Friday, August 28, 2015

Ask the wife

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Well I did show my wife your post on your blog and she said: " Nobody KNOWS where they are going until they die."
You've missed the point again and have asked her the wrong question.
Ask her:
1.Is she familiar with the concepts objective-subjective, abstract-concrete, visible-invisible.
2. Then if she says YES then ask her: if she cut her finger and saw a little blood, would the blood she saw be visible or invisible, objective or subjective.
If she says NO to question 1 then there is nothing more to say.
3. Then ask her about the baptism of your first child. When you'll went into the Church was the baptism visible or invisible, concrete or abstarct, known or unknown.
4. Ask he about your children's feelings for God or their country. For her are the feelings which the children have in their mind, abstract or concrete for her, are they objective or subjective, are they visible or invisible for her.
Once you and your wife have discussed this then I can ask you a further question.
-Lionel Andrades

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