Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Can Archbishop Carlo Liberati teach this in his diocese?

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Can Archbishop Carlo Liberati teach this in his diocese? 1

...there is no liberty of expression and belief when Catholic students in religion classes, in Italy's schools, are not allowed to learn the Catholic Faith.Priests, nuns and lay school teachers are not allowed to teach it.

Catechism books are not allowed to state that Vatican Council II teaches that Catholics are the new people of God, the elect (Nostra Aetate), it is the one faith of God (UR 3) and all people need ' faith and baptism'(AG 7, LG 14) to avoid Hell.
According to Vatican Council II the Catholic understanding of Church, is one of having exclusive salvation, it is like the Ark of Noah, in which all need to enter to be saved from the Deluge.(CCC 845).

The organisation Famiglia Domani, has conferences on gender theory, contraceptives, abortion etc but where is the conference on Catholic ecclesiology according to Vatican Council II ? This is a family catechesis issue.
All this is not being taught to Catholic students in religion classes in schools. This is a pro-Satanic policy. Pontida 150619113309 Where are the Forza Nuova, Militia Christi and Lega Nord protests against this?

The media is 'free' to attack Catholic beliefs and teachings and the municipal libraries are 'free' to criticize the Church but the media and the libraries are not free to say Vatican Council II teaches that all need to convert into the Catholic Church to avoid Hell and that the Catholic religion is a continuation of the Jewish religion.2
At the Jesuit Gregorian University, Rome they cannot teach the Catholic Faith to Catholics since they are threathened with leftist Anti- Semitism and racist laws.This is part of the pro-Satan policy.-Lionel Andrades


2 http://eucharistandmission.blogspot.it/2015/10/catholic-schools-in-italy-not-being.html

L'Osservatore Romano supports Maltese bishops' sacrilege : another milestone for one world religion

False Church and false worship of Jesus

Our Lady has cautioned us in her apparitions and locutions given to many Catholics. She has said that Satan will enter the highest levels of the hierarchical Catholic Church. The Eucharist will be compromised.
Maltese bishops: Remarried Catholics ‘at peace’ can receive Communion
The Maltese bishops are following the offical sacrilege of the Eucharist in Germany and here in Rome too where the Eucharist is given to any one who comes forward to receive it, even if they are Muslims who are outside the Church and on the way to Hell or women and men in mortal sin, dressed in short pants and other immodest clothes.
We see the influence of the Masons in the Catholic Church.Satan's influence can be seen in the decisions and choices of the Vatican Curia.-Lionel Andrades

Apostasy: The two bishops of Malta have collectively apostatized from Catholic faith by publishing guidelines allowing adulterers to receive Holy Communion. The Vatican joined this apostasy as the L'Osservatore Romano published the guidelines Friday morning in its print and online versions which is widely considered an approval of the apostasy. https://www.gloria.tv/



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Lineamenta of the Synod of 2015 confirms Pope Francis is to the target the Eucharist once again

The Synod of the Family was a preparation for the great apostasy. It was another important milestone.


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