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Pope Francis interprets Vatican Council II with an irrationality as do the traditionalists: the result is heresy

  • Any journal that looks at a lunatic like Ann Barnhardt declaring Francis a "fag hag" and says, "This expresses my deepest inmost thoughts about the Church and the pope" has, in that instant, forever abandoned any claim to being a Catholic journal. The Remnant has now joined ranks with James White and other professional anti-Catholics in enmity to the Catholic Church.

      Pope Francis interprets Vatican Council II with an irrationality as do the traditionalists: the result is heresy

    'Successor of St.Peter' interprets Vatican Council II with irrationality : magisterium still makes a factual error

    Pope Francis interprets Vatican Council II with the irrational premise which comes from the Letter of the Holy Office 1949

    The ecclesiology of Pope Francis and Cardinal Kaspar is based on the objective error in the Letter of the Holy Office 1949

    From Pope Paul VI to Pope Francis... : Can popes reject an ex cathedra teaching and offer Holy Mass ? Yes, defacto this is what is being done

    Pope Francis, Cardinal Muller and Cardinal Ladaria are refusing to interpret Vatican Council II without the irrationality

    From Pope Pius XII to Pope Francis they all have been using an irrational premise in the interpretation of magisterial texts

    Pope Francis presents Protestant kerygma contradicts Vatican Council II

    Pope omits doctrine which is the basis for religious liberty

    Pope Francis like the sedevacantists uses Marchetti's irrational premise and inference. He accepts the Council with this error

    Pope Francis wants the Franciscans of the Immaculate to accept Vatican Council II with the IRRATIONAL RED column

    No one denies that the pope has made a Cushingite error

    What a long line of religious formators who will teach heresy like our pope

    Pope Francis and Cardinal Braz de Avez expect the Franciscans of the Immaculate to be obedient to a falsehood even after being informed

    Questions and Answers : Vatican Council II is Feeneyite. It has an exclusivist ecclesiology
    Questions and Answers : Did the Letter of the Holy Office 1949 make a factual mistake ?
    Questions and Answers : Evangelizing with Vatican Council II

    Cardinal Kaspar changed ecclesiology assuming B is an exception to A: he used an irrational model to interpret Vatican Council II

    Vatican Council II has an error : secular journalists, cardinals and bishops don't know what to do

    Try this experiment. Change your concept and watch Church teachings, doctrines and practice change

    Vatican/Vicariate is not allowing priests in Rome to interpret Vatican Council II with Feeneyism : incardìnation prohibition

    Archbishop Thomas E.Gullickson says Vatican Council II does not contradict the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus and the Syllabus of Errors
    Implicit intention, invincible ignorance and a good conscience (LG 16) in Vatican Council II do not contradict extra ecclesiam nulla salus –John Martigioni 

    Pope Francis is contradicting Pope John Paul II

    Il papa dialoga con i Francescani dell'Immacoalta

    Pope meets Franciscans of the Immaculate : seminary to remain closed

    Known baptism of desire is the unofficial teaching in the Catholic Church

    Jesuits in first class heresy

    If LG 16 is 'invisible' then doctrinally Pope Francis is outside the Church

    If LG 16 is 'invisible' : Koch,Ladaria and Di Noia could be outside the Church and the SSPX in

    An unbelieving pope further clamps down on Fr. Stefano Manelli F.I
    -Lionel Andrades

    Pope Francis, Ethika Politika and the traditionalists interpret Vatican Council II and also the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus with an irrational inference

    Pope Francis, Ethika Politika and the traditionalists interpret Vatican Council II and also the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus with an irrational inference

    Comments from Ethika Politika : Any Plowman Can Interpret Pascendi: The Remnant’s Call for Schism


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      Prescinding from the comment on Barnhardt, I agree with you. I should note that her blog post was just that. Her fault was saying publicly and harshly what so many are saying privately, including priests who say the New Mass with whom I have had numerous conversations. These mainstream priests, several of whom have written publicly against Francis under pseudonyms, say things in private about this wayward pontificate that go even beyond what Barnhardt has written.
      Also commenting quite harshly on Francis are people like Germain Grisez, who is hardly a traditionalist: "I’m afraid that Pope Francis has failed to consider carefully enough the likely consequences of letting loose with his thoughts in a world that will applaud being provided with such help in subverting the truth it is his job to guard as inviolable and proclaim with fidelity. For a long time he has been thinking these things. Now he can say them to the whole world — and he is self-indulgent enough to take advantage of the opportunity with as little care as he might unburden himself with friends after a good dinner and plenty of wine."
      Funny how Médaille held his fire when people like this were saying things like that. Only the Remnant gets it in the neck.
      The confusion evident in this critic of the Remnant is between the Church and the Pope. The Pope is not the Church but rather its guardian. His mission is to defend the deposit of the Faith, not to bask in the world's applause for attacking "rigorists" and "small-minded rules." To oppose many of the things Francis has said and done is not to oppose "the Church." It is, rather, to oppose Francis in matters where he has harmed the Church.
      The idea that Francis is an "anti-Modernist" because he (rightly enough) condemns the excesses of capitalism and the modern cult of the individual is enticing but ultimately misleading. Anti-Modernism involves far more than a critique of economic liberalism and personal selfishness. The Modernist attacks the dogmas of the faith, causing havoc in the realm of sacred theology, not just the social teaching. The "Modernist as reformer," to use Saint Pius X's phrase, attacks the traditions of the Church in her liturgy and ancient customs.
      Quoth Francis in Evangelii Gaudium: " I dream of a 'missionary option,' that is, a missionary impulse capable of transforming everything, so that the Church’s customs, ways of doing things, times and schedules, language and structures can be suitably channeled for the evangelization of today’s world rather than for her self-preservation.
      And this from the same manifesto: "More than by fear of going astray, my hope is that we will be moved by the fear of remaining shut up within structures which give us a false sense of security, within rules which make us harsh judges, within habits which make us feel safe, while at our door people are starving and Jesus does not tire of saying to us: “Give them something to eat” (Mk 6:37)."
      These are not the opinions of an anti-Modernist, for heaven's sake. No Pope has ever set up a false opposition between evangelism and the Church's self-preservation or accused the Church of allowing people to starve spiritually because of her "rules" and "habits." Ironically, if people are starving spiritually today it is because the Church has abandoned so many of her "rules" and "habits," emptying both the pews and the seminaries---except where the "rules" and "habits" have been maintained or restored.
      We need to get beyond the kind of grandstanding evident in this article and confront the reality of a crisis in the Church that has arisen precisely because she has already done what Francis wants: "transforming everything." The result of the attempted transformation, as Pope Benedict admitted, has been "calamity," including "banalization" of the liturgy and the collapse of religious and priestly vocations (outside of traditionalist orders). In sum, a catastrophic failure.
    • Pope Francis, Ethika Politika and the traditionalists are interpreting Vatican Council II and also the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus with an irrational inference.

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        Chris Ferrara and the SSPX bishops use the  irrationality of the Letter ( hypothetical-objective exceptions) to interpret Vatican Council II with the hermeneutic of rupture
        There being exceptions is the irrational reasoning used to interpret Vatican Council II by John Vennari, Chris Ferrara, John Salza and Louie Verrecchio.
        Michael Davis, Romano Amerio, Dietrich von Hildebrand were not aware of the irrational premise : Michael Mat, Chris Ferrara, John Rao, James Bogle, Joseph Shaw agree?
        Michael Mat, Chris Ferrara, John Rao and James Bogle again spoke at a conference and did not mention that Vatican Council II can be interpreted without an irrational premise
        Response to Chris Ferrara on the Creative Minority Report
        Archbishop Augustine Di Noia, Christopher Ferrara and Jeff Mirus assume there is a type of salvation visible to us :misinterpret Vatican Council II
        The central point of what I want to say
        Neither Chris Ferrara or Mark Shea were affirming the Feeneyite position on extra ecclesiam nulla salus
        Chris Ferrara - Mark Shea debate : both are theologically rejecting the dogma EENS
        Chris Ferrara unknowingly uses an irrational premise and supports magisterial heresy

      • There is also a doctrinal problem among the traditionalists.
        The traditionalists and Pope Francis are using an irrational inference to interpret Vatican Council II and also the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus.


    Description of hell -Medugorje visionaries

    I Don't Have To Go To Medjugorje


    Description of hell

    Only four of the six visionaries saw hell. Our Lady gave Mirjana and Ivanka the choice whether or not to see hell and they chose against it. Ivan and Marija both saw a vision of hell and all that Ivan will state is that he prefers not to discuss it. Vicka and Jakov were physically taken to hell by Our Lady. The following, through several interviews of the visionaries, is a detailed description of hell.

    Vicka: “We saw many people in hell. Many are there already, and many more will go there when they die…The Blessed Mother says that those people who are in hell are there because they chose to go there. They wanted to go to hell…We all know that there are persons on this earth who simply don’t admit that God exists, even though He helps them, gives them life and sun and rain and food. He always tries to nudge them onto the path of holiness. They just say they don’t believe, and they deny Him. They deny Him, even when it is time to die. And they continue to deny Him, after they are dead. It is their choice. It is their will that they go to hell. They choose hell.

    Question: “Describe hell as you remember it.
    Vicka: “In the center of this place is a great fire, like an ocean of raging flames. We could see people before they went into the fire, and then we could see them coming out of the fire. Before they go into the fire, they look like normal people. The more they are against God’s will, the deeper they enter into the fire, and the deeper they go, the more they rage against Him. When they come out of the fire, they don’t have human shape anymore; they are more like grotesque animals, but unlike anything on earth. It’s as if they were never human beings before…They were horrible. Ugly. Angry. And each was different; no two looked alike…When they came out, they were raging and smashing everything around and hissing and gnashing and screeching.
    Question: “Has seeing hell changed how you pray?
    Vicka: “”Oh, yes! Now I pray for the conversion of sinners! I know what awaits them if they refuse to convert.”1
    Vicka: “People turn away from God by choices they make. In this way they choose to enter the fire of hell where they burn away all connection to God. That’s why they can never get back to God. It takes God’s mercy to get back to Him. In hell, they no longer have access to God’s mercy…They choose to destroy their beauty and goodness. They choose to be ugly and horrible. People do this all the time. Each choice that is against God, God’s Commandments, God’s Will, singes God’s image in us…They become one with hell even while they have their body. At death they go on as they were when they had a body.”2
    Related image

    The following is what Marija has shared about hell:

    Question: “Marija, have you ever seen hell?
    Marija: “Yes, it’s a large space with a big sea of fire in the middle. There are many people there. I particularly noticed a beautiful young girl. But when she came near the fire, she was no longer beautiful. She came out of the fire like an animal; she was no longer human. The Blessed Mother told me that God gives us all choices. Everyone responds to these choices. Everyone can choose if he wants to go to hell or not. Anyone who goes to hell chooses hell.
    Question: “Marija, how and why does a soul choose hell for himself for all eternity?
    Marija: “In the moment of death, God gives us the light to see ourselves as we really are. God gives freedom of choice to everybody during his life on earth. The one who lives in sin on earth can see what he has done and recognize himself as he really is. When he sees himself and his life, the only possible place for him is hell. He chooses hell, because that is what he is. That is where he fits. It is his own wish. God does not make the choice. God condemns no one. We condemn ourselves. Every individual has free choice. God gave us freedom.
    Question: “Marija, what about people who grow up spiritually deceived, people who have been told that God does not exist, that there is no God?
    Marija: “People, as they grow up, can think. Everyone knows and can recognize what is good and what is bad by the time they grow up. God gives us freedom of choice. We can choose good or bad. Everybody chooses here in this life whether he goes to Heaven or hell.
    Question: “How do we choose Heaven or hell or Purgatory for ourselves?
    Marija: “At the moment of death, God gives everyone the grace to see his whole life, to see what he has done, to recognize the results of his choices on earth. And each person, when he sees himself in the divine light of reality, chooses for himself where he belongs. Every individual chooses for himself what he personally deserves for all eternity.3

    Question: “Jakov, did you see hell?

    Jakov: “Yes.
    Question: “Can you tell us about it?
    Jakov: “Very seldom do I talk about hell…I choose 
    not to think about hell. The self-chosen suffering 
    there is beyond your ability to comprehend.

    Question: “Does it cause you pain?
    Jakov: “More than you can understand…Because no one needs to go to hell. It is the ultimate waste.

    Question: “What can people do to keep from going to hell?

    Jakov: “Believe in God, no matter what happens in a lifetime.”4


    By A Customer on Nov. 5 1999
    Hell and How to Avoid Hell by Thomas A. Nelson 
    (Amazon Books)

    This book is an absolute
     must for everyone, regardless
     if you are Christian or not! 
    You will not be able to put
     the book down as it
     captivates you with an
     absolutely overwhelming 
    feeling of fear and terror.
     It really causes you to
     re-evaluate your own 
    conscience and whether
     or not you are on the path 
    ùto heaven. This book is
     especially needed for those
     who do not know Jesus Christ
     and for those that do know
     Him but think they are "once
     saved always saved." The 
    Bible clearly states that we 
    must accept Christ into our
     lives in order to be saved 
    from the fires of Hell, but
     we must also "work out 
    our salvation with nervous
     trembling." This book 
    discusses these points in 
    great detail as well as
     many other important biblical
     facts about Heaven, Hell, and
     salvation. It's a must buy!
    A young Korean artist taken to Hell. Drew pictures of it.
    Immagine correlata


    The entrance it seems to me
     was similar to a very long
     and narrow alleyway, like an
     oven, low and dark and
     confined; the floor seemed
     to me to consist of dirty, 
    muddy water emitting foul
     stench and swarming with 
    putrid vermin...The bodily
     pains were so unbearable
     that though I had suffered 
    excruciating ones in this life 
    and according to what doctors 
    say, the worst that can be 
    suffered on earth for all my 
    nerves were shrunken when
     I was paralyzed, plus many 
    other sufferings of many kinds
     that I endured and even some
     as I said, caused by the 
    devil, these were all nothing
     in comparison with the ones 
    I experienced there...-St.Teresa of Avila's description of Hell.

    Immagine correlata
    These are the Tortures
     suffered by all the damned
     together, but that is not 
    the end 
    of the sufferings.

    There are special Tortures 
    destined for particular souls.
     These are the torments of the 
    senses. Each soul undergoes
     terrible and indescribable 
    sufferings related to the
     manner in which it has sinned.
    I would have diedThere are caverns and pits of torture where one form of agony differs from another. I would have died at the very sight of these tortures if the omnipotence of God had not supported me...-St.Faustina Kowalska's description of Hell.

    "Then I was pushed into 
    one of those fiery cavities
     and pressed, as it were,
     between burning planks,
     and sharp nails and red-hot 
    irons seemed to be piercing
     my flesh."

    Here Josefa repeated the 
    multiple tortures from 
    which no single member
     of the body is excluded:

    "I felt as if they were
     endeavoring to pull 
    out my tongue, but
     could not. This torture 
    reduced me to such agony
     that my very eyes 
    seemed to be starting out
     of their sockets. I think this
     was because of the fire 
    which burns, burns... not a
     finger-nail escapes terrifying
     torments, and all the time
     one cannot move even a 
    finger to gain some relief,
     nor change posture, for the
     body seems flat
    tened out and yet doubled
     in two.-Sr.Joseph Menendez's description of Hell.
    There was a certain rich
     man, who was clothed
     in purple and fine
     linen; and feasted 
    sumptuously every day.
     And there was a 
    certain beggar, named 
    Lazarus, who lay at his
     gate, full of sores,
    Desiring to be filled
     with the crumbs that 
    fell from the rich man' s
     table, and no one did give
     him; moreover the dogs 
    came, and licked his sores.
     And it came to pass, that
     the beggar died, and 
    was carried by the angels
     into Abraham' s bosom.
     And the rich man also
     died: and he was buried 
    in hell. And lifting up 
    his eyes when he was 
    in torments, he saw 
    Abraham afar off, and 
    Lazarus in his bosom: 
    And he cried, and said:
     Father Abraham, have 
    mercy on me, and send
     Lazarus, that he may
     dip the tip of his 
    finger in water, to cool
     my tongue: for I am 
    tormented in this flame.
     And Abraham said to him:
     Son, remember that thou
     didst receive good things
     in thy lifetime, and 
    likewise Lazareth evil 
    things, but now he is 
    comforted; and thou art 

    And besides all 
    this, between us
     and you, there
     is fixed a great 
    chaos: so that 
    they who would pass 
    from hence to you, cannot,
     nor from thence come 
    hither. And he said: Then,
     father, I beseech thee,
     that thou wouldst send 
    him to my father' s house,
     for I have five brethren,
     That he may testify unto 
    them, lest they also come
     into this place of 
    torments. And Abraham 
    said to him: They 
    have Moses and the 
    prophets; let them hear
     them. But he said: No,
     father Abraham: but if 
    one went to them from the 
    dead, they will do penance. 
    And he said to him: If 
    they hear not Moses and 
    the prophets, neither 
    will they believe, if 
    one rise again from 
    the dead. -Luke :19-31,
    The Rich Man (Dives) and 
    Second Circle (Lust)

    Gianciotto Discovers Paolo and Francesca
    In the second circle of Hell are those overcome by lust.
     Dante condemns these "carnal malefactors"[ for letting
     their appetites sway their reason. They are the first 
    ones to be truly punished in Hell. These souls are blown 
    back and forth by the terrible winds of a violent storm, 
    without rest. This symbolizes the power of lust to blow one about needlessly and aimlessly.
    In this circle, Dante sees 
     Helen of TroyAchillesParisTristan, and many others 
    who were overcome by sexual love during their life. 
    Dante is told byFrancesca da Rimini how she and her
     husband's brother Paolo Malatesta committed adultery,
    but then died a violent death, in the name of Love, at 
    the hands of her husband, Giovanni (Gianciotto)
    Francesca reports that their act of adultery 
    was triggered by reading the adulterous story 
    of Lancelot and Guinevere (an episode sculpted 
    by Auguste Rodin in The Kiss). Nevertheless, 
    she predicts that her husband will be punished
     for his fratricidein Caïna, within the ninth circle (Canto V).
    Alse see Dante's experience in Hell in The Divine Comedy( Inferno).



    It contains in it, after the Preparatory Prayer and two Preludes, five Points and one Colloquy:
    Prayer. Let the Preparatory Prayer be the usual one.
    First Prelude. The first Prelude is the composition, which is here to see with the sight of the imagination the length, breadth and depth of Hell.
    Second Prelude. The second, to ask for what I want: it will be here to ask for interior sense of the pain which the damned suffer, in order that, if, through my faults, I should forget the love of the Eternal Lord, at least the fear of the pains may help me not to come into sin.
    First Point. The first Point will be to see with the sight of the imagination the great fires, and the souls as in bodies of fire.
    Second Point. The second, to hear with the ears wailings, howlings, cries, blasphemies against Christ our Lord and against all His Saints.
    Third Point. The third, to smell with the smell smoke, sulphur, dregs and putrid things.
    Fourth Point. The fourth, to taste with the taste bitter things, like tears, sadness and the worm of conscience.
    Fifth Point. The fifth, to touch with the touch; that is to say, how the fires touch and burn the souls.
    Colloquy. Making a Colloquy to Christ our Lord, I will bring to memory the souls that are in Hell, some because they did not believe the Coming, others because, believing, they did not act according to His Commandments; making three divisions...
    - The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, [1914]
    People that died and saw hell. Video Testimonies of Hell

    Atheist College Professor dies and sees hell and demons - it changed his life

    TUESDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2015


    Video 8 minutes in Hell. (creepy)


    Video 8 minutes in Hell. (creepy)

    Demon talking out of teenage girl