Saturday, July 9, 2016

Four Last Things: Hell ~ Fr Ripperger

On-The-Job Deathscort Training

On-The-Job Deathscort Training - The Art Of Hypocrisy

I present the video below as a public service to all aspiring deathscorts.  While I know that "training" is offered by theWashington Area Clinic Defense Task Force, such "training" is sketchy at best when it comes down to what will really be expected of you.  I've published some videos in which deathscorts have been engaged in acts that will be expected of you, training talks notwithstanding.  See here and here.

This past Saturday (July 2) a deathscort chided a pro-life person for "blocking".  The video below shows that the pro-life woman wasn't blocking anyone.  Then the deathscort immediately blocks her, interposing herself between the pro-life woman and the ladies getting out of the car.  Again, that's all on the video below.  She engaged in blocking behavior against the pro-life woman: the same behavior of which she accused the pro-life woman just a moment prior.

Somehow I suspect that those giving the "training" sessions for WACDTF will not broach this little aspect of the deathscort job.  But it exists, as the video (and others) demonstrate.  If any deathscort neophytes are reading this, they just might want to view this a few times.

Vatican Curia wants the SSPX to accept Vatican Council II as does the St.Benedict Center,Still River in the diocese of Worcester,USA

It is important for religious communities to remain as Societies or in some lay state,related to the Vatican and always respecting Rome, until the contemporary magisterium affirms extra ecclesiam nulla salus( Feeneyite), Vatican Council II(Feeneyite), the Catechism of the Catholic Church ( Feeneyite).They need to interpret magisterial documents by assuming hypothetical cases are just hypothetical and not objectively seen and known on the streets in 2016. Until this time comes when a rational theology is used by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and the Vatican Curia,religious communities must not seek canonical status, at the expense of affirming heresy with the Cushingite theology.
Cardinal Robert Sarah celebrates Mass in Haiti in 2010 (CNS)
So the Mass is not ideological.And neither is Vatican Council II according to Cardinal Robert Sarah's call for priests to offer Mass facing God and not the people.He appeals to Catholics to receive the Eucharist kneeling.What  makes the Mass 'ideological' for Pope Francis is the ecclesiology. It is the old or new ecclesiology, the  Feeneyite or Cushingite theology.This makes everything ideological for the pope.He supports the political Left.So he approves of 'a new faith' with the old or new Mass.

The 'new faith' at Mass is sustained with irrational theology, and magisterial heresy.The 'new faith', 'new form of worship' at Mass, the new lex credendi, is created with an  innovative new theology.

So kneel and receive the Eucharist with reverance on your tongue but know that outside the Catholic Church; outside its visible and formal structure, there is known salvation.So every one does not need to visibly enter the Church as they visibly entered the Ark of Noah to be saved from the deluge.
So with the 'new faith' when you pray at Mass, know that every Protestant or atheist does not need to be a Catholic.Since there are 'known' cases of non Catholics saved in invincible ignorance and the baptism of desire.Membership in the Catholic Church is not necessary.
We now have the Anonymous Christian theology.It is approved faith,at the Traditional Latin Mass or the Novus Ordo Mass.

When the SSPX accepts this 'new faith', they will be allowed to offer the Latin Mass with canonical status.But if they accept Vatican Council II with Feeneyism, they would be ideological.So there will be no canonical status.
There are traditionalists who are not ideological.The St. Benedict Center, Still River,M.A, is the community of Fr. Leonard Feeney, in the diocese of Worcester,USA.They have full canonical status.They are the religious community, Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary who vaguely accept and also criticize Vatican Council II.They interpret LG 16, LG 8, UR 3, NA 2 etc  with the Cushingite irrationality i.e invisible cases are visible. What is implicit must be considered explicit.The magisterium wants the SSPX to also interpret Vatican Council II with Cushingism( which the are already doing) and to accept this interpretation( which they are not doing).

No Catholic community, according to the Vatican and the Jewish Left rabbis, can affirm Vatican Council II with Feeneyism.Feeneyism( there are no explicit exceptions to EENS; nothing in Vatican Council II can contradict EENS) supports the traditional ecclesiology, the 'triumphalistic ecclesiology'. It is rational.Yet No priest who offers the TLM or the Novus Ordo Mass is  opposing Cushingism and supporting Feeneyism in public- not even priests of the SSPX.Not even the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary at the St. Benedict Centers.

When I attend Holy Mass common sense tells me that there cannot be known salvation outside the Church.I cannot see someone saved with the baptism of desire and without the baptism of water.I cannot meet someone who is going to be saved in invincible ignorance and without Catholic faith.This is something obvious.

So when I pray during Mass I know, I must pray for all non-Catholics  who are oriented to Hell.They need to enter the Church with physically visible the baptism of water and Catholic teachings which can be learnt and checked visibly.
 This is my idea of 'Church', when I attend Mass.It is  based on the Bible and the traditional interpretations of John 3:5, Mark 16:16, Matt.7:13-14 etc.
I know most people are oriented to the fires of Hell  for all time, since they did not accept the mercy of God, by entering or remaining in the Catholic Church.They need to enter the only Church of God.They must follow the traditional teachings.They must reject innovations including new theologies.

It is important for religious communities to remain as Societies or in some lay state.They must maintain their link with the Vatican and always respect Rome, until the contemporary magisterium affirms as extra ecclesiam nulla salus which is Feeneyite.We have to wait for a Vatican Council II which is Feeneyite and not Cushingite.Similarly the Catechism of the Catholic Church has to be re-interpreted with Feneeyism.Nothing has to be changed in the text. 
In future all magisterial documents must be interpreted  by assuming hypothetical cases are just hypothetical.They cannot be objectively seen and known on the streets in 2016.This would be irrational reasoning.
Until this time comes when a rational theology is supported by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and the Vatican Curia-religious communities must not seek canonical status.They must not affirm heresy with the Cushingite theology.
Presently traditionalists, including the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary have compromised.
-Lionel Andrades

JULY 8, 2016

So why cannot Cardinal Sarah attend Mass like I do?

We need a Brexit from Vatican Council II ( Cushingite) an international Catholicism based on an exclusivist ecclesiology

Towards a Catholic Brexit? A decentralized Catholicism and global politicsWe need an exit from Vatican Council II intepreted with an irrational premise and conclusion and which is fantasy theology based on hypothetical cases being living men and women on earth, even though they are allegedly in Heaven. With all this nonsense theology Massimo Faggioli is calling for a Brexit which will be 'a refiguration of the Catholic Church' according to Masonic principles supported by Satan.1.
In a previous blog post  2 I wrote that   Massimo  Faggioli interprets Vatican Council II with irrational Cushingism.He is aware that Vatican Council II can be interpreted with Feeneyism.However this would be   politically incorrect with the Left and for him.

So doctrine and truth in the Church is not a priority for him.Instead his political affiliation with the Left decides how Vatican Council II is interpreted.

Image result for Photo of Urbaniana University Rome logo
There are two different  ecclesiologies. One is Feeneyite and the other is Cushingite.A Feeneyite interpretation of EENS would be rejected by  Massimo Faggioli, whose wrtings are part of the Ecclesiology curriculum in Rome's pontifical universities.

The Feeneyite interpretation  of Vatican Council II would be saying that all non Catholics, including most immigrants, are on the way to Hell,without 'faith and baptism'. This would be going back to the old ecclesiology  on salvation.So in a  pluralist society we would be  saying that the Catholic  Church teaches in Vatican  Council II ( Feeneyite) that  the ecclesiology of the  Catholic Church  is still exclusivist.

Faggioli and his friends, who have been critical of Ross Douthet, are  Cushingites(and so is Douthet).So the re-interpretation of  Aquinas and Augustine's ecclesiology  would also be Cushingite.Aquinas and Augustine can be also be interpreted with Feeneyism by assuming the baptism of desire and being saved in invincible ignorance refer to invisible for us cases.This would be a Brexit from the nonsense theology being imposed on Catholics by the contemporary magisterium and liberal theologians like Faggioli.

With Vatican Council II ( Feeneyite)  we are back to the old ecclesiology and the old interpretation of the  dogma EENS. It was upon this old ecclesiology, that Catholics affirmed that  all  political laws must have as its center Jesus Christ as known in  the Catholic Church. So there can be no separation of Church and  State which is acceptable.

This would be anathema for Faggioli and those who finance the magazine Commonweal.With Vatican Council II ( Feeneyite) the narrative changes. We can call for a separation of secularism and State.Give us a break, a Brexit from the new theology based on philosophical subjectivism.This is used as a ruse to change traditional salvation theology.

Catholicism is still the same when the Cushingite  mistake  is avoided.Vatican Council II ( Feeneyite)  would be a kind of Brexit. It would be calling for an  exit from Vatican Council  II(Cushingite).

The traditionalists, and  all Catholics, can affirm the exclusivist eccclesiolgy  and also accept Vatican Council II and EENs.This is the Catholic Faith before  and after Vatican Council II.
They can live this traditional theology, traditional Catholicism, even in a  new order.They can continue to work for the Social Reign of Christ the King based on Vatican Council II and EENS being only Feeneyite.
-Lionel Andrades


July 3, 2016
There must be Catholic internationalism based on an ecclesiology which is the same before and after Vatican Council II