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University of Bristol awards a B.A degree to students of theology who assert an irrationality, something contrary to common sense

University of Bristol logo.svgThe University of Bristol awards a B.A degree to students of theology who assert that the Catholic Church teaches that the dead-saved in invincible ignorance, seeds of the Word etc, are physically visible in England and they are exceptions to the traditional Catholic teaching on salvation.They have to affirm an irrationality, something contrary to common sense.
According to a promotional video on the university website Catholic theology professor Gaven D'Costa states every one does not need to enter the Catholic Church for salvation since there could be exceptions saved with 'seeds of the Word', or 'a ray of that Truth', implying that these cases are visible to him in the U.K, so they are exceptions.This is a basic philosophical issue. How can someone be an exception to all needing to enter the Church for salvation, when that person does not exist in our reality ? For someone or something to be an exception it must not only be different but it must exist. When there are no cases of someone saved with 'a ray of that Truth'(NA 2) or 'seeds of the Word'(AG 11) or 'elements of sanctification and truth'(LG 8) then how can Gavin D'Costa consider them exceptions to the traditional interpretation of the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus. How can he imply that Vatican Council II contradicts extra ecclesiam nulla salus ? He cannot personally name any exception in 2014.
Baroness Brenda Hale.jpg
Students studying theology at the university have to accept this irrational premise of there being explicit exceptions and then build a new theology on salvation and other religions and claim it is that of the Catholic Church. When they accept this irrationality of being able to see the dead on which is built a fantasy theology they are eligible to get a B.A degree.
How can Gavin D'Costa state that Nostra Aetate 2 is an exception to the traditional teaching on outside the church there is no salvation? How can he infer that NA 2 is an exception unless he can personally know or see these cases who are saved or going to be saved without 'faith and baptism'(AG 7).
No one from the unversity has responed to queries to explain their educational policy on this subject. This is not an issue of different opinions or theologies but of an irrational premise be accepted intellectually as being rational. Then claiming that this is the teaching of the Catholic Church after Vatican Council II.
This is also a falsehood. Since no where in Vatican Council II is it stated that there are known exceptions to the traditional teaching on other religions and salvation.NA 2 does not mention any defacto, known cases saved with a 'ray of that Truth'.
Gavin D'Costa is unable to deny that he has used an irrational premise for a new theology and that there are no references in Nostra Aetate, Vatican Council II to explicit exceptions to extra ecclesiam nulla salus.
The Chancellor of the University of Bristol is Baroness Hale of Richmond.
-Lionel Andrades

UK: Liberty GB’s Paul Weston, arrested for quoting Churchill, could face two years in jail

UK: Liberty GB’s Paul Weston, arrested for quoting Churchill, could face two years in jail

By on Apr 27, 2014 
Weston arrested2Paul Weston faces two years in prison for quoting Winston Churchill’s less than glowing remarks about Islam. How long would the Cameron government lock away Churchill himself for? After all, a man walking around talking like that could hardly be “conducive to the public good,” now, could he?
An update on this story from Supine Britannia: “Liberty GB’s Paul Weston, Arrested in Winchester for Quoting Churchill, Could Face 2 Years in Jail,” Liberty GB, April 27, 2014:
The leader of the Liberty GB party Paul Weston, who was arrested yesterday for breaching a Section 27 Dispersal Notice, is now possibly facing imprisonment for 2 years.
Mr Weston, a candidate in the 22 May European Elections in the South East, was arrested on 26 April in front of Winchester Guildhall for quoting in public a passage critical of Islam written by Winston Churchill, using a megaphone.
He spent several hours in a cell at Winchester Police Station, after which the original charge of breaching a Section 27 Dispersal Notice was dropped and Mr Weston was “re-arrested” for a Racially Aggravated Crime, under Section 4 of the Public Order Act, which carries a potential prison sentence of 2 years.
He was then fingerprinted and obliged to submit to DNA sampling, following which he was bailed with a return date to Winchester Police on May 24th.
Had the woman who complained to the police made an official statement, Mr Weston would not have been released last night, but fortunately for him she did not.
The case is now being presented to the Crown Prosecution Service. If the CPS decides to prosecute, then Mr Weston will be arrested, awaiting trial, when he presents himself to the police on May 24th.;postID=5043867635282144998

Nigeria: Islamic jihadists murder 2,596 people in first three months of year

Nigeria: Islamic jihadists murder 2,596 people in first three months of year

By on Apr 27, 2014
boko-haramDespite this, Obama envoy Samantha Power did not refer to Nigeria when she spoke about religiously motivated violence in Africa. It doesn’t matter to Obama or to the world “human rights community” unless the victims are Muslims. Christians getting killed in Nigeria? Pah! Who cares? At least there wasn’t an outbreak of “Islamophobia”!
“Terrorism: Over 2,596 Nigerians killed in three months,” by ‘Tunde Ajaja, Punch, April 19, 2014 (thanks to Creeping Sharia):
When the onslaught by Boko Haram began sometime in 2009, not many had thought that the attacks would assume such a murderous dimension as it is today.
Of all the attacks perpetrated by suspected members of the dreaded Islamic sect, Boko Haram, in the North Eastern part of the country, one that has remained in the minds of people is the February 25, 2014 attack on the pupils of Federal Government College, Buni Yadi in Yobe State.
In the attack that lasted several hours, no fewer than 59 students were slaughtered by the sect members while some of the victims were burnt to ashes.
In what appeared as the height of cruelty, the Islamic sect members arrived the College at about 2am and set the locked hostels, where the students slept, on fire, before shooting and slitting the throats of those who tried to climb out of the windows.
A teacher in the school was reported to have said that the sect members hurled explosives and fired guns into one of the hostels. When the pupils were trying to climb out of the windows, they were caught and slaughtered like sheep by the terrorists while some had their throats slit. Those who attempted to run away were gunned down.
The insurgents burnt down all the 24 buildings and staff quarters in the school before attacking the students. Reports had it that the onslaught lasted several hours.
A Junior Secondary School 3 student, Aliyu Ayuba, who fled the scene with a bullet in his back, said the assailants who were young men and boys in military uniforms and plain clothes, ordered the students to gather in one room and started shooting sporadically. Aliyu added that his roommates were killed and some burnt inside the hostel.
The continuous killing of residents in the North Eastern part of the country by Boko Haram members has left no fewer than 1,614 persons dead in series of attacks by the Islamic group during the first quarter of the year.
The series of attacks by the sect have left many people dead, lives shattered, houses burnt with many rendered homeless, many are still missing and many people are living with varying degree of injuries. Notably, many Nigerians, including those in other parts of the country now live with the unpleasant memory.
The victims of the attacks are of no particular age group, as infants, adolescents, teenagers and adults have all been massacred, alongside the aged.
While the onslaught lasted, there was no intervention by security forces that were deployed on emergency rule declared in the three most affected states; Borno, Yobe and Adamawa states.
A few days ago, commuters who were waiting to board buses going to the city centre at the popular Nyanya park, the border community between Abuja and Nassarawa State, were hit by a bomb blast detonated by the suspected Islamic sect.
No fewer than 89 lives were lost in the attack with over 200 severely injured.
Boko Haram, which means ‘No to western education,’ has shunned several moves by the government to broker peace with it. The group had demanded for, among other things, the enforcement of Sharia law in the Northern part of the country and the Islamisation of Northern Nigeria.
When in May 14, 2013, President Goodluck Jonathan declared a state of emergency in the three affected Northern states, namely; Adamawa, Borno and Yobe, and the subsequent deployment of military personnel to the states, he expressed optimism that the violence perpetrated by the group would soon end.
However, the onslaught has continued in increasing proportion in spite of the emergency rule. It is worthy of note that not even the state of emergency, appeals, threats and ultimatums given to the sect could tame the brutal attacks on the residents of the affected areas.
In continuation of their reign of terror, on February 15, gunmen believed to be Boko Haram Islamists, attacked and killed not less than 106 persons in Izghe village in Borno State. Reports had it that some of the residents were shot dead, others were slaughtered, as their throats were slit while the attackers chanted ‘Allah is great.’
Two days later, the number of casualties had risen to 146 when more corpses were recovered from nearby bushes.
Four days after the incident, the Chief of Army Staff, Maj. Gen. Kenneth Minimah, on February 19, visited Bama community in Borno State, and a few hours after his departure, the Boko Haram sect killed 98 persons in the community at about 9pm.
This year’s attacks started on Thursday, January 2, when gunmen, suspected to be Fulani herdsmen, invaded the Church of Christ of Nations in Maiakworigold Maikatako village in Plateau State, and killed three worshippers, leaving 16 others wounded.
In further attacks on places of worship, on Sunday, January 28, suspected Boko Haram insurgents cut the throats of some worshippers during a church service, and they killed about 30 people in all in Waga Chakawa in Adamawa State.
Later in the evening, 51 persons and a soldier were killed in Kawuri area of the state, leaving several others with injuries. Eye witnesses added that some of the villagers went missing after the incident.
Also, the father of the Governor of Kano State, Alhaji Musa Kwankwaso, escaped death when unidentified gunmen attacked and killed three worshippers and left many others with injuries at a mosque in Kwankwaso town, Madobi Local Government Council of the state.
On Tuesday, February 11, 25 pupils of Government Girls Secondary School and Ashigar School of Business Administrative Studies were abducted when about 200 Boko Haram gunmen attacked and killed 67 residents of Konduga town in Borno State. More than two months after, the whereabouts of the students remain unknown.
On Wednesday, January 17, the onslaught by the Boko Haram members continued at Banki, a border town in Bama LGA of Borno State, where about 10 people were killed. Eye witnesses reported that the sect members went from house to house slitting their victims’ throats.
No fewer than 350 persons were killed on Friday, March 14 in a clash between Boko Haram insurgents and the Special Forces in Maimalari, Borno State. Saturday PUNCH learnt that the dead included insurgents and their members who were in detention at the military premises.
Findings by Saturday PUNCH revealed that apart from the onslaught by the Boko Haram, not less than 630 persons have been killed in attacks by suspected gunmen and Fulani herdsmen in the northern part of the country.
On January 7, no fewer than 33 people were reportedly killed and 25 others injured when gunmen suspected to be Fulani cattle herdsmen struck at Shonong in Bachit District, Plateau State. The incident also left about 40 houses torched.
Still on the gunmen’s visit, on February 6, more than 22 persons were also feared killed around 2am when unknown gunmen, suspected to be Fulani herdsmen, attacked Mavo village, in Wase LGA of Plateau State.
In another development, February 20 witnessed another bloodbath as 13 people were killed when unknown gunmen launched an attack on Rapyem village in Plateau State around 1am.
On February 22, no fewer than 29 people were killed by suspected Fulani herdsmen in Barkin Ladi LGA of Plateau State.
Findings by our correspondent also revealed that many other deaths have put the death toll, on record, in the first three months of the year at 2,596.
Not less than 95 people have died of cholera, 23 died in fire incidents, at least five persons reportedly committed suicide, about 46 water-related accidents, eight persons, including a pregnant woman and her child, died of electrocution in Lagos and Kwara States respectively while 18 graduates lost their lives in a recruitment exercise conducted by the Nigeria Immigration Service.
Of the total deaths from attacks by Boko Haram in the first quarter of the year, about 1,262 persons have been killed in Borno State. Also, not less than 177 persons have been killed in Adamawa State, while the recent bombing of Nyanya park in Abuja-Nassarawa border claimed 89 lives with scores injured.
Yobe State, within the specified time, has had 79 deaths, out of which 59 were slaughtered and burnt alive while some were shot dead. Jigawa State also had a total of seven deaths.
Findings also showed that hundreds of people sustained varying degrees of injuries; some residents of the affected areas went missing and had not been found till date while the remaining ones alive are living in fear.
However, the Special Task Force claimed that it had killed about 149 suspected members of the Boko Haram sect in series of raid and attacks.
Till date, so many lives could not be accounted for, as some people went missing, some dead bodies were lost in bushes, some others were abducted and some were burnt beyond recognition.
The recent abduction of over 100 students of Government Girls Secondary School, Chibok, Borno State, on Monday April 14 is another attack on innocent lives which has been condemned by national and international bodies and individuals.
With over 2,596 deaths in the first three months of the year, security experts and a cross section of Nigerians who spoke to our correspondent called on the government to put in more efforts to bring an end to the insurgency in the North Eastern part of the country.

Pakistan: Mob that burnt houses and churches set free.Sawan Masih sentenced to death for blasphemy

A chilling report on persecution in Pakistan

Ahmadi jailed for “posing as a Muslim” in Pakistan: “If I go back, I will be put in prison or murdered”

Masud Ahmed
 Yet in the West, Ahmadi spokesmen like the oleaginous Harris Zafar, nauseatingly brimming with ostentatious, showy piety, and the arrogant Qasim Rashid, hiding the emptiness and fallaciousness of his Islamic apologetics behind a furious contempt for anyone who dares question him, carry water for the same Islamic supremacists who would cheerfully destroy their homes and places of worship if they were in Pakistan. Instead, Zafar and Rashid target those who stand up for the Ahmadis and decry their persecution, carrying water for their own oppressors.

“Briton jailed in Pakistan for ‘posing as Muslim’ tells of ordeal,” by Athar Ahmad, BBC, April 25, 2014 (thanks to Twostellas):
A British man jailed for “posing as a Muslim”, has spoken for the first time since returning to the UK.
Masud Ahmad, 73, was arrested in Pakistan in November under blasphemy laws but fled while on bail.
The 73-year-old is part of the minority Ahmadiyya sect, who are considered heretics in Pakistan.
They were declared non-Muslim in 1974 by the Pakistan government because of their belief in a subservient prophet after Muhammad.
One of the restrictions on their religious freedom is that they cannot publicly recite the Koran.
Late last year, a young man posing as a patient visited Mr Ahmad at his homeopathy clinic in Lahore, before asking questions about religion.
“I have no business talking about religious beliefs when I am working, I am only here to help people. But he kept pushing the topic into matters about Islam”, Mr Ahmad said.
The man then used a mobile phone to secretly film Mr Ahmad reading the Koran and called the police to have him arrested.
Educated in Britain, Mr Ahmad first came to the UK in the 1960s, where he set up his own watch repair business, before returning to Pakistan in 1982.
The grandfather-of-nine, now living with his children in Glasgow, was placed in a jail with other prisoners also charged under the country’s blasphemy law.
He said: “It was a small cell, 8ft by about 12ft and within it a toilet. We had to sleep on the floor. The temperature was almost minus one degree in the night.”
About 400 people protested outside the police station in which Mr Ahmad was being held, demanding to see him.
He said: “They were shouting and chanting, ‘let us kill him, let us kill him’. But I wasn’t scared.”
Members of the Ahmadiyya community helped Mr Ahmad flee the country after he was granted bail at a third attempt.
It is understood no travel restrictions were put in place by police and as a dual Pakistani-British national, he was able to return to the UK.
Escaping the country quickly meant he was only able to take one small suitcase and the prayer hat he was wearing when arrested.
“I’m still a wanted man in Pakistan as I was only given bail. Ahmadis are treated like animals, I can’t go back. The Mullahs (religious clerics) are grinding their teeth, wondering how I could escape them,” he said.
“Ahmadis can be jailed for up to three years in Pakistan for referring to their faith as Islam, preaching or “outraging the religious feelings of Muslims.”
The country has a history of taking claims of blasphemy particularly seriously.
Last month, a Christian road sweeper was sentenced to death after being convicted of using derogatory remarks against the Prophet Muhammad in a row with a Muslim friend.
In 2011, the governor of Pakistan’s Punjab province, Salman Taseer, was killed after being shot by one of his bodyguards.
Many were angered by the 66-year-old’s defence of Asia Bibbi, a Christian woman sentenced to death under the country’s blasphemy law.
As a result of such incidents, Mr Ahmad’s 20-year-old granddaughter, Madiha, was concerned about how her grandfather had been coping in prison.
She said: “He’d been recovering from cancer, he’s 73 years old. A jail like that is no place for someone like him to be. We were over here and so didn’t know how he was.”
The university student said she had also suffered discrimination in Pakistan because of her religious beliefs, but believed that things would one day change.
“They are going to pay for this, of course they are. Because they are just doing bad to people who have done nothing to them. We have never said one word of hatred to them,” she said.
Having returned to the UK after 32 years, Mr Ahmad is now trying to establish a new life for himself in Scotland.
“Glasgow’s nice. The weather’s sometimes hard to get used to – it rains, then it’s sunny, then it rains again. But it is a very nice place”, he said.
“Pakistan is my motherland and you will always love your mother. But I have a freedom here which is very essential. I love my country but I can’t go back. If I go back, I will be put in prison or murdered.”
The university student said she had also suffered discrimination in Pakistan because of her religious beliefs, but believed that things would one day change.
“They are going to pay for this, of course they are. Because they are just doing bad to people who have done nothing to them. We have never said one word of hatred to them,” she said.
Having returned to the UK after 32 years, Mr Ahmad is now trying to establish a new life for himself in Scotland.
“Glasgow’s nice. The weather’s sometimes hard to get used to – it rains, then it’s sunny, then it rains again. But it is a very nice place”, he said.
“Pakistan is my motherland and you will always love your mother. But I have a freedom here which is very essential. I love my country but I can’t go back. If I go back, I will be put in prison or murdered.”

The end times

Pope Paul VI visited the grotto of Our Lady of Tre Fontane, Rome. The apparitions had the approval of the Catholic Church.But then  Our Lady told Bruno Cornacchiola, things about the future. The future of Rome.The future in Rome.The apparitions then lost their original status in the Church.The Vatican lost interest.
The Franciscan priests and Spiritual Directors of the seers at Medugorje are prudent. They seem to be able to control the messages to be announced in public. Or may be it is Our Lady who has chosen this way. The seers can ask Our Lady any question and she answers them. People ask her about their Guardian Angels and all types of questions.

Pope Francis or any cardinal could ask her any question.She could give the answer in private or public.No one in the Vatican Curia is asking her any question to be answered in public.
When Pope Benedict XVI and Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone said that the Third Secret at Fatima referred to the assassination of Pope John Paul II, how did they know ? Was it an apparition or locution by which they were informed ? Was their decision based on the same prudence which made the Vatican downplay the Tre Fontane apparitions? 

Pope John Paul II, my favourite pope, who was canonised yesterday, had two private audiences with Fr.Stefano Gobbi, founder of the Marian Movement of Priests. Fr.Gobbi had locutions from the Blessed Mother.Pope John Paul II was such and admirable and holy pope I always suspected that Our Lady was appearing to him privately.Our Lady told Fr.Gobbi thay Pope John Paul II was her very own pope.

Our Lady also told Fr.Stefano Gobbi that Satan would enter the highest levels of the Church. This message was also repeated at Akita to Sr.Sasagawa. The apparitions of Akita have been approved by the local bishop. Our Lady told Fr.Stefano Gobbi ( and also Sr.Sasagawa) that the Eucharist will be compromised.
She told Fr.Stefano Gobbi that all the enemies of the Church would unite to wipe out all trace of the Catholic  Church.There would remain a false worship within the Church.They would create a new image of Jesus and the Church. Today we see this happening- the Freemasons, Communists, Islamists, the political Left and other enemies of the Catholic Church have united against the only one true Church of Jesus.

We have Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis throwing away the Church's teachings  for peace and the applause of the world.
The Eucharist is given to Catholic politicians in England  who approve same sex marriages.The Eucharist is given to Catholics in mortal sin, to the divorced and remarried.
Leftist values are being brought into the Church, when the political left is inspired by Satan with abortion, legal atheism, same sex marriages...
The faith is being lost as Our Lady predicted at Fatima.It  will emerge again in its purity.It will emerge again (in Portugal,as she said at Fatima ?). Our Lady told Fr.Stefano Gobbi that after the purification of the Church (with persecution) there will emerge a Church which is poor but evangelical. In the end the Anti Christ will be defeated and Her Immaculate Heart will Triumph.
At Tre Fontane Our Lady appeared as Our Lady of the Revelation.She held a Bible in her hand. It was a reminder of the Book of Revelation, the Book of the Apocalypse.It is a reminder to us of the end times.Many of her apparitions and locutions tell us that we are in the end times, the times of the Book of Revelation.-Lionel Andrades

"Miracle" On Television: It Has Happened Again at Tre Fontane

On April 18 was the anniversary of Our Lady of Tre Fontane, Rome. I was there but I left before Holy Mass started. According to a report the phenomenon of the Sun Dancing was also seen there It was recorded on film.(1)

I go often there and pray in silence.There were two young  Franciscan sisters who began the rosary when I was leaving. Many people were there. Mass was to be celebrated by a Franciscan Superior. I left to go to the Church nearby, to the place where St. Paul was beheaded.

 "Miracle" On Television: It Has Happened Again at Tre Fontane

At the Sanctuary, the sun's "pulsations" are recorded by telecamera. But the church remains extremely cautious. So many eyes saw it, but only the TV camera was able to record it in an apparently objective and incontestable manner: on the 12th of April last, at the Sanctuary of the Three Fountains on the Via Laurentina, the sun pulsated for a considerable time like a heart subject to violent emotion.
At the same time other incredible changes were observed on the sun's surface, all of them faithfully filmed by the machine of an amateur camera-man who happened to be on the spot at the time. As though in a surrealist vision, the sun at one moment turned bright red and at another emerald green. Its colors glowed and its rays were projected outwards so that gigantic shafts of light shone down from the sky onto the thousands of witnesses who had flocked to the hill.
It has become a long-established habit for Romans to gather here each April 12th. The crowd at Tre Fontane included both highly-placed ecclesiastics and personalities from the worlds of politics and the arts. Mass was celebrated, prayers were said, and people waited. Among them was that same Bruno Cornacchiola who with his three children, long ago in 1947, had had a vision of Our Lady that he had certainly not expected. At that time the grotto of the apparition had been foul-smelling, a place of ill-repute, and the hill itself a wilderness of stones and brambles. Today it is a pleasant place with smooth paths, flowering hedges, electric light and drinkable water as well, of course, as the votive tablets and other adornments of the devotion.
These are human manifestations, of course. But at Tre Fontane there have been in addition no lack of heavenly "signs", and these still continue. There have been miraculous cures, often occurring when the "holy" earth has been applied to the affected part of the sufferer's body. There has been a notable improvement in the morality of the "drop-outs" of the neighborhood, and, to top it all, the miracles of the sun, in accordance with a prophecy made in 1979 by Our Lady to the ex-tram-driver and former unbeliever Cornacchiola. Starting from the 33rd anniversary of Her own first apparition, there were to be - precisely as the Virgin of Revelation had prophesied - "many manifestations and graces, both inward and external".
We have to admit that this promise, great and binding as it was, was very precisely carried out. On the 12th of April, 1980, more than 3,000 persons saw, during the Mass and, more precisely, at the moment of the consecration, the solar disc change in shape and color and present the most extraordinary pictures.
"A few days before this year's repetition", said Pompeo Santorelli, the man who pointed his telecamera lens at the sun," some friends had invited me to go with them to Tre Fontane to shoot some film. It wasn't easy to free myself of family commitments, but I managed to do so. I loaded my TV camera and went to the Sanctuary. I had already filmed some shots of the crowd when, during the Mass, when people were beginning to call out that there was a miracle, I decided to swing the lens upwards. In doing this I was afraid of burning out the cathode tube of the camera, but I reasoned that if, in such circumstances, human eyes could focus on the sun without injury, then the camera would probably not be damaged either.
"So I began to film the sun, but to start with on a slant. Then I focused directly on it, and while I was shooting there began the most extraordinary of all extraordinary phenomena: that of the pulsation of the shining sphere."
Signs and portents are, it is said, an alphabet in cipher behind which a message lies concealed. On the eve of dramatic events, the spasms of the sun will seem to many to have a prophetic significance, just as certain dreams have had. The difference this time is that this has been no "dream" - the whole phenomenon has been filmed by a TV camera - even if (and it is important to remember this) the attitude of the Church remains marked by the utmost reticence. - Il Tempo article by A.M. Turi


Medjugorje Myth Or Miracle

Here is a beautiful video made by a pilgrim to Medugorje. It reminded me of my visit and stay there. The peace and presence of God was there. I was there for about three months and I did not want to leave.It was a little piece of paradise  with so much of joy and the very strong Presence of Mother Mary.
There were so many conversions which I saw there. So many young vocations all inspired by Medugoje. So many changed lives.I saw many  people there who were freed from the power of the occult.
The experiences of these people and at the very places I walked and stayed at often, shown in this video,were my very experiences.

Hat tip, as usual, to Spirit Daily.