Thursday, October 3, 2013

On the front line for the Freemasons

Andrea Riccardi, who is on the front line of the Freemasons, against the Catholic Church has an op- ed piece in the daily Avennire.He refers to the  'spirit of Assisi' and to  Pope John Paul II. This spirit of Pope John Paul II excludes for him, Dominus Iesus 20 and the Notification on the Jesuit Fr.Jacques Dupuis.This aspect of Pope John Paul II in relation to other religions is ignored.
His Jewish Left supporters and financiers would not welcome this aspect of John Paul II, as part of the spirit of Assisi. This is the pope who went to  New Delhi and read out  Ecclesia di Asia. H directly called upon  Hindus to convert into the Catholic Church for salvation. This is not the spirit of Pope John Paul or Assisi that the San Egidio wants.
In the same issue of the newspaper (Sept.29) there is a front page prominent headline which says 'Unity against the division of the devil'(Il Papa: uniti contro le divisioni del diavolo'.Pope Francis is referring to the Vatican staff and their gossiping and criticism among each other.
I don't know if Pope Francis and Andrea Riccardi know that by rejecting Catholic truths and breaking away with Tradition, this is the subtle work of the diabolical which is now open for all to see.It is visible at the highest levels of the Church even though they may be ignorant and well meaning.
Andrea Riccardi denies Dominus 20, the CDF Notification on the Jesuit Dupuis, Vatican Council II (AG 7),CCC 846 on the need for all to enter the Church as through a door and Jesus' teachings mentioned in the Bible. They may say that their approach to evangelisation is different however they are denying the doctrines of the Church.These are the seeds of division, the tars of the Enemy of the Church.
For many Catholics, there can be no unity with sin, through faith and morals.Sadly now the Catholic Church has been handed over to the Freemasons, at all levels, it seems, and when Pope Francis says all is well and will be well with the Church, he could mean that he will compromise with those in power.
For this compromised position, unity with error and evil, the St.Egidio community was working for, all these years.They had the finances given to them, to invite Catholic bishops and religious leaders from the Christian denominations, to come to Rome. The meetings were critical of the Vatican and Catholic Tradition indicating support for the Jewish Left one world,  anti Catholic religion. I was present at two of these meetings. I was there to meet a bishop.
The recently concluded inter faith meeting in Rome had the participation of leftist leaders from Italy and abroad , who want a Catholic Church without its teachings on faith and morals.
People may want Pope Francis to conform to the world, so that there is no threat to their jobs and sinful life, from the anti Semitism, racists and other laws set by the people who have organised and financed the Sant Egidio inter faith meeting.However irrespective of what Pope Francis says or does, sin leads to Hell.The reality of Hell, cannot be changed.