Thursday, May 28, 2015

Your using the Vatican's dead-man-walking-and-visible theory, apparition theology.Is this not heresy ?

 :Louie Verrecchio :
Did Pope Francis take a major step toward formal heresy this weekend?
You accept that a person can be saved through Jesus and the Church (CCC 846) and all do not need to enter (CCC 1257).
This is liberal, irrational theology which you accept like the SSPX and Michael Voris. So why all the fuss?
The  Protestant could be saved through Jesus and the Church (846) since there is known salvation outside the Church (1257).
Like the SSPX, CM and the magisterium of Pope Francis, you reject the Feeneyite version of extra ecclesiam nulla salus.
So why complain ? Your using the Vatican's dead-man-walking-and-visible theory, apparition theology.This is not heresy ?
Pope Francis, Pope Benedict and Pope John Paul II accepted the liberal theology, Marchetti's theology.You also use it.
It is with this theology that you interpret Vatican Council II as a break with extra ecclesiam nulla salus(EENS). I don't.
-Lionel Andrades

What does the Church teach Vox Cantoris ?

Vox CantorisA conversation with Vox Cantoris on Twitter.
Vox Cantoris post on Twitter:
Closed pre-Synod planning session held, “shadow council”
Lionel to Vox Cantoris:
Counting on your ignorance!
Jesuit theologians were present at the Synod preliminary meeting : ominous
Vox Cantoris:
Not my ignorance.

After 1949 the contemporary magisterium infers that the baptism of desire etc refer to explicit exceptions to EENS.
So after 1949 the Church has changed its teaching. This is what you believe in ?
Vox Cantoris:
I accept what the Church teaches.
In 1949 and in 2015 we do not know of any one who is in Heaven without the baptism of water.We cannot see them.
We cannot personally see them in real life. So how can they be exceptions ? Exceptions must exist.
So they are exceptions for you since the Church teaches it ? Even though you don't know of any exception?
Before 1949 no magisterial document mentions these exceptions. Would you agree?
The Council of Trent and Mystici Corporis mention being saved with the baptism of desire etc but do not connect it to EENS.
Cardinal Marchetti (1949) connected them to EENS: This is non traditional and irrational. This is Church for you?
The conversation continues, I am waiting for Vox Cantoris to respond.Does the Church teach that the baptism of desire is an exception to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus ?
Then would it mean that the Church teaches that we can personally know these exceptions for them to be exceptions?
So does it mean the Church teaches that we can see these cases who are in Heaven and physically invisible for us ?
If they are physically invisible for us then how can they be exceptions?
Did the Church make a mistake?
- Lionel Andrades