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Fr.Sabino Ardito's option for those Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate priests who want to offer only the Traditional Latin Mass?

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Fr.Sabino Ardito SDB, Commissar to the Franciscans of the Immaculate is going to force the Friars who want to offer only the Traditional Latin Mass to officiate at inter-faith marriages, when they know outside the Church there is so salvation?
He will want them to pray with Christians ( Baptists, Lutherans, Orthodox Christians) and not say that Vatican Council II, the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus and th Syllabus of Errors indicate all Christians need to formally enter the Catholic Church for salvation?
He will expect these Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate priests, who want to offer only the Traditional Latin Mass, to not tell Hindus, Buddhists, Jews and Muslims that they are all oriented to Hell according to Vatican Council II and the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus?
They will have to give dispensations for marriages between Jews and Catholics  even though Vatican Council II says all need faith and baptism for salvation, and Jews have neither of the two.They would have to give the Eucharist to these inter-faith marriage couples and not tell them that they are living in adultery.
This would all be heretical and contrary to the text of Vatican Council II and traditional teachings on mortal sin and salvation.
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Fr. Settimo Manelli F.I , former Rector of the philosophy seminary and Parish Priest at the  Santa Maria di Nazareth Church, Boccea, Rome will be expected to give dispensations for Jewish-Catholic marriages, even though the dogma EENS and Vatican Council II(AG 7,LG 14) tells us Jews  are outside the Church and on the way to Hell.
Fr.Settimo will have to follow Canon Law and interpret being saved in invincible ignorance and the baptism of desire as being explicit and so exceptions to the traditional interpretatiopn of  extra ecclesiam nulla salus,even when he does not and cannot know of any exceptions!?
 The Italian priest will have to teach all  in Catechesis that the baptism of desire and blood  are known baptisms  so there are three baptisms and not one baptism, as we pray in the Nicene Creed.
He will have to say that the Athanasius Creed  is no longer applicable  since there is known salvation outside the Church.So every one does not need to be a formal members of the Catholic Church for salvation,as that Creed states.
While Fr.Peter Damien Fehlner F.I, Fr.Angelo Geiger F.I and Fr.Martin M.Fonte ( Phillipines Delegate), who offer only the Novus Ordo Mass, will agree to all this?
This was not the ecclesiology of St.Maximillian Kolbe.
-Lionel Andrades

Andrea Tornielli needs to see the nonsense theology being forced upon the Franciscans of the Immaculate and the SSPX

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Andrea Tornielli
Andrea Tornielli needs to see the nonsense theology being forced upon the Franciscans  of the Immaculate and the SSPX
Andrea Tornielli at La Stampa/ Vatican Insider must know that there is no doctrinal problem in the Franciscans of the Immaculate (F.I) and the SSPX  issue, if he and the rest of the Staff at La Stampa, consider Lumen Gentium 16 (LG 16) as being implicit  and not explicit, invisible and not invisible to us.This is the key.
Revolve it around the FFI/SSPX  issue  and it will unlock a successful agreement between the Vatican and these communities, now in an irregular situation.
 When the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate  ask to offer only the Traditional Latin Mass , in their community, they mean they want only the old ecclesiology.
They can have only the old ecclesiology if they consider LG 16 Vatican Council II  as being theoretical and not defacto known  in personal cases They are  hypothetical and not practically seen.Only the old ecclesiology is rational.
It's as simple as this.It was so simple that every one overlooked it.
If Andrea Tornielli interprets all salvation in Heaven as being implicit for him and explicit only for God, then there is nothing in Vatican Council II to contradict the 'rigorist interpretation' of the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus(EENS).EENS is central to the old ecclesiology which the F.I and SSPX want.

If Andrea Tornielli understands and accepts this then it means he has to reject the new ecclesiology of Pope Benedict and Pope Francis.It has to be rejected since it is based on salvation in Heaven being explicit for us and explicit also for God. This is irrational.It creates nonsense  theology, Catholics are not obliged to follow it.
It is this nonsense theology that the Franciscans of the Immaculate are refusing to accept and so want to hold on to the old Mass, only.They are not aware that they can offer the new Mass  also with this old ecclesiology, which is rational and traditional. They have a choice  but are unaware of it.Ecclesiology does not depend on the liturgy. Lex Orandi Lex Credendi (the law of praying is the law of believing).As we pray we worship and we can pray with the doctrines of the old or new ecclesiology.

Yesterday I was at the Salesian bookstop in front of Termini, Rome and I noticed a colourful magazine for young Catholics on the subject of dialogue with non Christians.There were techniques given, different approaches, new suggestions and there was a picture of Chiara Lubich of the Focolares BUT THERE WAS NO DOCTRINE!
These young people were not doing dialogue with the ecclesiology of Don Bosco.They would have to dialogue with a Vatican Council II in which LG 16 is explicit and so a break with Don Bosco's understanding of the dogma EENS. It is this LG 16 irrationality that the Franciscans  of the Immaculate and Fr.Stefano Mannelli F.I , the founder, would want to avoid.Even the Secretary General of the F.I as a priest would not want to proclaim and teach this irrationality.

In dialogue for a Muslim it is clear for him that the Quran and Islamic Tradition says non Muslims are going to Hell.Yet for a young Catholic this is not clear, since he or she uses the LG 16 is explicit inference.So doctrine is changed in dialogue for a Catholic.
For a Muslim it is clear tht he cannot marry a non Catholic unless the spouse converts to Islam , since non Muslims are going to  Hell.While with the new ecclesiology a Catholic can marry a non Catholic, since there is salvation outside the Church.LG 16, UR 3, NA 2 etc  all refer to salvation outside the Church.They refer to explicit and not implicit cases, so they refer to exceptions to the old traditional interpretation of EENS.
See the difference!
This is what  the Franciscans of the Immaculate are fighting for when they say TLM only!
Vatican Insider could at least discuss this subject so that the Vatican Curia can see how nonsensical and heretical  their magisterial position is.
How can we humans see people in Heaven saved with the baptism of desire or invincible ignorance?
How can we also see these cases in Heaven saved without the baptism of water ?
 Do we have some Superman or super human sight or insight in general?
 How can these cases which are invisible be exceptions to all needing to convert into the Church today?
Why should the Franciscans and the SSPX be forced to accept LG 16, UR 3, NA 2 etc as referring to visible on earth cases?
Does the SSPX have to accept lunatic theories to gain canonical status?
The SSPX and F.I  are not opposed to Vatican Council II per se but Vatican Council II in which LG 16, LG 8, UR 3, NA 2 etc are assumed to be explicit instead of implicit, visible instead of invisible.When this distinction is not made then the Council is interpreted with an irrational premise. So the Council then emerges as a break with the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus and the old ecclesiology.

It is hoped that Pope Francis will interpret Vatican Council II without the irrationality and so then the entire Church can accept Vatican Council II along with the old ecclesiology and without any strange innovations in theology.

The Vatican can simply do this by announcing that there are no exceptions in Vatican Council II to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus.LG 16 is not an exception.

Pope Francis simply has to announce that there are no known exceptions in 2015 to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus, so the Church's ecclesiology  has not changed, it is the same as the old ecclesiology of the SSPX.

The doctrinal issue has still not be touched by Pope Francis.He is waiting for the SSPX to come into the Church accepting Vatican Council II as a break with the old ecclesiology. Vatican Insider is not aware of this -Lionel Andrades
Let the pope announce that LG 16 is implicit for us so the SSPX can have canonical status

Church Militant TV has missed the point.The doctrinal issue has still not been touched by Pope Francis

It should come as no surprise then that AP is also spending a fortune on all the illegal immigration efforts that keep coming up - Michael Voris

The Vortex—The End of Civilization
by Michael Voris, S.T.B.September 2, 2015  
When the barbarian hordes descended on Europe in the fourth and fifth centuries, crushing underfoot what was left of cultural antiquity, it looked as if civilization was at an end. Irish monks, in their monasteries and scriptoriums, preserved the writings from antiquity by transcribing them for posterity. They kept the classics alive, safe in their isolation, keeping a secure touchstone to the civilization their faith had transformed. For this reason, the Irish are largely credited by historians with saving civilization.

This week, 1500 years of civilization will come to an end.

Indications are very strong that after hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars poured into the Irish nation by pagan Americans, homosexuality will win a national referendum as being equal to traditional marriage. Surveys do show the gap narrowing as we get down to the Friday vote, but the margin is still somewhere around 10 percent in favor of sodomite unions becoming legalized. This will be the first time in the history of the world that the issue will have been approved by a national referendum of voters.

It was Ireland — through St. Patrick — that cemented the overthrow of homosexuality as an acceptable practice as it was engaged in regularly by the Celtic warriors. The rise of Catholicism brought an end to that. Now 1500-plus years later, homosexuality is being embraced and is evidence of Catholicism coming to an effective end in Ireland.

How did this happen? Two causes: the failure of Catholic leaders, and huge financial pressure from America.

First, the money: The grant foundation Atlantic Philanthropies has funneled hundreds of millions of dollars into Ireland to change the culture toward evil. Huge sums of money have been given in grants by AP to groups advocating for sodomite marriage. And if you've never heard of Atlantic Philanthropies, don't worry. Many people haven't. But you've heard of many things they've caused to happen — like Obamacare, for example. They were the leading bankroller of lobbying groups to push through the immoral legislation. And who said politicians couldn't be bought? It should come as no surprise then that AP is also spending a fortune on all the illegal immigration efforts that keep coming up.

So, pro-homosexuality, pro-contraception/abortion, pro-illegal immigration — does anyone sense a civilization destabilization effort at work here?

And the only force able to counter this kind of organized evil is the Catholic Church. And where were Catholic leaders these last 20–30 years in Ireland? Nowhere to be found.

They were busy not teaching the Faith, covering up homosexual priests who raped altar boys, advancing the militant homosexual cause by talking like sissies about having to find a way to accommodate the disordered love between members of the same sex. Not totally surprising, that, since they counted so many active homosexuals in their own ranks.

Mark the date and put a big red circle around it: May 22 — the day that in all likelihood civilization comes to end, on the very shores that preserved it, brought on by a foreign invasion — and this time left undefended by a clergy who had forsaken the Faith and embraced the very evil their patron saint had defeated.

Pray that whatever Almighty God has to do to rid the world of these evils that He commence so that justice may be established.

Massive Islamic Prayers in Budapest Square

Muslims Budapest2
The Invasion: Massive Islamic Prayers in Budapest Square By Pamela Geller on September 2, 2015
The EU tells members, take migrants or lose grants. Armaros explains this incredible scene from this Budapest newspaper report: My short take is this: Essentially the Hungarians got stuck with these invaders as Germany would be willing to take them, Austria and the Slovaks/ Czechs would not let the trains pass their borders. Leaving Hungary stuck with them.

Noah’s Ark and Peter’s Bark - Brother Andre Marie MICM

Noah’s Ark and Peter’s Bark

In this number of the Ad Rem, I wish to consider the interesting and dogmatically significant subject of Ark-Church typology. In order to do so, I am going to excerpt from two other pieces — one written by Brother Thomas Mary, the other by your humble servant. I will credit both, though I will be less scrupulous in my own citation.1
A very important device in the study of the Old Testament — one employed under inspiration by New Testament writers — is typology. The Greek word typos, “blow, impression, or model” gives us the English word “type,” from which we get “typewriter” — something that leaves an impression on a page. We also get “archetype,” “prototype,” and“stereotype,” from it. A type, in the way we are using it here, is any thing (person, event, institution, object, etc.) in the Old Testament which foreshadows some New Testament reality. The New Testament reality itself is called an “antitype.” St. Paul engages in typology (the study of types) when he calls Christ the “last Adam” (1 Cor. 15:45) and says that Adam “is a figure (typos) of him who was to come” (Rom. 5:14). In this case, Adam is the type, and Our Lord the antitype.
The Old Testament is filled with types of Our Lord. Adam, Isaac, Moses, Josue, Jacob, Joseph, Solomon, the paschal lamb, the tabernacle, the temple, the brazen serpent, and many other people and things foreshadowed Jesus. Other New Testament realities were also foreshadowed. The twelve sons of Jacob were types of the twelve apostles. Joseph, “the dreamer” of Genesis, was a figure of St. Joseph, who received messages in dreams. Baptism, an antitype of circumcision (Col. 2:11), was also prefigured in the flood: “baptism, being of the like form, (antitypon, literally “antitype”) now saveth you also” (1 Pet. 3:21). The Eucharist was prefigured by the manna in the desert (John 6). There are many, many more.
So not only was Our Lord prefigured; other New Testament realities were as well. It should not surprise us that the Blessed Virgin is one of those. As Jesus was the “last Adam” to St. Paul, Mary was theNew Eve to many Church Fathers. Among the numerous Old Testament types of the Blessed Virgin, some have entered into the devotional life of the Church. In the Litany of Loreto, for instance, Our Lady is called Tower of David, Morning Star, House of Gold (referring to the Temple) and the Ark of the Covenant.
The Blessed Mother of God and our Holy Mother the Church have many points of comparison. They are “Two Perfect Women” who are both espoused to God. Just as the Blessed Virgin has many Old Testament types, so, too, does the Church. (Go toFisheaters for a good article on typology.)
Typology of the Ark of the Noah
In his study, “The Ark of Noah and the Church of Christ,” Brother Thomas Mary, M.I.C.M., after defending the inerrancy and literal truth of the Flood and the Biblical account of Noah, writes this:
But there is more at stake in the Noachian Deluge than the historicity and inerrancy of the Bible; also involved is the necessity of the Catholic Church for salvation. Throughout history, the Fathers, Doctors, and the Magisterium of the Church have used the Ark of Noah as a type of the Church of Christ. Let me give just two examples. Here is St. Thomas Aquinas:
“Two things have to be considered in this sacrament [the Eucharist], namely, the sacrament itself, and what is contained in it. Now it was stated above (A.1, Obj. 2) that the reality of the sacrament is the unity of the mystical body, without which there can be no salvation; for there is no entering into salvation outside the Church, just as in the time of the deluge there was none outside the Ark, which denotes the Church, according to I Peter 3:20, 21.” [St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica , Pars III, Q. 73, a. 3.]
And here is an example from the Magisterium, the Bull Unam Sanctam of Pope Boniface VIII:
“We are compelled, our faith urging us, to believe and to hold — and we do firmly believe and simply confess — that there is one holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, outside of which there is neither salvation nor remission of sins; her Spouse proclaiming it in the canticle, ‘My dove, my undefiled is but one, she is the choice of her that bore her’; which represents one mystical body, of which the head is Christ, but of Christ, God.
“In this Church there is one Lord, one Faith, and one Baptism. There was one ark of Noah, indeed at the time of the flood, symbolizing one Church; and this being finished in one cubit had, namely, one Noah as helmsman and commander. And, with the exception of this ark, all things existing upon the earth were, as we read, destroyed.” [Denzinger 870 (old edition: 468). This Bull ends with the famous de fide definitadefinition: “Indeed we declare, say, pronounce, and define that it is altogether necessary for salvation for every human creature to be subject to the Roman Pontiff” (Denz. 875; old edition: 469).]
If the Flood had not been geographically and anthropologically universal, the Ark of Noah would not be a true type of the Church of Christ. It is interesting to note that liberal theologians and Modernist exegetes deny the universality of the Flood and the absolute necessity of the Church in the same way. We have seen Ignatius Hunt, for instance [whom Brother Thomas Mary had earlier cited in his longer work], flatly deny the geographical and anthropological universality of the Flood.“This means, coming down to concrete terms, that the biblical Flood neither covered the entire earthnor did it blot out all men.” [Ignatius Hunt, O.S.B.,Understanding the Bible, Sheed and Ward, NY, 1962, p. 74. Father Hunt has since left the Benedictines and the Catholic Church, and returned to the Anglican communion from which he came.]…
Lex orandi est lex credendi, “the law of praying is the law of believing,” and the Church uses the Ark of Noah during the liturgy for the week of Sexagesima in preparation for the season of Lent. Here is Dom Prosper Guéranger, O.S.B., in his marvelous The Liturgical Year , one of the books that made the Little Flower, St. Therese, being read aloud in her home every evening by her parents. Here is Dom Guéranger’s reading for the Fridayof Sexagesima Week:…
“Mankind, then, owes safety to the Ark. O saving Ark, that was planned by God Himself, and didst sail unhurt amidst the universal wreck! But if we can thus bless the contemptible wood, how fervently should we love that other Ark, of which Noah’s was but the figure, and which for eighteen hundred years, has been saving and bringing men to their God! How fervently should we bless that Church, the bride of our Jesus, out of which there is no salvation, and in which we find that truth which delivers us from error and doubt, that grace which purifies the heart, and that food which nourishes the soul, and fits her for immortality!” [Dom Guéranger, O.S.B., The Liturgical Year, translated from the French by Dom Laurence Shepherd, O.S.B., Septuagesima, The Newman Press, Westminster, MD, 1951, p. 170.]
* * * * * * * * * * * *
To this invaluable contribution of Brother Thomas Mary, I add only this: As far as I can tell, this ark-Church typology goes back to Origen (184-253) among the Greek Fathers and Saint Cyprian of Carthage (200-258) among the Latins. Origen’s considerations can be found here on Scribd. Cyprian’s, along with those of four other Fathers and Doctors of the Church are here appended, and with them I conclude:
Saint Cyprian of Carthage (died A.D. 258): Whoever is separated from the Church and is joined to an adulteress, is separated from the promises of the Church; nor can he who forsakes the Church of Christ attain to the rewards of Christ. He is a stranger; he is profane; he is an enemy. He can no longer have God for his Father, who has not the Church for his mother. If any one could escape who was outside the ark of Noah, then he also may escape who shall be outside of the Church. (On the Unity of the Church)
Saint Jerome (died A.D. 420): “As I follow no leader save Christ, so I communicate with none but your blessedness, that is, with the Chair of Peter. For this, I know, is the rock on which the Church is built. …This is the ark of Noah, and he who is not found in it shall perish when the flood prevails. …And as for heretics, I have never spared them; on the contrary, I have seen to it in every possible way that the Church’s enemies are also my enemies.” (Manual of Patrology and History of Theology)
St. Bede the Venerable (died A.D. 735): “Just as all within the ark were saved and all outside of it were carried away when the flood came, so when all who are pre-ordained to eternal life have entered the Church, the end of the world will come and all will perish who are found outside.”(Hexaemeron)
Saint Peter Canisius (died A.D. 1597): “Outside of this communion — as outside of the ark of Noah — there is absolutely no salvation for mortals: not for Jews or pagans who never received the faith of the Church, nor for heretics who, having received it, corrupted it; neither for the excommunicated or those who for any other serious cause deserve to be put away and separated from the body of the Church like pernicious members…for the rule of Cyprian and Augustine is certain: he will not have God for his Father who would not have the Church for his mother.” (Catechismi Latini et Germanici)
Saint Robert Bellarmine (died A.D. 1621): “Outside the Church there is no salvation…therefore in the symbol [Apostles Creed] we join together the Church with the remission of sins: ‘I believe in the Holy Catholic Church, the communion of Saints, the forgiveness of sins’…For this reason the Church is compared with the ark of Noah, because just as during the deluge, everyone perished who was not in the ark, so now those perish who are not in the Church.” (De Sacramento Baptismi)
  1. The first several paragraphs, up to the heading “Typology of the Ark of the Noah” are adapted from my article, “The Ark of the New Covenant.”
In the Immaculate Heart of Mary,
Brother André Marie, M.I.C.M

EU refugee crisis : hundreds enter Budapest railway station

EU refugee crisis: World mourns Syrian toddler Aylan as hundreds enter Budapest railway station

A policeman carries a baby to safety as migrants try to enter Macedonia near Gevgelija after crossing the border with Greece
A policeman carries a baby to safety as migrants try to enter
Macedonia near Gevgelija after crossing the border with
Greece Photo: REUTERS

Baroness Warsi has urged the UK to "share the burden" and take more refugees.
Quote We have to be prepared to share the burden. This is not about having an open door policy, this is about having quite a specific responsive policy in the areas for example that we have expertise [in].
"Unaccompanied minors, women fleeing from sexual violence, for example territories held by Isis.
"These are areas upon which we have both expertise and an international reputation and I think Britain has always been a generous, open, welcoming country and we must not allow a political climate of today to step away from that proud tradition."
Interior of a refugee camp in Berlin Spandau. The temporary camp is being set-up in readiness for the arrival of thousands of refugees expected from Hungary.Interior of a refugee camp in Berlin Spandau. The temporary camp is being set-up in readiness for the arrival of thousands of refugees expected from Hungary. Photo: Corbis


In the Ottawa citizen, Abdullah, father to Aylan, has told his family his wish is to return to Kobane with his dead wife and children to bury.
The website reports that he also said he wish was to "be buried alongside them".


Hello and welcome to the Telegraph's live coverage of the refugee crisis in Europe.
Today has begun as dramatically as yesterday ended when the harrowing image of a dead child named as Aylan Kurdi, fleeing with his family from Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, was published online in international newspapers as well as the Telegraph.
But with a picture, there is more than just the crisis in Europe that is depicted. Aylan Kurdi also has a story relating to the tragic events in the Middle East.
The three-year-old, whose brother Galip Kurdi, 5, also died, was fleeing Isil attacks in Kobane with his mother, Rehan, and father Abdullah. Sadly his mother also died. The father survived and has reportedly said he will go back to Kobane to bury his children and wife.
Aylan Kurdi, 3, (L) and his brother Galip, 5, who drowned along with their motherAylan Kurdi, 3, (L) and his brother Galip, 5, who drowned along with their mother
It has also been reported that Canada rejected refugee applications from the family. Teema Kurdi, a hairdresser in Vancouver who has lived there for more than 20 years, told Ottawa Citizen that the family had made "a 'G5' privately sponsored refugee application".
The website reports that this was rejected by citizenship and immigration earlier this year in June, because of "complexities involved in refugee applications from Turkey".
This is because the UN does not register Syrian Kurdish refugees in Turkey as refugees, the website said, and the Turkish state does not give the refugees exit visas.
“I was trying to sponsor them, and I have my friends and my neighbours who helped me with the bank deposits, but we couldn’t get them out, and that is why they went in the boat. I was even paying rent for them in Turkey, but it is horrible the way they treat Syrians there,” Teema said.
But the Telegraph has also got images (above and below) of the children in happier moments, full of life and hope.
Aylan Kurdi, 3, (L) and his brother Galip, 5, who drowned along with their motherAylan Kurdi, 3, (L) and his brother Galip, 5, who drowned along with their mother

And what's happening in Hungary?

Right now, James Badcock in Budapest at Keleti station says police have left the main railway station and refugees and migrants have entered the station after a 48-hour standoff.
Refugees were forced to sleep outside for two nights after Hungarian authorities said only those with EU visas could take international trains.

AFP reports this morning that hundreds tried to get on board a train, "pushing, shoving and fighting with each other to get on".

Let the pope announce that LG 16 is implicit for us so the SSPX can have canonical status

Pope Francis on his own can announce that in Vatican Council II , Lumen Gentium 16 must be considered implicit and not explicit for us. So the ecclesiology of the Church will not have changed.It will be that of the SSPX and the sedevacantists.
Immagine correlataThis would help resolve the SSPX, Franciscans of the Immaculate and sedevacantists doctrinal problem.It is based on Vatican Council II and its interpretation.
By saying that LG 16 is implicit and so does not contradict the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus (EENS), the pope would correct the doctrinal and theological error, which is now common in the Church.
It would be a factual and honest statement from the Vatican and it would have ideological and political responses from various groups.
In the Year of Mercy let the pope speak the truth.There are no explicit for cases of persons saved without the baptism of water. There are no known cases of persons saved in invincible ignorance(LG 16), imperfect communion with the Church (UR 3), seeds of the Word (AG 11), elements of sanctification and truth(LG 8), a ray of that Truth(NA 2) etc- with or without the baptism of water.
So LG 16, LG 8, UR 3, NA 2 etc being invisible for us in the Year of Mercy, are not exceptions to the 'rigorist interpretation' of the dogma EENs.There are no exceptions to the traditional ecclesiology of the Church,that of the SSPX, traditionalists and sedevacantists.
Immagine correlataWith LG 16 implicit for us, the ecclesiology would be the same for the old and new Mass, for the Franciscans of the Immaculate.
The Auxiliary bishops of Rome, Zuppi etc, are not expected to say LG 16 is invisible instead of visible.Since they are obligated to the liberal rabbis in Rome, who monitor the activities of the Catholic Church.
-Lionel Andrades

Islamic State jihadis caught crossing into Europe posing as refugees


Five men arrested attempting to cross the Bulgarian-Macedonian border with decapitation videos and Islamic State propaganda on their phones. The terrorist suspects had been posing as refugees.
UKIP leader Nigel Farage warned: “I fear we face a direct threat to our civilisation if we allow large numbers of people from that war torn region into Europe.”
The Obama-caused Muslim migrant apocalypse continues its assault on Europe.
Bulgarian border police
“Islamic State terrorists caught crossing into Europe
posing as refugees,” by Liam Deacon, Breitbart News,
September 1, 2015:
Five men have been arrested as they attempted to cross the Bulgarian-Macedonian border with decapitation videos and Islamic State propaganda on their phones. The terrorist suspects had been posing as refugees.
Bulgarian authorities near the Gyueshevo border checkpoint detained the five men, aged between 20 and 24, late on Wednesday, Bulgarian broadcaster NOVA TV reported.
The men were stopped by a border guard, who they attempted to bribe with a “wad of dollars.” However, they were searched and Islamic State propaganda, specific Jihadists prayers and decapitation videos were found on their phones.
In a move that suggests how seriously authorities are taking the case, the Bulgarian State Agency for National Security (DANS) has now taken control of the investigation under the supervision of the regional prosecutor’s office in Kyustendil.
The men chose to cross in a wooded area, local media have reported, and took a car from an accomplice who had crossed legally from Macedonia with the vehicle.
Bulgaria has recently completed a 15-foot high razor wire clad fence along 50 miles of its south-eastern border with Turkey to control the mass movement of migrants from the Middle East and Asia into Europe via the so-called Balkans route.
However, the Gyueshevo border checkpoint where the men crossed sits on Bulgaria’s western border with Macedonia. It is likely the men chose to enter there to avoid the new strict border controls on the other side of the country.
Following the recently foiled terror attack on an Amsterdam–Paris train, where the heavily armed terrorist was able to travel freely, European governments have been considering amending the Schengen border code, which eliminated systematic border controls across most of Europe.
In February, the Turkish intelligence service warned police in an internal memo that up to 3,000 trained jihadists are seeking to cross into Turkey from Syria and Iraq, who could then travel through Bulgaria and Hungry into western Europe. And in May, a Libyan government adviser warned Islamic State operatives were being “smuggled to Europe in migrant boats.”
At the time of the comments, UKIP leader Nigel Farage warned: “When ISIS say they want to flood our continent with half a million Islamic extremists they mean it, and there is nothing in this document [Common European Asylum Policy] that will stop them.
“I fear we face a direct threat to our civilisation if we allow large numbers of people from that war torn region into Europe.”

Complaint filed after suspension for refusing to serve alcohol

Muslim flight attendant files EEOC complaint after suspension for refusing to serve alcohol

We see it again and again: wherever Islamic law and custom and American law and custom conflict, it is American law and custom that have to give way. Charee Stanley and Hamas-linked CAIR talk a great deal here about rights, but what about the rights of the passengers? It is not illegal (yet) to drink alcohol on flights in the U.S. Stanley has no right to be a flight attendant and to force ExpressJet Airlines to change the way it does business in order to accommodate her. She could instead get a job that didn’t require her to serve alcohol. But the objective here isn’t really about her rights or her job at all; it is to reinforce yet again the principle that Muslims must be accommodated at all costs, in all situations, no matter what.
flight attendant serving wine
“Muslim Civil Liberties Group Claims Airline
 Violated Flight Attendant’s Constitutional Rights,”
 CBS Detroit, September 1, 2015 
FARMINGTON HILLS (WWJ) – A Muslim flight attendant has filed a complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEO) claiming she was suspended from her job for not serving alcohol — which is against her religious beliefs.
Lena Masri, an attorney for the Council of American Islamic Relations Michigan (CAIR), says Charee Stanley followed management’s directions, working out an arrangement with her coworkers to accommodate passenger requests for alcohol.
However, Masri said, ExpressJet Airlines put Stanley on administrative leave after another attendant filed “an Islamophobic complaint” that referenced Stanley’s head scarf.
“We notified ExpressJet Airlines of its obligation under the law to reasonably accommodate Ms. Stanley’s religious beliefs,” Masri said at a news conference in Farmington Hills on Tuesday. “Instead, ExpressJet close to violate Ms. Stanely’s constitutional rights, placed her on administrative leave for 12 months after which her employment may be administratively terminated.”
Masri said the arrangement Stanley had with other attendants to serve the alcohol for her had been working out just fine since Stanley converted to Islam about a month after becoming a flight attendant for ExpressJet.
“I don’t think that I should have to choose between practicing my religion properly or earning a living,” Stanley said. “I shouldn’t have to choose between one or the other, because they’re both important.”
Contacted by WWJ Newsradio 950 for comment, airline spokesman Jarek Beem responded with the following statement:
“At ExpressJet, we embrace and respect the values of all of our team members. We are an equal opportunity employer with a long history of diversity in our workforce. As Ms. Stanley is an employee, we are not able to comment on her personnel matters.”
CAIR is America’s largest Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization, with the mission “to enhance the understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower American Muslims, and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding.”
Why does the mainstream media constantly repeat Hamas-linked CAIR’s self-description without critical comment or the slightest skepticism — something it never does with AFDI or any other counter-jihad group?

More than 100,000 asylum seekers enter Germany in August


This is not a refugee crisis. This is a hijrah. Hijrah, or jihad by emigration, is, according to Islamic tradition, the migration or journey of Muhammad and his followers from Mecca to Yathrib, later renamed by him to Medina, in the year 622 CE. It was after the hijrah that Muhammad for the first time became not just a preacher of religious ideas, but a political and military leader. That was what occasioned his new “revelations” exhorting his followers to commit violence against unbelievers. Significantly, the Islamic calendar counts the hijrah, not Muhammad’s birth or the occasion of his first “revelation,” as the beginning of Islam, implying that Islam is not fully itself without a political and military component.
800,000 Muslim refugees in one year alone. This will transform Germany forever. No effort is being made, of course, to determine these refugees’ adherence to Sharia and desire to bring it to their new land. That would be “Islamophobic.”
Already jihadis have been found among the refugees. There will be many more such discoveries.
Why does Europe have to absorb all these refugees? Why not Saudi Arabia? Algeria? Etc. This is Europe’s death knell.
The German train says, "Ahlan wa sahlan!," an Arabic greeting of welcome.
The German train says, “Ahlan wa sahlan!,” an Arabic greeting
 of welcome.
“More than 100,000 asylum seekers enter Germany in August,” Reuters, September 2, 2015
A record 104,460 asylum seekers arrived in Germany last month, a Bavarian official said on Wednesday, part of an unprecedented wave of refugees and migrants straining the resources of German towns and villages.
Germany, with relatively liberal asylum laws and generous benefits, is the EU’s biggest recipient of people fleeing war in the Middle East and economic migrants from southeastern Europe.
From January to August, around 413,535 people registered on Germany’s Easy system, said a spokesman for Bavaria’s Social Minister Emilia Mueller.
The Easy system is used for the initial registration of migrants and refugees arriving in Germany. Applying for asylum is a separate procedure.
Around one third of registrations in August were in Bavaria, the spokesman said.
Europe is facing its biggest refugee crisis since World War Two and has yet to find a common response. Thousands of people from the Middle East, Asia and Africa have died making the perilous journeys by land and sea.
Germany expects about 800,000 people to file for asylum in Germany this year, four times last year’s level.
Towns have been overwhelmed with the new arrivals and want more money to house and care for them. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called for a fair distribution of asylum seekers within the EU and has also warned against racism after almost daily attacks on shelters….