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Vatican Document on the Jews :Pope Francis and the Vatican are 'under seige and surrender', in submission to Satan's lobby

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The Jewish Left now also wants to control Catholic theology and to tell the Vatican  what doctrines have to be adapted or their finances will be cut off. Kabbalists, Masons and pro- Gommorah forces have forced the Vatican to issue a pro- Satan statement on the need for Jews not to convert and the end to Catholic mission, with correct doctrine. 
The basic theology of the Vatican Document says, "Hey, look we can see people in Heaven and they are there without the baptism of water in the Catholic Church". Then they conclude, "So you see, every one does not need to enter the Church for salvation as the missionaries taught.There are exceptions. May be many exceptions." This was the theology of Cardinal Richard Cushing and the Vatican's Holy Office in 1949. Pope Pius XII kept silent.
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Cushingism spread throughout the Church and Jewish Left newspapers in Bsoton reported that the Catholic Church has changed its teaching on exclusive salvation.So Jews in Boston and the rest of the world it was said, do not have to convert into the Church any more. 
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This is the new theology, based on the irrationality, of being able to see people in Heaven without Catholic Faith, which is the basis of the Vatican's document on the Jews.
This was the theology Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger accepted in Redemptoris Missio and other magisterial documents.
Those of us, Catholics, who are not financed by the World Bank and the Jewish Left, do not have to accept it.
Feeneyism is rational and traditional.
Vatican Council II intepreted with Feeneyism affirms the old ecclesiology on the Jews and other non Catholics.
Traditionalists should ask Cardinal Kurt Koch to affirm Vatican Council II with Feeneyism.Those religious communities which do not accept Vatican Council II interpreted with Feeneyism should not be granted canonical status.
Catholics should announce that they interpret all magisterial documents with Feeneyism and not irrational and heretical Cushingism.
The Document on the Jews  shows the Vatican has surrendered to the political and military forces of the Zionists.In exchange for peace and a comfortable life they have to change Church teachings and support pro- Satanic values.
-Lionel Andrades

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Orthodox Rabbinic Statement on Christianity : Jewish Left propaganda, no respect for Catholic doctrines
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Vatican’s Commission for Religious Relations with Jews uses irrational Cushingism as a basic theology

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Irrational Cushingism theology in the Document on the Jews is also there in Redemptorist Missio and Dominus Iesus
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Traditionalists like Reuters correspondents use Cushingism to interpret Vatican Council II : Feeneyism cannot be part of the dialogue.
Related imageNo denial from traditionalists and Catholic journalists : contemporary TLM and Novus Ordo Mass is modernist, accompanied with a heretical theology (for them)
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Cardinal Koch issues a politically correct opinion piece on the Jews which contradicts Vatican Council II and other magisterial documents
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Discrimination Offices could be approached in Britain : English bishops and FIUV withholding information from Catholics

-Lionel Andrades

Mary Wagner arrested at a Toronto abortion facility

Mary Wagner was arrested this morning at a Toronto abortion facility

A killing factory in an innocuous looking medical building

This morning, on December 12th, the Feast of 
Our Lady of Guadalupe, our dear sister in Christ,
 Mary Wagner, was arrested  by Toronto Police
 for entering the Bloor West Village  Women's
 Clinic - an abortion  facility -and gently 
suggesting  to expectant mothers to opt for
 life, rather than go through with killing their
 baby. Mary entered the facility  at about
 9:10 a.m., shortly after it opened this 
Saturday morning, armed only with the 
love of Our Lord and roses. Two police 
cruisers from Division 11 arrived shortly 
after 10 a.m. Mary was escorted off 
the premises. The police left, but the 
cruisers lurked at a nearby corner.
 She returned again to the mill. 
The two cruisers  sped once more to 
the entrance of the building. At about 
10:30 a.m., as Mary was led out in
 handcuffs, we called out to her:
 "God bless you, Our Lady keep you". 
She was placed  in the back 
of a cruiser and driven to Division 11. 

Earlier, Mary had attended Mass at a 
local church, preparing herself for
 the upcoming confrontation with evil.
 Mary was  accompanied by a small group
 of supporters who quietly prayed and 
were ready to assist any mothers who 
would change  her mind. 

Mary's roses - for expectant mothers
Mary will be held in the local police station
 tonight, before a court appearance tomorrow,
 Sunday, December 13th, at 10 a.m. in Room 
111, at Old City Hall, Toronto for a bail hearing,
 which Mary will refuse. If Mary is charged, 
she will then  be transfered to the Vanier Centre
 for Women in Milton, Ontario - a small town just
 west of Toronto. Mary will be joining Linda 
 Gibbons for Christmas, both of them will 
reside in maximum security. Linda, arrested
 on September 2nd, 2015, is still in prison 
pending trial this coming January 16th, 2016,
 in Toronto. 

The police on the scene - inside, arresting Mary
Mary asks all who read this to keep their focus 
on the unborn children and their mothers; 
that the mothers will be moved to
 have a change of heart and repentance.

Please, dear friends and readers, pray for
 our angels of  life, that their courageous 
witness for the Christ Child - especially 
before Christmas - will result in lives saved,
 hearts softened, souls converted.