Monday, July 6, 2015

Old Rite

No mercy for the old ecclesiology

Fr.Serafina Lanzetta to offer the old Mass with the new 


No conditions placed for the SSPX's entry into the Church: 

except, avoid the old ecclesiology

Traditionalists only say they are traditionalists while they 

accept the new ecclesiology which is not traditional

Poor Fr.Joseph Kramer FSSP

-Lionel Andrades

Poor Fr.Joseph Kramer FSSP

Poor Fr.Joseph Kramer FSSP, the Rector of the FSSP church in Rome (Santissima Trinita dei Pelligrini).He is not allowed to proclaim the old ecclesiology in line with Vatican Council II, while the Vatican is making a big thing about promoting the 'old rite'.
The Archbishop Secretary of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, Arthur Roche does not affirm the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus, I know this since the time he was the bishop of Leeds, England.
 He also interprets Vatican Council II, like the other English bishops.It is with the virus from the pontificate of Pope Pius XII, which has spread in the Church.
The Prefect of this Congregation for the Liturgy, Cardinal Robert Sarah has not denied on Twitter and this blog, that he expects all priests to offer Mass by rejecting the old ecclesiology. This is the condition for offering the Novus Ordo and Traditional Latin Mass.
Fr.Joseph Kramer is not allowed to proclaim the Feeneyite version of the dogma, in harmony with Vatican Council II.Instead he has to interpret extra ecclesiam nulla salus  according to cardinals Marchetti and Cushing.It cannot be in harmony with  tradition or Vatican Council II. Fr.Kramer is obligated to use the hermeneutic of discontinuity.
-Lionel Andrades

Fr.Joseph Kramer and the FSSP priests in Rome agree with me : he has to say there are exceptions to the dogma, he has to use an irrational premise and inference to interpret Vatican Council II

Priestly Fraternity of St.Peter (FSSP) has changed Church teachings on family catechesis, religious education, salvation, mortal sin, ecclesiology...

The FSSP priests are not teaching the truths of the Catholic Faith for political reasons. They are teaching a lie.So what do we do ? We do not discuss it since they are priests? 

So when you hear an FSSP/SSPX priest talk about St.Emerentiana remember it is a lot of nonsense. He does want to affirm the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus and Vatican Council II ( premise-free) in public  
No denial from FSSP 

FSSP priests in Rome not allowed to affirm Vatican Council II, extra ecclesiam nulla salus without three irrational points: no denial from religious community

Traditionalists only say they are traditionalists while they accept the new ecclesiology which is not traditional

The Traditionalists only say they are traditionalists while they have accepted the new ecclesiology  which is a break with Tradition.
Traditionalists and sedevacantists are using the basis for the new ecclesiology.It is: being saved in invincible ignorance (I.I) and the baptism of desire (BOD) are explicit and so are exceptions to traditional extra ecclesiam nulla salus(EENS).So they infer that these cases  ( I.I and BOD)  are known in the present times to be exceptions to all needing the baptism of water in the Catholic Church. This is the premise and inference used by the SSPX, FSSP,CMRI,MHFM etc.It is here where they make a mistake and accept the new ecclesiology.
The SSPX only says it affirms Cantate Dominio, Council of Florence 1441 on extra ecclesiam nulla salus. In reality the SSPX, like Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre ,accepts Cardinal Francesco Marchetti Selvaggiani's premise and inference  in 1949.It was an irrational break with EENS and the old ecclesiology.
The FSSP only says they accept EENS while they consider I.I and BOD to be exceptions to St.Maximilian Kolbe and Don Bosco's concept of EENS.
The sedevantists CMRI only say they affirm EENS. For them too the   BOD and being saved in I.I are explicit.They refer to personally known cases in the present times.People you could see on the streets. This is the Marchetti-Cushing premise and inference used against Fr.Leonard Feeney and the St.Benedict Center.The CMRI uses it to interpret Vatican Council II as a break with Tradition and then blames Vatican Council II.
The Vatican Curia (CDF) only says it affirms EENS; words, while they also say in interviews given by Cardinal Muller and Archbisop Di Noia to the National Catholic Register, that BOD and I.I are exceptions. This is how they interpret Vatican Council II. It's with the 1949 premise and inference. The CDF has inherited its present day fantasy theology from Marchetti in 1949.The dead-saved are visible is their conclusion.This is a break with the interpretation of EENS according to St. Anthony Marie Claret, St.Francis Xavier, St. Catherine of Siena and other saints.All these sainsts  should all be declared heretics by the CDF.Since they differ with the contemporary magisteriums version of EENS.
The traditionalists MICM ( Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Fr.Leonard Feeney's communities in the USA) say and do affirm EENS.They have been sincere.They also accept BOD and I.I followed by the baptism of water.However they interpret Lumen Gentium 16  ( invincible ignorance) etc as being exceptions to EENS.So there are exceptions to EENS for them too.This comes across in their interpretation of Vatican Council II.
The sedevacantists MHFM also say and do affirm EENS but reject BOD and I.I as not being compatible with the dogma.For them too, LG 16 is an exception to EENS. So they infer that these cases are explicit for us in the present times.Vatican Council II becomes a break with Tradition.-Lionel Andrades

No conditions placed for the SSPX's entry into the Church: except, avoid the old ecclesiology

For Pope Francis dogmas and doctrines  are not important said the former president of Italy in a meeting with the pope. There was no denial from the Vatican Press Office.
Dogmas and doctrine are not important for Pope Francis but it is important for him that no one follows the old ecclesiology.So the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) are welcomed into the Church by him, with no questions asked, except for the question, 'Do you agree not to follow the old ecclesiology?'. 
The SSPX would answer 'yes' since Archbishop Marcel Lefebre rejected  the old model of the Church, when he embraced innocently , Cardinal Francesco Marchetti Selvaggiani's objective mistake in 1949. It was the birth of the new ecclesiology, the new theology which the SSPX teaches in its seminaries .So the SSPX is ready to come into the Church with the new ecclesiology.
Even Bishop Richard Williamson and the SSPX Resistance  are in a position to enter the Church, since they are using Marchetti's ecclesiology, which Pope Francis and Pope Benedict  approve.

Risultati immagini per Photo of Prof. Thomas Pink
Risultati immagini per Photo of Dr.John Lamont
Risultati immagini per Photo of Professor Thomas PinkRisultati immagini per Photo of Professor Thomas Pink
This is the ecclesiology of the Latin Mass Society.It is taught in theology by Joseph Shaw,  at Oxford University.He is the Chairman of the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales.
John Lamont and Thomas Pink, also professors of theology, teach this new model in ecclesiology, which  is a condition for the SSPX entry and is acceptable to the liberals.It is also a condition for Pink,Lamont and Shaw being given the mandatum by their  bishop to teach theology.
The SSPX priests  will be welcomed into the Catholic Church with full canonical status as long as they do not teach the traditional exclusivist ecclesiology model, which was common in the Church before the pontificate of Pope Pius XII.
The sedevacantists too, theologically, are in a position to enter  Pope Francis'  ideological  Church, since they accept Pope Pius XII. They reject  the popes that followed. This includes Pope Francis. So they do not want to enter the Church with canonical status.Ecclesiology-wise they are eligible.
If Pope Francis lowers the bar and says the old exclusivist ecclesiocentric model of the Church is no more 'triumphalism' for him, then it would be an invitation for some of the sedevacantists. It would however be repulsive for the liberals and the Masons, the one world religion people.

 Last year I mentioned that Fr.Pier Paolo Petrucci, the SSPX District Superior was using the new ecclesiology based on Marchetti's error.The SSPX Italy are now ready to enter the Catholic Church with the new ecclesiology and with full canonical status.

-Lionel Andrades

Fr.Serafina Lanzetta to offer the old Mass with the new ecclesiology

The  Bishop of Portsmouth,England  has established a bi-ritual parish in Gosport, a town on the South coast near Portsmouth  where Fr Serafino Lanzetta will be Parish Priest according to Rorate Caeili.
Fr.Serafina Lanzetta a professor of theology of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate will offer the Traditional Latin Mass.
I have briefly corresponded with him.Of course it will be the Traditional Latin Mass with the old ecclesiology.
He was not aware of Ad Gentes 7 saying all need faith and baptism similiar to the teaching of extra ecclesiam nulla salus and that there were no exceptions to AG 7 and the dogma, in Vatican Council II.
He accepts the new ecclesiology since for him being saved in invincible ignorance (I.I) and the baptism of desire (BOD) would refer to visible in the flesh cases, in the present times.
He uses this irrational premise, also in the interpretation of magisterial documents including Vatican Council II.
He is not aware of the error of Pope Pius XII and the Holy Office in 1949.Since he makes the same error in his theology.
So this is a rejection of the old EENS ecclesiology, which was air tight. It said all needed to be formal members of the Church. There were no exceptions mentioned.Now there is a loophole with the new ecclesiology.It suggests all do not need to convert into the Church in the present times, since allegedly there are known exceptions in Heaven.They are  saved without the baptism of water in the Catholic Church.
All this is irrational yet it is the basis of his theology; the new theology.Fr.Serafina accepts this and offers the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM) like the bishop and priests in his new diocese.
If he did not accept the new ecclesiology the Vatican would not allow him to be incardinated in Potrsmouth.This is the obedient line followed by the FSSP.
His new diocese is liberal and rejects Feeneyism.Feeneyism is politically incorrect now.It once was the centuries old dogmatic teaching of the Catholic Church.It originated from Jesus' teachings in John 3:5, Mark 16:16 etc.
Fr.Lanzetta  the author of books on Vatican Council II, is appreciated by the liberals too.Since he presents Vatican Council II as a break with the past. With Marchetti's irrational inference it has to be a break with the past.
Instead, in his new diocese outside Italy he should be saying there are no known exceptions in the present times (2015) to the 'rigorist interpretation' of extra ecclesiam nulla salus.However this will not be possible officially. Since the bishop has restricted him pastorally.
The BOD and being saved in I.I are posibilities ( followed by the baptism of water according to the dogma EENS) but are known only to God.They are invisible for us in 2015.So they are not relevant to EENS. The Holy Office 1949 made a mistake in the Letter of the Holy Office to the Archbishop of Boston.
 So all in England in 2015 need to convert into the Catholic Church with no known exceptions, to go to Heaven and avoid Hell. For salvation every one needs to have his name in the parish register... they will not tell you this at Portsmouth.-Lionel Andrades