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The Church is necessary for salvation. We agree here. But LG 16 is an exception to EENS for the MICM?

  1. @Brother_Andre @OnePeterFive The Church is necessary for salvation. We agree here. But LG 16 is an exceptions to EENS for the MICM?
  2. @Brother_Andre @OnePeterFive To say LG 16 is an exception to the dogma EENS is not heresy?

  3. @CardinalNapier Your Eminence, must I believe that the baptism of desire is an exception to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus ?

  4. @radtrad The Church is also using the Marchetti inference to interpret VC 2. So are the traditionalists.So are the bishops of the MICM.

  1. @frcekada @RevMcKenna Michael Voris,Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary unaware nothing in Vat. Council II can be an exception to EENS

  2. Michael Voris, Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary are unaware that nothing in Vatican Council II can be .... 
  3. Michael Voris, Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary are unaware that nothing in Vatican Council II can be an exception to EENS
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    Corrected link: Saturday night, Brother-Andre Marie of the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary will join... 
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Massive pre-Columbians do not exist today. We also cannot say that they are in Heaven. Nor that they are exceptions to the dogma today.

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It is often said that the pagans who lived in the America's before Columbus went there were exceptions to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus
How can we say they are exceptions to the dogma today? These were cases in the past.They cannot be exceptions to all needing to formally enter the Church today.
Neither can we say that they are in Heaven without the baptism of water. We do not know. We cannot judge. The dogma and Vatican Council II tells us that the ordinary means of salvation is the baptism of water in the Catholic Church.According to Vatican Council II (AG 7,LG 14) they did not have faith and baptism and so did not have salvation.

@radtrad For you and me every one needs to formally enter the Church for salvation TODAY. Massive pre-Columbians do not exist TODAY.

Islamic Republic of Iran: 74 lashes, prison for eating in public during Ramadan

Islamic Republic of Iran: 74 lashes, prison for eating in public during Ramadan


Iran lashing
Here again we see the empire of fear that is so much in evidence also in Saudi Arabia and the Islamic State, and everywhere Sharia is implemented.

“74 lashes, prison term for anyone caught eating in Iran during Ramadan,” NCRI, June 21, 2015 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):
NCRI – Anyone in Iran caught eating or drinking in public during the days in the month of Ramadan may receive 74 lashes in addition to a jail term of up to two months, a high ranking judiciary official of the Iranian regime has threatened.
Dadkhoda Salari, the prosecutor general in the city of Kerman said on Friday: “Any individual who eats or drinks in public places could face a prison term of 10 days to two months and 74 lashes,” the state-run Mehr news agency reported.
Another state-run news agency warned the public that special patrols have been stationed at streets and public parks in Tehran during the holy month of Ramadan to deal with those who drink, eat or smoke in public.
“The police will deal with those individuals who smoke, drink water and other liquids, eat a snack or food in public,” the state-run ISNA news agency reported.
Last year hundreds of Iranians were lashed in public under the medieval laws of the religious dictatorship which can sentence offenders to 74 lashes and two months in prison for eating during Ramadan.
At least 200 people were flogged in last year in the Iranian province of Qazvin for eating in public during Ramadan.
In 2014, Qazvin official Ismail Sadeghi-Niaraki acknowledged the scale of medieval punishments now being carried out within the regime under the rule of so-called ‘moderate’ president Hassan Rouhani.
He said: “Exceptional measures were taken by the judiciary in Qazvin province during the month of Ramadan to deal with those eating in public.”
“Over this period, 400 people were arrested and some were given warnings. Another 200 had their cases reviewed by the judiciary and the flogging sentence was carried out within 24 hours of their arrest.”
Last year, a Christian man in Iran was sentenced to have his lips burnt with a cigarette for eating during the day in Ramadan. The savage punishment was carried out in public in the city of Kermanshah.

Author of “counter terrorism curriculum” advocates murder for blasphemy

Author of “counter terrorism curriculum” advocates murder for blasphemy

A chink in Qadri’s moderate armor. Of course, I could have told you this would happen. “The author of the ‘counter terrorism curriculum’ advocates murder for blasphemy,” by Kunwar Shahid, June 25, 2015 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

After the UK’s youngest suicide bomber, 17-year-old Talha Asmal blew himself up while waging the jihad of ‘Islamic State’ (IS), also known as ISIS, David Cameron urged Muslim communities to do more to fight Islamist terrorism.
Accordingly Minhaj-ul Quran International (MQI), ostensibly a counter-extremism organisation, announced the launch of the first Islamic ‘counter-terrorism curriculum’.
The curriculum was launched in London on Tuesday.
The ‘Islamic Curriculum on Peace and Counter Terrorism’ was designed by a Pakistani cleric and politician, Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri, renowned in the West for his edict against terrorism.
The curriculum itself addresses all the alarming parts of Islamic scriptures: the rules for setting up an ‘Islamic state’, armed Muslim rebellions, the doctrine of jihad, the violent verses in the Quran that promote killing and the authenticity of controversial hadiths.
However, the answer provided is one that we’ve heard on multiple platforms, in a plethora of instances, especially since 9/11: following the ‘real’ teachings of Islamic scriptures, the Quran and the hadiths.
While the rhetoric in the apparent counter-terrorism solution for British Muslims is self-defeating, the biggest question mark is over the man designing the curriculum himself.
In addition to promoting fascism through his politics in Pakistan, Qadri is renowned for giving contradictory statements with regards to the very laws and ideas that he’s presently challenging in London through the recently launched curriculum.
Just like his ‘Fatwa on Terrorism and Suicide Bombings’ claimed that  “Terrorism… has no place in Islamic teaching and no justification can be provided for it,” the MQI’s ‘Islamic Curriculum on Peace and Counter Terrorism’ condemns violent jihad, and antediluvian Islamic laws as being ‘un-Islamic’.
However, back home in Pakistan, Qadri proudly takes ownership of formulatingPakistan’s blasphemy law, which has been abused to suffocate and intimidate religious minorities through blatant mob violence.
When addressing western audiences, Qadri claims that the blasphemy law does not apply to non-Muslims. Back home in Pakistan he has advocated ‘killing blasphemers… like dogs’.
This video highlights his contradictory stance on the blasphemy law, and showcases his claim that he incorporated section 295-C to the Pakistan Penal Code which sanctions the death punishment for defiling Islamic scriptures or insulting Prophet Muhammad.
Qadri is renowned for saying whatever sells, whether it’s anti-government fascism through his politics and a bigoted version of Islam back home, or apologism in the garb of Islamic ‘moderation’ in the West.
With Islamist terrorism reverberating all over the world and over 700 British citizens having fled to fight along with ISIS, the need for reform among Muslims around the globe is evident.
However, ideological salesmen who change their ideas to suit the audience’s demands can never be reformists.
Reformers need to challenge the acceptable. In countries like Pakistan where bigotry is etched in the Constitution, reform would entail challenging the accepted existence of religious laws and propagating secularism.
In secular societies like the UK, where open debate on Islam (hopefully) can be held, reform would mean an honest reflection on Islamic scriptures and their role in fueling the propaganda that compels a University of Westminster graduate like ‘Jihadi John’ to leave his IT job and join ISIS.
The ‘Islamic Curriculum on Peace and Counter Terrorism’ can basically be summarised as the now ubiquitous apologia that ISIS ‘has nothing to do with Islam’, which is the laziest counter-terrorism argument that one can come up with.
To call it a reformist effort would be to reduce the long impending Islamic reformation to a couple of hours’ worth of Google search, during which one can find countless articles using ‘context’ and ‘misinterpretation’ to excommunicate Islamist terrorists.
Ironically this replicates radical Islamists’ favourite vocation: apostatising anyone with a different take on Islamic scriptures.
The reforms that we Muslims need is to accept that ISIS’ Islam is just as authentic a version of Islam as any other.
For literalism is another of the ‘multiple interpretations’ of Islam that we like to expound. Islamic reformation, thence, would mean revisiting our approach to the infallibility of Islamic scriptures, without conjuring apologia for ‘true Islam’, and accepting the idea that a Muslim can unapologetically condemn Islamic doctrines.
Anyone who peddles the concept of ‘true Islam’ – just like any other religion – no matter how peaceful and tolerant their version of Islam might be, inadvertently gives credence to the likes of ISIS.
For if there is a ‘true’ version, what’s stopping the radicals from believing that theirs is the one?…

Pakistan’s government won’t abolish blasphemy law because it “fears the reaction of extremists”

 Asia Bibi is now “vomiting blood, suffering from intestinal pains and severe pain around the heart”.

Pakistan’s government won’t abolish blasphemy law because it “fears the reaction of extremists”

Asia Bibi
Asia Bibi
All over the world, the principle is being reinforced: terrorism works. To get what you want, threaten violence, and the “free world” will jump to comply with your wishes.
And Archbishop Coutts’ brother bishops in the U.S. are pursuing an illusory and self-defeating “dialogue” even to the extent of silencing those voices that speak honestly about the root causes of the Muslim persecution of Christians. They are heading the Church in the West off a cliff, and will bear the responsibility for that.
“Pakistan’s ‘fear of extremists’ prevents abolition of blasphemy law,” by Felipe Avillez and Abigail Frymann Rouch, The Tablet, June 24, 2015:
The Government of Pakistan might be willing to abolish the country’s draconian blasphemy law, if it were not for the fact that it “fears the reaction of extremists”, the President of the Pakistani Bishops’ Conference said.
Archbishop Joseph Coutts of Karachi was speaking on a trip to Portugal organised by the Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need.
Archbishop Coutts by Edgar Sousa/RenascençaHe was speaking ahead of the sixth anniversary this week of the incarceration of Asia Bibi, a 44-year-old Christian mother of five, who was accused of blasphemy by her co-workers and sentenced to death in 2010. A communiqué from the British Pakistani Christian Association reported that she is now emaciated, “vomiting blood, suffering from intestinal pains and severe pain around the heart”.
Asia BibiArchbishop Coutts welcomed recently proposed modifications to the law which will require psychological testing of people accused of blasphemy, in a move which recognises the need for safeguards to prevent abuse of the law.
Coutts said Christians had long been protesting against the legislation. “The point that has finally got across is that it’s not just about the abolition of the law but the way the law is framed. We need safeguards to prevent the misuse of this law, which is what has been happening all along,” he explained.
The blasphemy law is often used to target members of minorities or to settle personal scores. Many of the accused have been considered “mentally unsound”. Nobody has been executed under the law but dozens have been lynched by mobs taking justice into their own hands, or remain imprisoned for years.
Many of those jailed following accusations of blasphemy are Muslims.
Asked if he believed Mrs Bibi will be released, Archbishop Coutts refused to speculate but stressed that “the efforts continue, and that won’t stop.”
The rise in persecution over the last decade has prompted some Christians to emigrate. “A number have already found refuge in Sri Lanka and a few hundred fled to Thailand, precisely because they see no future [in Pakistan]. But for me, we should not give up hope,” Archbishop Coutts said.
Although the persecution of Christians has increased over the past decade, some other religious minorities are worse off, such as the Ahmadis, a Muslim sect considered heretical by mainstream Islam, the archbishop said.
And in America, Ahmadis such as Qasim Rashid and Haris Zafar carry water for their oppressors, joining them in defaming and demonizing foes of jihad terror.

Islamic Blasphemy Laws being enforced in England : Irish pastor charged

Irish Pastor Faces Jail After Calling Islam ‘Satanic’

"I am facing up to six months in jail and a hefty fine for saying what I believe"

"I am facing up to six months in jail and a hefty fine for saying what I believe," McConnell told theBelfast Telegraph
After the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris this past January, McConnell had been contacted by the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) cautioning him that his life may be in danger owing to his past statements on Islam. According to the PPS, McConnell was prosecuted because he had "declined the offer of an informed warning," a charge that left his attorney Joe Rice puzzled.
"The logic of the decision to prosecute Pastor McConnell means that many clerics — including Catholic priests aand other evangelical pastors — could now find themselves under investigation for preaching with passion," said Rice. "My client's remarks weren't addressed at individual Muslims but at Islam in generic terms."
Neither Joe Rice nor James McConnell have any intention of going down without a fight. The pair even plan on making this a hallmark case for religious freedom and freedom of speech, which will require a range of political, religious and academic witnesses from all across the United Kingdom.
"I don't agree with everything Pastor McConnell says but his prosecution represents a threat to freedom of speech and freedom of religion," said Rice. "If we're moving into a genuinely pluralist society, these freedoms must be extended to Christians as much as they are to others."
The PPS currently plans to call eight witnesses in prosecution of McConnell, but Rice promised his defense will be calling "many more."
"This will be a landmark case with leading political, religious and academic figures giving evidence," said Rice. "I suspect the trial will have to be moved to the High Court because Laganside courts won't be big enough to accommodate it."
McConnell boldly stated he has no regrets about his past statements regarding Islam, saying he has no hatred of individual Muslims, but denounces it as an ideology and doctrine.
"I apologized last year if I had unintentionally hurt anyone's feelings," he said. "My church funds medical care for 1,200 Muslim children in Kenya and Ethiopia. I've no hatred in my heart for Muslims but I won't be stopped from preaching against Islam."
At age 79, McConnell suffers from cancer and diabetes, and though they will certainly be exacerbated while in prison, he has no qualms about being persecuted for God, likening himself to the earliest apostles. 
"It is a case of back to the future. In the first century, the apostles were jailed for preaching the Gospel," said McConnell. "Early Christians were boiled in oil, burnt at the stake and devoured by wild beasts. If they faced that and kept their faith, I can easily do six months in jail."
As highlighted by Jihad Watch, the most disturbing theme undergirding McConnell's prosecution is that the United Kingdom has been bursting at the seams with Muslim clerics and imams preaching all kinds of hatred towards Jews and Christians alike, but not one of them has faced prosecution.

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