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Catholic Church's best-known exorcist shows how it's done

Farther Gabriele Amorth

ROME — The den of the Catholic Church's best-known exorcist is an unassuming place, a small third-floor room in a home for aging priests hidden in an obscure corner of southern Rome. I walk down the hospital-like hallway on my way to meet him, and the priest anticipates my knock before it happens. The door swings open, and there he is.
The Rev. Gabriele Amorth, 89, peers up with goldfish eyes through his Hubble-telescope glasses.
"Enter," says the diminutive priest.
The room is stark, fitted out with a hospital bed and numerous images of Jesus and the Virgin Mary. Then there are the mementos, which Amorth began collecting after he was appointed as an exorcist back in the 1980s. He has conducted thousands of spiritual cleansings since then, keeping just a few of the bits and bobs he likes to call "the stuff that gets spewed from mouths." Nails. Keys. Chains. Plastic figurines.
"What seems to be spit turns out to be a nail," he said. "I don't give it much importance."
His services, though still in great demand, are not always needed. "Most times there's no actual diabolical presence, and my job lies in suggesting those that come to me to live a life of faith and prayer," he said. "And this is enough to assuage the fears of those afraid of the Devil's ills."
But other times, he said, "there really is a diabolical influence."
Twice, Amorth claims, he saw possessed victims levitate. "We try to keep the person in the armchair," he said, adding that demons "do it just to show off."
An hour later, he invites me and an Italian colleague to witness an exorcism ourselves.
His exorcism room is a retrofitted, white-tiled kitchen on the first floor of the residence decorated with more images of Jesus and Mary. Before launching into combat with the Beast, Amorth dons a black cassock and a purple sash and speaks a few words of consolation to the 40-something Neapolitan housewife before him. With her well-coiffed hair, sparkly sneakers and Bulgari sunglasses, the woman, who gave her name only as Antonella, seems perfectly normal at first.
That will change.
Unlike the speedy rituals shown in the movies, real exorcisms are more of a slow burn, often involving years of repeated rites before the big cleanse. Antonella, who drove up to Rome from Naples with her husband, Michele, for her latest exorcism, claims to have been possessed by multiple demons for the better part of 17 years.
Both she and Michele blame the affliction on a curse by a devil-worshiping, childless friend who they say envied Antonella's fecundity as a mother of two. They knew something was wrong, they said, when Antonella began throwing violent fits after receiving the Eucharist at Mass and going into trances in which she spoke Aramaic and German — languages she said she has never studied. It would typically take three grown men to subdue her, the couple said.
After four years of exorcisms with Amorth, however, her fits have grown progressively less violent. She says she has begun to view the process as a long-term treatment of a terrible disease.
"But one of the soul," she said.
After a round of praying, Amorth, aided by three assistants, finally launches his spiritual attack.
He begins chanting in Latin, commanding the presumed devils inside Antonella to reveal themselves. Several minutes pass before Antonella reacts. She begins choking, coughing up phlegm. She moans, and rocks back and forth. As if in pain, she demands that the chanting stop.
Amorth refuses, shouting: "Tell me your name!"
Antonella writhes in her seat, hissing "No! No!" She shakes her head, her eyes rolling to the back of her head. In an altered voice, she says, "I will not!"
"Tell me your name!" Amorth repeats, until finally she spits out a name: Asmodeus, a demon from scriptural lore.
"How many are you!" the priest demands, repeating the question as she grunts and shakes her head violently.
Finally, she responds defiantly: "We are five!"
Amorth begins making the sign of the cross on her forehead, prompting her to recoil. The chanting and blessings go on for several more minutes before Antonella calms down. Soon, she comes around as if from a dream. She opens her eyes and slumps in her chair.
After his bout with the demons, Amorth simply shrugs.
"That," he said, "was a light one."

Pakistan: cristiano torturato e ucciso. Era in custodia della polizia

Pakistan: manifestazione contro le violenze anti-cristiane - AP

Un cristiano di 35 anni, Rakha Shahzad, è stato rinvenuto morto dopo essere stato torturato mentre era in custodia della polizia di Lahore. L’uomo era in stato di arresto con l’accusa di “vendita di alcolici e droga”. Come riferisce la sua famiglia, “Shahzad è morto a causa delle torture della polizia”, mentre gli agenti parlano di un “attacco di cuore” durante l’interrogatorio.
Padre Francis Nadeem, provinciale dei Cappuccini in Pakistan, riferisce all’agenzia Fides lo sconcerto della comunità cristiana “per l’ennesimo omicidio extragiudiziale”. I familiari del defunto hanno avviato vibranti proteste a Lahore, cercando anche di entrare con la forza nella stazione di polizia. Tre agenti sono stati denunciati e una inchiesta è stata avviata. Il cadavere dell’uomo è stato trasferito in ospedale dove si farà un’autopsia per stabilire le cause del decesso. Il fratello di Shahzad dichiara che l’uomo “era stato arrestato senza motivo” e chiede allo Stato di occuparsi della sua famiglia.
L’avvocato cristiano Mushtaq Gill commenta a Fides: “ Il mondo intero è ancora profondamente scioccato e scandalizzato per il linciaggio della coppia cristiana a Kasur, ma le violenze continuano. E’ urgente abrogare le leggi che sono abitualmente utilizzate per perseguitare i cristiani e garantire giustizia e legalità, a partire dall’opera e dal comportamento della polizia e dei funzionari pubblici”. (R.P.)

Cardinal Muller has alleged apparitions like Medugorje : apparition theology for the SSPX and the Franciscans of the Immaculate

Cardinal Gerhard Muller has alleged apparitions. In an interview with the National Catholic Register he said there are exceptions to extra ecclesiam nulla salus mentioned in Vatican Council II. The dead who are now  saved in invincible ignorance are known exceptions to all needing the baptism of water in the present times for salvation, for him. In other words he can see these deceased on earth for them to be exceptions to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus as it was interpreted over the centuries.
These  cases are visible in the flesh according to the text of the Council for him.
This is not true. Vatican Council II does not make this claim.
How can being saved in invincible ignorance (LG 14,AG 11) be a visible exception to all needing 'faith and baptism'(AG 7) for salvation in 2014 ? Can Cardinal Muller see these deceased ? They  are visible at the Vatican?
What is the credibility of someone who persists in saying that he can see the dead on earth ? How can an educated Catholic  infer that he can see the dead who are now in Heaven and then go on to  reject the traditional interpretation of the dogma according to the Church Councils, the popes and saints ?.Yet this is the position of the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Vatican.
The Letter of the Holy Office 1949 wrongly implied that the baptism of desire and being saved in invincible ignorance are known and visible to us in the present times. So it was concluded that these cases were exceptions to the traditional interpretation of the dogma by Fr.Leonard Feeney. The dead are explicit exceptions! These cases are in Heaven! They are hypothetical cases for the German cardinal.Yet they are defacto exceptions to the dogma.
We cannot physically see the dead in Heaven.So how can they be exceptions traditonal theology ?. This apparition- theology is the norm for Cardinal Gerhard Muller.
Recently he  asked bishops in Italy to discourage the public prayer meetings of the seers at Medugorje it was reported.It is not known if Pope Francis has given these instructions against Medugorje, where the seers speak of Hell and Our Lady mentions often menions sin.She tells  Catholics to go  for Confesion.

How can Cardinal Muller say there is no supernatural evidence for the apparitions or that they cannot be approved ,when he approves the Letter of the Holy Office 1949 which implies that the dead are visible to him (and all of us)  and so are exceptions to the traditional teaching on salvation.
Since there is salvation outside the Church for him, the International Theological Commission rejects the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus, as does Cardinal Muller.
After promoting such a glaring objective error in public even after being informed ,the Prefect of the CDF is presenting critical advice on the Medugorje apparitions.
The  Franciscans of the Immaculate have to accept this apparition of Cardinal Muller in the interpretation of Vatican Council II.They can then have their situation normalised. Also the Society of St.Pius X (SSPX), has to endorse a  Vatican Council II with this apparition- theory.
Why cannot the SSPX and the Franciscans of the Immaculate accept Vatican Council II without the irrational premise, the apparition theology ? Why must they use an irrationality in the interpretation of the Council and the Letter of the Holy Office 1949?
-Lionel Andrades

This means there is nothing in Vatican Council II to contradict the traditional teaching on other religions and ecumenism

Satan will want a schism in the Catholic Church. Traditionalists must realize that they are interpreting Vatican Council II according to the liberals and the Left.This is due to widespread ignorance.
They have to be aware of the factual error they have picked up from the Letter of the Holy Office 1949.
Then if there is pressure on them then can affirm Vatican Council II in agreement with the Syllabus of Errors, the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus and the Social Doctrine of Christ the King. An interpretation which would be rational.
Presently the traditionalists are irrationally saying that there is salvation outside the Church, they also did not object when the Catechism of the Catholic Church 1257 said 'God is not limited to the Sacraments'.Since like the progressivists and heretics they assume that those saved with the baptism of desire etc , now in Heaven ,are physically visible to us on earth and these 'explicit' cases are exceptions to Tradition.

This irrationality is the basis of the theology of the International Theological Commission.

Once this irrational position is identified the traditionalists can accept that there is nothing in Vatican Council II to contradict the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus.This means there is nothing in Vatican Council II to contradict the traditional teaching on other religions and ecumenism.
They can then want to accept a traditional Vatican Council II. Presently the SSPX wants to reject Vatican Council II . They do not want to admit that Archbishop Lefebvre and the SSPX bishops were also using the irrational premise in the interpretation of Vatican Council and also accepted the confusion in the Letter of the Holy Office 1949.
-Lionel Andrades

Letter of the Holy Office 1949 error clearly carried over into Vatican Council II

Is it logical to say that all salvation mentioned in Vatican Council II is an exception to the Syllabus of Errors? It is irrational for me
If a soul is outside the visible confines of the Catholic Church, then it must enter Her one way or the other before death, or it’s lost