Thursday, August 13, 2015

Conditioned reading of Vatican Council II

Immagine correlata
It is the same text from Vatican Council II that we both read, but the images in your mind are different from mine. Why does the text produce different images for you and me?
In general most people are conditioned  to read Vatican Council II in a certain way. It's an irrational way.
They have been conditioned by theologians. Also superfluous passages  in Vatican Council II have conditioned them.They have been conditioned by superfluous statements in important Church documents.
Then most of all they have been conditioned by popes and cardinals, the present Magisterium, which has unknowingly accepted this conditioning.
The conditioning has become official over the last 70 years  or so but was there in a subtle way even before this time.
Immagine correlata
Maybe statements were intentionally placed in Church texts to confuse people at a future time . They made it possible for the Boston Case and the excommunication of Fr.Leonard Feeney who held the traditional teaching on salvation.
Why does the Baltimore Catechism(1885)  refer to being saved with implicit desire/ the baptism of desire(BOD) and martyrdom( Baptism of blood) ? Why was this mentioned in such a prominent way and it also had to be taught to Catholics in the USA ? The Catechism of Trent does not mention it.The Catechism of St.Pius X(1906) mentions it.So this has come into the Catholic Church after 1885.
Then the Letter of the Holy Office of 1949 mentions BOD,BOB and also adds invincible ignorance(I.I).The Letter goes a step further and assumes that these are real cases  and so are exceptions to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus(EENS).
Not only is Fr.Leonard Feeney to be slandered he is to be excommunicated and even expelled by the Jesuits for saying there is no known BOD, BOD or I.I case saved without the baptism of water in the Catholic Church.So there is no salvation outside the Church.
This is rational for me. I have not picked up the BOD,BOB,I.I conditioning of the past.
Also when I read artcles on Vatican Council II I am aware of the general conditioning.
For example there is a conference paper by Christopher Mwashinga 1 on Vatican Council II and the New Theology and salvation for non Christians.As I read his liberal interpretation of the Council I can see the irrational conditioning.He infers implicit cases; invisible for us cases (NA 2 etc) are explicit and so are a break with traditional EENS.
He is not aware of it and could argue that his reasoning is consistent. Yes his reasoning  would seem consistent  but the premise he uses ( people in Heaven with BOD,BOB and I.I are visible on earth) is irrational.
I do not use his premise and my reasoning too would be consistent.
Similarly there are articles online by the sedevacantist Fr.Anthony Cekada  who uses the same irrational premise as Christopher Mwashinga.His reasoning would seem consistent too.He is not aware of the conditioning that goes back to 1885  with the Baltimore Catechism , as a form of suggestion and then which was made concrete in 1949 with the Pius XII Error.It  resulted in the penalising of Fr.Leonard Feeney.He was penalised  for being consistent with the pre-1885 interpretation of EENS.
So we are all reading the same text of Vatican Council II but with different conclusions because of the different premise and inference.
Clare on Twitter asks me how can the teachings of the Church change ? She thinks the fault is all with Vatican Council II.She is conditioned to think of BOD, BOB and I.I as being explicit, visible in the flesh cases in 2015 . So she infers that these cases are exceptions to EENS.She blames  Vatican Council II instead of her conditioning.
If she breaks her conditioning and sees these cases as only possibilities, hypothetical cases followed by the baptism of water,her interpretation of Vatican Council II changes. It still is the same text of Vatican Council II.Now she would not be using the premise and inference which comes from seeing BOD, BOB and I.I, as objective.
BOD,BOB and I.I can only be hypothetical for us and explicit for God. They can only be theoretical cases for us. 
So break your conditioning.Interpret Vatican Council II in agreement with the strict interpretation of the dogma EENS, as it was interpreted in pre-1885 times.
-Lionel Andrades

Christopher Mwashinga projects hypothetical cases as being objectively known.This is the basis of the New Theology which he refers to

Christian Man shot at by Muslims on protest against harassing girls going to Church

KHANEWAL: August 12, 2015. (PCP) A Christian man Allah Dita was shot and severely beaten by two Muslims because of stopping them of street-harassment to Church going Christian girls. 

The shooting took place at Village 136/16-L , Mian Chanu, District Khanewal on Saturday, July 11, 2015 at about 06:30 PM ,when the two Muslim brothers came on motorbike and forcibly entered into Dita's home and they attacked at him one of them is allegedly said to have shot him with a pistol and other beatened him with club because a few days ago, Allah Ditta has forbidden and stopped them of street-harassment to Church going Christian girls. 

Dita was rescued by 1122 Rescue and was taken to Tehsil Head Quartes Hospital, Mian Chanu but due to be in serious condition he wss referred to Nishtar Hospital Multan where he is under treatment. 

The case FIR No. 233/2015 was registered on July 12, 2015, under Section 324 and 34 PPC at Police Station Saddar Mian Chanu against two Muslim allegedly accused Abdul Rauf and Tahir Khan. 

One of the accused was arrested and sent to judicial lockup during the police investigation he was found guilty and pistol was recovered from main accused and other co-accused is on pre arrest bail. 

Paternal uncle of the accused is a lawyer and he has filed a writ petition against the Christians for registration of a false case after leveling the false allegation of beating him and also his motor bike was damaged by the Christian so that they could be forced for compromise with them and his nephews would be released. The petition is fixed for August 21, 2015 for the report of SHO. 

We at LEAD provide free legal assistance to those victims of Human Rights Violation who cannot afford to pay heavy legal cost of lawyers. Sardar Mushtaq Gill, Human Rights Defender and Advocate High Court ,who is head of LEAD , has dedicated his services for humanity and for those who are victims of human rights violations. - See more at:

UK: Muslim teenager arrested twice in two months for alleged terror offenses


Officers handcuff and detain man on suspicion of selling forged tickets for FA Cup Final in Cardiff City Centre South Wales UK
True to form for the mainstream media, no information is given about who these people are or what kind of terrorism they were trying to perpetrate. Imagine a newspaper on December 8, 1941 running a story saying that random men in airplanes had attacked Pearl Harbor, and that police were searching for a motive. It’s absurd, but that’s how virtually every mainstream media story about the global jihad reads. And so while it is not certain that this multiply arrested young man is an Islamic jihadist, it is extremely likely, for if he were an IRA member or some such non-Muslim terrorist, the Independent and the authorities would not be so reticent.

Anyway, what about this young man? What will he do when he is released? What is being done to disabuse him of his jihadist sentiments? Why, nothing, of course. Any such action would be “Islamophobic.”
“Teenager in east London arrested twice in two months for alleged terror offences,” by Lizzie Dearden, Independent, August 12, 2015:
Three teenage girls are among five members of the same family who have been arrested on terrorism allegations in London.
Police from Scotland Yard’s Counter Terrorism unit raided their home in the east of the capital on Wednesday.
A 51-year-old man, 53-year-old woman and three teenagers aged 16, 17 and 19 were arrested on suspicion of “possessing information likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism”.
They remain in custody at a police station in central London.
The man was also detained on suspicion of having fake identity documents with “improper intention”.
A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police said the same 16-year-old girl had been arrested last month for allegedly preparing for acts of terrorism.
She was already on bail while further inquiries were made and her relatives’ arrests were part of the same investigation.
Police said they could not confirm whether the case was linked to Isis, which calls itself the Islamic State, or what the intended acts of terrorism were.

Egypt: Christian pastor arrested for preaching Christ to Muslims


Egypt court
A Christian pastor was arrested in Egypt on the charge of preaching Christ to Muslims.

On August 10, Arabic media reported that Islam Dayf, chief prosecutor in al-Minya governorate, ordered the imprisonment of Methat A., 37, who serves as a pastor of a church in the area.
He is charged with preaching the Gospel and distributing Christian books to Muslims in violation of the law.
The Christian man is reportedly being held for four days pending an investigation into the charges.
A number of Muslim citizens reported Methat to Egyptian security, claiming that he was preaching Christianity to Muslims and giving out books, among them the New Testament.
Less than a month earlier, three Christian youth were arrested for “contempt of Islam” in Egypt when some Muslims claimed that the young men were handing out bags of dates to Muslims ending Ramadan fast that allegedly claimed “the teachings of Christ.”