ecclesiology based on the strict interpretation of the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus.So with this old ecclesiology a Catholic can attend Mass knowing that the Church teaches that Jews and other non Catholics need to convert for salvation.
While there can be Catholics who attend the Traditional Latin Mass who affirm the new ecclesiology, the new theology, which comes from the objective mistake made in the Letter of the Holy Office 1949 which was not known even to Archbishop Lefebvre.
With the theology of Cushingism, the traditionalists Fr.John Hunwicke, the FSSP priests,  the Latin Mass societies,the Institute of Christ the King priests,the Remnant forum members and sedevacantists reject Church doctrine.They reject it dejure ( in principle) and defacto( in act and practise).
So the contemporary Traditional Latin Mass becomes modernist for them. The new ecclesiology is modernist.
Related imageSimilarly journalists Edward Pentin, Cindy Wooden, Marco Tosatti and Andrea Tornielli use Cushingism as a theology to interpret magisterial documents and fundamental doctrines of the Church. The result is non traditional, heretical and irrational.They attend Mass with this new theology.
The rational alternative is Feeneyism, which is traditional and dogmatic, but the traditionalists  are not allowed to offer Mass, with this exclusivist theology. The Left will not allow it.Heresy is a pre requisite for offering the TLM.
They now offer the Sacrifice of Jesus with ancient rituals and traditional vestments  but with an innovative theology and understanding of salvation and the Church.
I affirm Feeneyism as a theology ( there are no known exceptions to the dogma EENS) so I am not denying the dogma , as it was known by the saints and popes, over the centuries, when they offered the TLM.
-Lionel Andrades

No denial from traditionalists and Catholic journalists : contemporary TLM and Novus Ordo Mass is modernist, accompanied with a heretical theology (for them)

Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate have to continue to suffer because of the liturgy becoming ideological

Liturgy has been made subservient to political necessity.This heretical theology and doctrine ,this development, is necessary today to offer Holy Mass
If you speak to Cardinal Robert Sarah he will say that he rejects Feeneyism. So he interprets Vatican Council II with irrational Cushingism.

When they interpret Vatican Council II according to Cushingism and not Fr. Leonard Feeney it has its influence on the liturgy

If any pope or religious, uses an irrational premise and inference to interpret magisterial documents, including Vatican Council II, the conclusion has to be irrational, non traditional- and heretical.


The SSPX is keeping silent to please humans

1.When Pope Benedict said the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus is no more interpreted  as in the 16th century he contradicted  the
SSPX General Chapter Statement. He said there is a development of doctrine with Vatican Council II.The SSPX should have shown how there is no development of doctrine if Lumen Gentium 16 refers to invisible and not visible cases.They did not do this.
2.When the Vatican issued a theological document on relations with the Jewish Left saying Jews do not have to convert the SSPX did not issue a statement.
3.There was recently a hostile interview of Bishop Fellay by a German media.Bishop Fellay defended the SSPX position as not being Anti-Semitic but he did not affirm the Catholic Faith on other religions. He did not repeat the General Chapter Statement and the SSPX doctrinal position on non Catholics.The SSPX General Chapter Statement says there is no salvation outside the church and there are no exceptions.
Probably respect for humans and the need to protect their financial interests prevented him from speaking.
In the 2012 General Chapter statement the SSPX affirmed the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus (EENS) with no exceptions and this was rejected by the Vatican.This was the doctrinal difference.No one writes or talks about it.
The SSPX priests are interpreting Vatican Council II with Cushingism when they can also use Feeneyism.No one is talking about this.
Also when they criticize Vatican Council II they do not say that they are referring to Vatican Council II interpreted with Cushingism and not Feeneyism.They remain poltically correct with the Vatican and the Left.
Fr.John Hunwicke, Christopher Ferrara, John Vennari, John Rao,Joseph Shaw, Thomas Pink and Rorate Ceili correspondents all use the irrational inference to interpret Vatican Council II as a break with Tradition, when a rational option is available.
Liturgy is being made subservient to political necessity. The political Left controls even the theology and interpretation of Vatican Council II by the traditionalists.
-Lionel Andrades


Jesus Brought Me Back to Life After Being Stabbed Nearly to Death : Ali Hasnain, THE COST

From the Christian Post: http://www.spiritdaily.com/A331pakistani.htm
Jesus Brought Me Back to Life After Being Stabbed Nearly to Death (Pt.1)
By Samuel Smith, CP Reporter
March 30, 2016|

Ali Hasnain
(Photo: Zondervan)
Ali Hasnain.
A Pakistani descendant of the Islamic prophet Muhammad who was nearly stabbed to death by radical Muslims and brought back to life by the power of Jesus Christ, has released a new book detailing the life-threatening extremism he escaped and his life on the run.
Ali Sayed Husnain Shah, who comes from a prominent Shia Muslim family with direct genealogical connection to Muhammad, details in new book, The Cost: My Life On a Terrorist Hit List, how he went from being a member of one of the most prestigious Islamic families in Lahore to an infidel being forced to move from city to city in order to escape the wrath of Wahabi radicals who sought to kill him.

The Cost: My Life on a Terrorist Hit List(Photo: Zondervan)
It all started when Ali, which is not his real name, was sent on a trip to Oxford, England, in 2007 at the age of 15 to visit his sick and elderly aunt Gulshan.
Days after arriving in the U.K., Ali made a remark about Christians and was told by his aunt's assistant that he better be careful about the way he talks about Christians and apostates and was informed that his aunt had left Islam for Christianity many years before he was born.
Having a hard time believing that his aunt would dishonor his prestigious Shia family by becoming a Christian, Ali eventually learned that his aunt had written a book about her conversion. He obtained a copy and read it so he could learn why his aunt would abandon her Muslim heritage.
After reading the book and still having trouble comprehending why she became a Christian, Ali decided to attend a church service with her one day so he could learn more.
While at the church service, the pastor asked the congregants, "who wants to see Jesus?"

Fiore: “Legale incaricato di verificare regolarità atti assegnazione Casa Madiba”


Forza Nuova's photo.

Fiore: “Legale incaricato di verificare regolarità atti assegnazione Casa Madiba”
Nella stessa giornata in cui il sindaco di Rimini, Andrea Gnassi, dichiara di ...non volere l'annunciata manifestazione di Forza Nuova, Roberto Fiore, segretario nazionale del movimento, ha dato incarico all'Avvocato De Luca di accedere agli atti per verificare la regolarità dell'istruttoria della gara d'appalto relativa all'assegnazione della struttura oggi in possesso dei teppisti del Centro Sociale Madiba, colpevoli di una serie di atti tanto criminali, quanto vergognosi.
"Il sindaco - dichiara Fiore in una nota - invece di trarre le logiche conseguenze da un atto di violenza gratuita e immotivata, praticata ai danni di giovani intenti a raccogliere alimentari per Italiani in difficoltà, si è lanciato in una vacua esternazione in cui non esistono né colpevoli né vittime, sperticandosi, per di più, nella poetica difesa di un inesistente "sabato del villaggio" riminese, non contemplando, nell'idilliaco quadretto, i cittadini finiti in ospedale".

"Verificheremo se la gara d'appalto che ha portato Casa Madiba ad usufruire dei locali del Comune, tra l'altro già abusivamente occupati, si è svolta regolarmente e poi ne parleremo in campagna elettorale.
Così come parleremo - conclude Fiore - di un sindaco incapace di distinguere le pacifiche manifestazioni, di cui Forza Nuova è stata sempre protagonista, dalla violenza antistorica e vile che ha trovato la propria linfa vitale all'ombra della complice sinistra al potere".



No one in the Church can say that a Catholic is a saint in Heaven without the baptism of water and so is an exception to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus(EENS).Since no human could see a person in Heaven saved without the baptism of water.

vatican-454979_1280Comments from the blog 1Peter5 : Preparations for the Exhortation are Being Made – in Rome and in Germany

This is a magisterial error. If any one, pope or cardinal, infers that we humans can physically see people in Heaven saved this year with or without the baptism of water, it is nonsense..."
Saints aren't declared to be in heaven?
Yes Catholics are declared to be saints by the Church, and they are saints.
However no one in the Church can say that a Catholic is a saint in Heaven without the baptism of water and so is an exception to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus(EENS).Since no human could see a person in Heaven saved without the baptism of water. The Church also does not recognise any one as having the ability to physically see people in Heaven.


And to your other point about invincible ignorance-I thought Pius IX talked about this in the 1800s?
Yes we can speculate that a person can be saved in invincible ignorance and this will be followed by the baptism of water since this is the dogmatic teaching of EENS.
However no can say that there is aperson in Heaven saved in invincible ignorance and without the baptism of water( or even with the baptism of water).Since this is not physically possible.
It was liberal theologians after the Council of Trent who would interpret Pius IX as referring to being saved in invincible ignorance, as if it was an explicitly known case and that too without the baptism of water. Then they speculated that these 'explicit cases' were exceptions to EENS,
This was the irrationality in the Letter of the Holy Office 1949 which assumes the baptism of desire and being saved in invincible ignorance, refers to explicit cases without the baptism of water. Then these hypothetical, theoretical for us cases, were assumed to be exceptions to the Feeneyite interpretation of the dogma EENS.
So I assume tha tPius IX was not talking about an explicitly visible case and was not saying it was an exception to EENS. The text does not say this. Since if he was saying this then it would mean he made an objective mistake.Since we physically cannot see persons saved without the baptism of water.

-Lionel Andrades