Friday, August 7, 2015

2015 Medjugorje Youth Festival Day 4 Sana Nassar

2015 Medjugorje Youth Festival Day 4 Sana Nassar

More than 79,000 persons from Lebanon have visited Medugorje. Nineteen Lebanese bishops and more than half of the priests have visited Medugorje.

Sana Nassar from Lebanon presents a touching testimony of her experience in Medugorje.
She says Lebanon is mentioned 71 times in the Bible. It is actually the only Christian country in the Middle East surrounded by 24 Muslim countries.
Our Lady has physically visited Lebanon when she accompanied Jesus when he preached in Sidon and Tyre.She used to wait for him in a village called today Our Lady of the Waiting.
Sana's first visit to Medugorje was as a teenager unhappy with life who did not believe in God.She happened to be passing there on a road trip.Her visit to Medugorje was not planned.
'The village looked like a ghost village. Every one ( in Medugorje) was in Church (6.11)I had no choice but to follow my friends inside the church. There I found a super-squeezed crowd kneeling down in absolute silence, and their eyes closed as if they were in another world and again I had no choice but to kneel.So I kneeled.The moment I kneeled, I felt the Presence of God and the Hand of Our Lady on my head.In one second I received the biggest gift of my life.
I received the answers to all my questions.Yes. God exists.Yes. Jesus is the Son of God and Mary.And yes.He is the Trinity! And yes, God loves us.I believe Jesus and Mary are very close to us. I believe they can see each one of us and listen to each one of us even though we are billions of people in the world.And I believe they suffer with every suffering person and that Jesus died on the Cross to save us....'

Fifty thousand youth gather at Medjugorje

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