Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Secret at Opus Dei University

Fr. Francesco Giordano has made a factual error in his Masters thesis which was accepted by the Pontifical University of St.Thomas Aquinas(Angelicum), Rome.This degree with the doctrinal error was further accepted by the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, Rome as part of the research leading to a Doctoratedegree.Neither will Mons. Angel Rodriguez Luno, Dean of Theology at the University of the Holy Cross nor Fr. Francesco Giordano, clarify this issue.Angel Rodriguez Luño
On Oct 24, 2013 I sent an e-mail to Mons. Luno asking him to comment on the report:
FrGiordano1's profile photoI also asked him to please  let me know if Fr.Francesco Giordano has been granted his doctorate and if he is under his  tutelage.I assume this is not a secret subject of the Pontifical Holy Cross University.
There has been no reply from Mons. Luno Angel Rodríguez  aro195185@gmail.com  or from Fr. Francesco Giordano  francescogior77@gmail.com
 Similar to Fr. Francesco, Fr.Massimiliano dei Gaspari FFI also studied at the University of the Holy Cross with  special studies on outside the church there is no salvation. He too was taught at the university that invincible ignorance and the baptism of desire were known exceptions to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus.
So this error is possibly also being taught by the new Spanish Dean of Theology, Mons. Luno. As at the Angelicum this Opus Dei university is handing out Masters and Doctorate degrees based on an objective error which leads to fantasy theology.
Italians Fr.Francesco Giordano and Fr. Massimiliano dei Gaspari offer the Traditional Latin Mass. Fr.Giordano is a religious formator with the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate at their school for Philosophical studies. He is a diocesan priest whose bishop sent him to live with the Franciscan Friars and study for his doctorate at the Holy Cross University.

He does not admit that he made a factual error in his Master Degree personally approved by the Rector  Bishop Charles Morerod O.P.It is now being approved by the theological faculty of the Opus Dei university.
-Lionel Andrades

The Society of St. Paul mocks the Catholic Church and the Catholic Faith

The leftist Catholic religious community sometime back produced a cover story in  their Italian magazine  with the English name JESUS, critical of the orthodox Jews in Israel.Presently there is a cover story on Gustavo Gutierrez.
Then in their magazine Famiglia Cristiana, available at leftist institutions, they have a cover story on Cardinal Carlo Martinez, the Jesuit dissenter.
Famiglia Cristiania is quoted in Italy by the mainstream leftist papers with a pro-Israel policy.The glossy magazines  indicate there is big finance available for them to carry out their 'apostolate'.
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The use of the name Jesus for the Italian magazine is a mockery of the Catholic Faith. The magazine is found on the floor and placed in dirty places as part of its circulation.This would be irrelevant for someone who reads the Talmud, in which Jesus is mocked and blasphemed.
This religious community, the Society of St. Paul (Men), like Cardinal Carlo Martini will have the support of the Jewish Left and this is seen in the editorial policy of the two newspapers. He who pays the  piper calls the tune.
The editor of Famiglia Cristiana criticized a priest in the north of Italy who refused to perform the funeral for a woman living in sin and who died with no repentance. Possibly he approved the Rome Vicariate not giving permission for a private funeral for Erich  Priebke. I don't know. I do not touch either of the two magazines.
The community produces a liberal leaflet La Domenica which is used in most churches here for Sunday Mass. Never have they said that non Catholics need to convert into the Church for salvation. (Their funding could probably be stopped for their projects). Never has La Domenica  said that the Good News includes saying that non Catholics must accept Jesus in the Catholic Church for salvation (to avoid Hell).Possibly this has not been approved by liberal rabbis in Italy.
Recently in the prayer intentions, La Domenica repeated a familiar liberal line on the Catholic Church not having all the truth and that we need to be humble.
I first heard this line some 11 years back at the Beda Pontifical College. It was said by Mons. Andrew Faley,a liberal like the present Rector at the Beda, Mons. Roderick Strange.At the Beda I had the feeling of being on English Freemasonry territory. Mons. Faley works for the  Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales, known for their rejection of Vatican Council II, in ecumenism and inter religious affairs. 
Yes we have the truth! I am not searching! I have found' the pearl of great prize'. I have fond the treasure which 'the man found and sold all he had to possess it'. It is the Church whose ecclesiology has not changed after Vatican Council II since the Council does not contradict the dogma on salvation as the Paulines  and other liberals would like us to believe.
-Lionel Andrades